Huh, I've got today down as steak and bj day instead
Sad day, his drumming on the first three Maiden albums is fantastic. RIP Clive
For me its got to be Azkaban for the best book, and maybe for the film though i the last 2 were great as well. Surprised Warner Bros havent tried to reboot it in a "dark and realistic" manner yet, they seem to enjoy doing that with films these days.
Hey man, how come your parents keep you on such a tight leash and all that? Seems a bit old fashioned hating doctors. Anyway yeah, id get that lump looked at but its probably nothing serious but knowing will give you some piece of mind. Can totally relate to the being apart from your girlfriend, my fiancee has gone away as part of her course teaching English to kids in Spain and won't be back for a few weeks.
Chin up mate
Hah, yeah it is strange, i liked the Bends album when i was younger because it was more straight forward than their other albums (bar Pablo Honey) but hated the others. I guess a lot of people like them because they have memorable melodies but also have a flair for experimentation and trying to make something a little different. I agree with what JKing said though, i put off listening to OK Computer for years because some of the fans i talked to were really smug about liking them and couldnt even imagine that someone couldnt like Radiohead.
Hey, really great effort, kinda reminds me of modern Chili Peppers or the Cranberries.
For a demo its decent quality, if it was properly recorded through an amp or amp simulation it would be great, keep up the good work