It was the battery. Derp. Thanks guys!
I'm stumped here so if anyone could help me out it'd be a weight off my shoulders!

I have a fairly new (3 months old) Ibanez SR200 that has given me no problems whatsoever until now, a day before a battle of the bands. It was fine yesterday and I'm fairly certain it hasn't been dropped or shaken or anything, but upon playing with my new big muff pedal, it started cutting out a little bit every now and then, so I took away all the pedals and it kept going. I switched leads about, and it just started getting worse; every time I played a note it would pop.

So I figured maybe the input jack is screwy? It isn't the pickups because it still makes the noise when each one is selected by itself. With both the volume knobs turned off, something even weirder happens. You can hear it make a kind of quiet sweeping noise getting slowly louder, then it pops, and that repeats. It sounds almost like an envelope filter. It's like a capacitor is filling up and then popping and restarting. It takes about 3 seconds to cycle.

Does anyone know what would cause this, and if I need to take it to a repair shop? It's really short notice!

We're all 2nd year at Edinburgh uni, looking for a lead guitarist to be gigging within the next couple of weeks, gimme a shout if you're interested
Hi, I got some really valuable feedback the last time I put songs up here, so if you could be as constructively judgemental as possible, that would be amazing!

The new songs are called 'That's What I Get' and 'Mental Block'

I don't mind if you listen to either or both, and if you want something to compare them to, our best received song so far has been 'Something To Say'. I'll do my best to return the favour if you give me a link to a song of yours, cheers!
I'm about to start my 2nd year at edinburgh uni, studying economics and accounting. First year was the best year of my life, I've made so many friends, learned a lot about life that I just wouldn't have if I'd gone straight into a job.

I definitely agree that uni is about as much as education for the sake of education, and being more willing to open your mind to new things. I've gained a huge amount of perspective I didn't have a year ago. Also I can now tell you never to insult someone's taste in music if you want to stay friends with them
get a flashlight and stand it up outside your window, and turn all the lights off in your room. they'll all go to the window, and either go out or get stuck on it, at which point its easy to see em on the glass
The fact that fox news even exists.
Yea the US kinda fucks everyone over by charging high taxes, spending it all on the military, and then also charging you ridiculously for medical care and education. Hooray!
Nothing!! Scotland has free higher education for scots It also only costs about half as much as english universities for english people. Good old left wing devolved government!
Christ, I'm gonna be up at 5am, trying to think of something witty because I didn't get my extremely common first name. Bugger. I'm gonna have to make a shortlist.

This is becoming very sad very fast. I might make it something controversial in the hopes I can become famous through being the first person to have their username rejected. That'll land me a book deal and I can launch the album off the back of that. Excellent.
I don't think it'll be for signing in, that makes it easier for people to hack your account (i.e. they can't if they don't know you e-mail address). I Think it's for the sole purpose of making it easier and more attractive to link to your page, so instead of getting a user id like 3458623895623 you get your name in the URL
This morning I moused over the title of this thread to read the intro text, and saw that the threadstarter cut himself on a sugar lump, laughed to myself a little, and continued on into the internets. I just got a text from my girlfriend saying "OMG! I just stood on a cornflake and it stuck in my foot and has broken into little pieces which keep breaking when I try and tweeze them out!"

Love it.
Ooh, risqué! Facebook is going down the old username path and opening up registration of usernames this saturday at 12.01 am EST. What are your thoughts people? Are they turning into myspace or is this completely unimportant

I know I'll be up at 5am sharp British time to register 'Ali'. Cause I'm a geek.
Really love the first riff after the opening shredding! It's the kind of thing I'd steal if I was less moral The whole thing is really well recorded, and doesn't suffer at all with the programmed drums, nice and simple! All the guitar is fantastic, you are seriously one of the best guitarists I'd found on this forum so far, even the bass is up to standards, good effort! You seem to have managed quite happily to avoid the problem of repetition or complete boredom in an instrumental song too, I'm pretty impressed, no real complaints!

Crit mine?
It's pretty cool actually! You must be getting frustrated at this many people saying country isn't their thing, and I'm no different, but I do like it I think you could maybe change the strumming pattern around a bit in the chorus, or add a really quick little melodic fill right after you say six string, I could see that being pretty sexy! Otherwise it's well recorded and you have a great voice, I don't think it would sound better with drums as a few people have said, stick with the one guitar considering the context

Crit me?
Happy birthday!!

I got you this machine :
I'll crit as I go! First things first, I like how the length is 5:45

As constructively as possible, it's weird! Definitely not my style but I'm getting into it. I really like the drums, they slide in there well, and the vocals are all great, good use of repetition right before the synth comes in at about 2:50. Which is also very nice I love that riff over the piano chords when it finally gets there though, it doesn't go on too long and you didn't ruin it with singing on top, very nicely done. Starting to appreciate how well recorded it all is... really well done! Overall its a nice little song, a lot of trippy little background effects, some good use of panning, and enough catchy stuff to stop it just getting obscure, I like it!

If you could crit anything of mine it'd be appreciated, but you haven't put c4c so no pressure
I love the xylophone! Automatic one point there. First thing is that maybe you need more people clapping, at least four is the rule I think, or you hear each automatic clap if it ever it gets out of time :P

Really catchy though riff though and the singing fits well! You're gonna hate me for continuously saying it but keep working on singing more powerfully maybe, it's just a leeeeeeettle bit wavery Otherwise its a bouncy little pop song though, does exactly what it says on the tin! The lyrics are good, or as good as you can expect them to get without leaving the pop genre, so no complaints at all there If I ever get forced into getting myspace I shall become a fan!
Cheers for the crit guys, getting back to you now I'm working on getting the left pan out of all our songs without flattening them, as I found out it makes them sound extremely ****.
Hey, thanks for the crit, appreciated as always, sorry for taking so long to get back to you

I'm immediately liking this version more than the demo version... unsurprisingly! Cool drum into and the singings in tune, always a plus! The weird spacey guitar ambience staring after the chorus is excellent as well, but I think the singing needs to be more powerful, I get that its not the usual singer which is cool but its still a wee bit shakey? It's not bad, definitely promising, but maybe something to work on Pretty cool song though! The outro sealed it for me

(Also I love barbershop. Poor chris.)
Hey, thanks for the crit, sorry I'm pretty late getting back to you!

First imprerssions of this remind of jose gonzales in Heartbeats almost, with the melodic two-chord acoustic guitar pattern going on. The vocals are great, at first I wasn't sure if they were working with the guitar but it does fit in there nicely! Sorry, I have a habit for likening to other artists, but I think on the whole its quite reminiscent of the goo goo dolls, but the guitar does enough cool stuff to be really different, good job!
Hey, thanks for the crit, sorry for the late reply!

I love this song! Reminds a lot of nine inch nails' 'Only' and I'm a big fan of NIN Really love the main riff, the drums sound great and the singing and lyrics fit perfectly. The one gripe I have is that the solo sounds a little off, the guitar could use a bit more distortion or something, I'm not sure, it sounds a bit too manufactured. Otherwise though, seriously you handle this genre pretty well!
Hey again, I've put another two songs from our 5-song demo on my page, it's the top two - OCD and Stand and Smile

Any criticism, good or bad is welcome, but please keep in mind that there is an issue with left-panning that I can't solve yet. Ideally these would be mono or equally balanced but my microphone and garageband are apparently useless and decided the left hand side is awesome. It's not intentional.

It is all using a drum machine right now, thought we do have a drummer lined up I can't record drums. Everything's programmed, there's no loops or anything, and the piano in OCD was actually recorded at first but it sounded a bit **** so I just midi-programmed it too.

Crit for crit as usual, thanks in advance
Bonjour, I've added another couple of songs to my page if you wanna check them out, I might make another thread to get a bit of crit though.

I'm not sure about this one though, not sure if the singing is you but it's definitely wandering from key a bit, though I reckon it'd sound fine all in tune with a bit of chorus maybe On the whole I don't think I like it as much as the other ones on there, it doesn't really have a proper catch, I get the feeling it needs something funky to keep the verses going, thought the chorus stands up alright... if the guitar went a bit mental with that flange effect it'd be ace
Cheers for all the crit people, I'm working towards sorting this panning issue. Garageband will bend to my will. Lewis, I've added two more songs and will get on checking that link out
Just downloaded them, I'll crit as I go.

Liking the sound of AM, nice riff, everything sounds really well put together. Bit of a weird break just after 2:00 but the solo comes in pretty nicely. I think it could do with being a bit more melodic though? Or do something with the drums, they're a bit drudgy! Otherwise its all pretty cool but needs vocals to stand out

I immediately like the start of CG, really cool riff with the two guitars there! Going into the acoustic noodling is great as well, and the chord shift in the second half sounds good, I like this one, nothing bad to say!

With Dust I'm starting to think that all of these really do need vocals to stop them from getting too repetetive in themselves, they all need a hook so far, something to keep your mind going back to it. It's cool but a bit like filler material perhaps?

Build starts off interestingly, lots going on, the drums are doing a bit more than before and the opening riff sounds pretty dark, I wanna see where this goes 1:12 with the dirty lead in the background is very cool, it's all getting grungy! Again, really cool song, moves into the outro well and before anything gets repetitive. Could sound epic with *dare I say it* cobain-style singing, but stands up on its own quite happily!

Overall it's all pretty cool, I didn't dislike anything and CG & Build stood out as the better two. Your recording quality is what really strikes me though, it does sound really professional and the levels are perfect, good job

If you wanna crit any of my stuff it'd be appreciated
Hahahahaha, sorry man! If it makes you feel any better I do backing vocals with an american accent and am scottish, which is annoying

They were still good though? :P
LOVE the melody running through this! The drums work well with the song, they add a whole new layer but like a few other people have said I'd lose the bit with the solid bass drum and occasional cymbol, let it chill a bit The lead is very good, there was a power-rangers-theme-tune moment that definitely inspired epicness and it all flows well over the base riff, good job!

Crit mine?
Hey, thanks for the crit!

The guitars in the intro are cool, like streathead said, reminiscent of prayer of the refugee but it doesn't last long I think what I mainly like about this is how you've probably got the perfect of amount of chorus on the lead! I'm really not sure about the solo at the end though, it seems to just come out of nowhere and doesn't always sound in key, and the rest of the song seems to wander about volume-wise in the background? Maybe with some work it could be sorted but I think rather than just getting rid of it or playing over the rest of the song I would change the chords to work with it because it is a nice solo!

(Also though, I do like that jazzy little fill at 1:05 )
Thanks for the crit, I'll make sure I sort out all the panning problems but everything else you said was useful!

Ooh, just realised I was listening to tear me apart, but I'll crit both Overall first impressions are pretty good! The opening is extremely cool, sounds a bit early foo fighters. Recording isn't great with the bass-heavy low end all distorted but its just a recording issue. The female vocal harmony is really nice but my favourite bit has to be the break before the final chorus and that two-bar build up at 3:19, I'm a sucker for drums coming in steep

Fair warning though! Like I said I enjoy good drums, so the intro was awesome, and the bass works well with the vocals. I'm not totally sure about the really low singing at parts though, you run the risk of sounding too monochromatic, but it never lasts long so I think its alright The whole thing definitely picks up at about 2 minutes, this is a really original build up, I love it! There's such a mix of stuff going on I had to listen to it a few times, but everything sounds really clear, it's a fantastic instrumental break.
Thanks a lot for the crit guys its always welcome, I'm getting through your stuff now! I realise the left-panning is an issue and I'm working on fixing it, but it's not intentional! I have a mic that seems to just decide every now and then that the right channel doesn't exist, and is incredibly tricky to turn onto mono without distorting the input, and I'm not entirely sure how to just flatten out an mp3 once it's exported.
The lyrics seemed pretty clichéd and the guitar a little stereotypical, but if you differentiated the chorus from the verses a little more it could sound a lot better, maybe changed the strumming pattern or added some fills between chords? Or even just make the vocal melody stand out more, just so the two stand apart

crit mine?
I really like this! Great lyrics, works well with the guitar and the drums don't do too much or too little. The recording isn't fantastic but I get the idea. The vocal harmony sounds really nice at the ooh ba da da da bit It maybe drags on a bit at the end and you could do with mixing it up a little bit, either change the lyrics in the last 16 bars or the melody? Just a thought!

Crit crit crit?
First impressions are pretty good, I like the riff and really like the drums coming in.

The singing could be a little more melodic but I can see what you're going for, and the lyrics aren't bad. You guys do seem pretty tight though, which is always good! The ending is nice as well, I enjoyed the guitar Nothing bad to say really, apart from maybe work on catchier singing, the structure is good but if you weren't listening to lyrics it could sound a bit drudgy. I'd like to hear a proper recording of this, I reckon it would come out pretty well.

Crit me?
Hey, It'd be useful if you'd check out the top two songs on my profile - If It Kills Me and Misfits! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and crit for crit as usual!

During the last few months me and a friend have been working away at getting a few songs written while we get a full band sorted. We've recorded five, and I've put two up on my page in the hope of any constructive criticism you guys can give!

If It Kills Me has our American friend Amanda singing as well, and a bit of creative paper crunching at the end for static James is lead vocals but we both write all our lyrics. The drum machine didn't use any loops and was all me, as was the bass. We sorta split the guitar with him mainly playing rhythm and me lead.

Misfits was one we did last week in a hurry to get another two songs completed before we left uni for summer. The same setup as last time really, we split most of the guitar with me on lead pretty much exclusively, riffing off the solo while he shouted at me if anything was ****
yep, seeing them on my birthday a week on sunday

seriously underrated though, a lot of their stuff is amazing
justice is done!

I had blue balls for the first time last night


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What ever happened? by the strokes.

The first chorus kinda has a solo. Sortof counts :\