Ok, gotcha... that's what I figured.

I haven't really had the opportunity to follow much recently.
I still have a hard time believing that the Cavs has seriously offered Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love.

If you're Minnesota, how do you NOT jump all over that deal? You're not going to get a better one for Kevin Love.
Well... this has been the worst offseason the Rockets could have possibly asked for.

Daryl Morey is doing EXACTLY what other GMs do to make their star players want to leave....

I hope Durant stays with the Thunder his whole career.
No reason at all to try to tie it up with one shot. Stop jacking 3's Wizards.
So Rockets owner, Les Alexander, said that they will have a lot of cap room to bring in a "terrific free agent."

I really hope the Rockets don't end up with Melo. He's the very last thing this team needs right now...

There's really nothing I can say. Dwight Howard missed huge free throws. Omer Asik committed a stupid ass foul. Damian Lillard hit an outstanding shot.

Portland deserved to win the series.

And at the end of the day, all I can hope is that this ends McHale's tenure as head coach. Harden, Beverley, and Parsons were still talking about what they were supposed to do when Batum was handed the ball to throw it in. They weren't sure if they were supposed to switch or not.

Horrible coaching.
So, the NBA has now acknowledged that two HORRENDOUS calls in this Portland-Houston series were wrong.

One of them was with 12 seconds left in OT in Game 1. It should have given Houston 2 free throws to possibly take the lead, but instead, Portland was given 2 free throws to extend their lead. Portland won.

The other was in the first quarter of Game 4. Dwight was given a ridiculous technical foul for absolutely no reason. Portland is given a free point, game goes into OT, Portland wins.

I can see why the players are bitching and moaning every single whistle now.
Quote by NathanBForrest
Sterling announced that his team is not for sale. Good for him.How does it make sense that your property should be seized and be fined because you said something that some one else disagrees with? This is disgusting and hopefully illegal.

The NBA is an Association. Sterling is ALLOWED to own that team, BY the NBA.

The NBA has the right to take that ownership away if he expresses views that they deem "detrimental" to their product.
I gotta give Portland a ton of credit. That team is a hell of a lot better than I thought they were.

With that being said, this series is frustrating as hell. Both teams are bitching and moaning every single possession. It's ridiculous.

Play basketball.
I f***ing HATE being a Cowboys fan.

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I think it's more about Marty being an absentee father than her being molested or something like that. I think a lot of the theories surrounding that are just that dumb internet speculation that comes from focusing on what's going to happen instead of what's already happened.

Yeah, I agree. I think ultimately it was just about him being an absentee father.

I also see what you were saying about a "crime scene" instead of a rape scene. That makes a lot of sense too.

You were better at watching this show than I was lol
Quote by slash_GNR666
I may have to re-watch (nay I must)

I don't remember a sub plot with the daughter? Sexually abused by him??

Small summery please?

In an early episode Hart's daughter drew a graphic picture of people having sex. Then she displayed her dolls in a way that looked like Barbie was getting raped by multiple men.

Then later she started wearing dark clothes and she got into a threesome with some guys.

It was basically setting up the premise that she was abused at some point when she was young.

That's why when I saw the trailer for episode 7 when Hart watched the video and started yelling. I thought it was going to be his daughter on there.
I thought that fit perfectly.

The show was all about watching Rust and Marty grow as people. And one of the flaws that Marty overcame was the fact that he didn't pay attention to his family. He acknowledged that fact during the interview with the detectives.

I think the fact that they didn't shed some light on Woody's daughter fits perfectly with Woody's character. I'm glad they didn't.
Brilliant season finale to cap off the best season of any tv show I've ever seen.

Perfect show.

It will be interesting to see if they are ever able to live up to this season again.
I ****ing LOVE this Rockets team.


After the Rockets win tonight, Kevin McHale said:

"We'll enjoy this win tonight. I'll watch the final episode of True Detective. And then we'll go on the road."

**** I love James Harden
Yeah, the ball movement was excellent. If they moved it around like that every game, they'd be impossible to stop.
Dwight Howard had as many rebounds as the Heat starting 5 combined.
The moment Rust went back to that school, I thought it might be the groundskeeper they ran into the first time they visited.

Amazing show. Every episode has been outstanding.
I read a website that explained my feelings about this show perfectly.

"Have you ever watched a one-hour episode of television that felt like four, and was still too short? Have you ever been overjoyed to realize you’ll know everything in three short weeks? And has that same fact, for a passing moment, almost broken your heart?"

That's exactly the way I feel about this show every Sunday.
That kind of reminds me of a similar situation I was in. This doesn't really have to do with a relationship or anything, but I'll tell it anyways.

I went floating a river with my girlfriend and her friends last summer. It was a 6-hour float in the heat of the sun, and I didn't put on sunscreen, or drink much water. All I had to drink was beer and liquor.

Well, we finish the float and I'm sunburned all to hell on my stomach and chest and arms. It's the worst sunburn I have ever had. On the way back to our hotel, we decide to stop and eat somewhere. Next thing you know, I feel like I am going to pass out, so I lay down at a table in the restaurant and start chugging water. I ended up having to go to the hospital with severe dehydration (due to the horrible sunburn I had and lack of water through the day).

I'm in the hospital for about 3 or 4 hours, getting IVs. The whole time I'm sitting there thinking "How the hell am I going to break this to my mom?"

My mom was the type of person that would constantly call me to make sure I'm ok. If I didn't call or text her after she texted me, she assumed I was laying in a ditch somewhere. Why? I don't really know. I'm not the type to go around doing stupid stuff to make her worry. She's just a natural worrier.

Well, when I get back to our hotel, I decide to just go ahead and get the call over with. So I call her, tell her the whole situation, let her know I went to the hospital but I'm fine, and she couldn't have been cooler about the whole thing. It was a major breath of fresh air.

So what's my suggestion? Just tell your GF now. It won't be anywhere near as bad as you think it will be.
That final sequence of last night's episode was outstanding. One of the best television scenes I have ever seen.
Kyle Lowry should be an All-Star...
I never played the first FEAR.

FEAR 2 is still the only first person shooter I've actually played all the way through myself.
I see, I didn't know that had happened.

If they indeed do have a second season, I don't know if it's possible to get actors that can do a better job than McConaughey and Harrelson. Those two have been phenomenal so far.
Quote by Våd Hamster
Does the teacher actually admit to anything in the video? I'm on my phone and I can't hear shit captain

She didn't deny it.

At one point she says, "I regret it every day."
To Zanarkand is definitely FF's best song of the entire series.

But one thing I've realized since restarting FF9 is that it has such an outstanding soundtrack.

I mean, To Zanarkand is FF's best song, but Freya's Theme might be it's most underrated.
Quote by Spoony_Bard
I think I am alone in FFX being my favorite in the series. I've only played 7, 10, and a bit of 12 and 13.

I'd like to play 9. How are you guys playing it? I don't have an original PS1.

It's on the PSN. If you have a PS3 and internet access, you can download it for like $10.

And FFX is one of my favorites as well.
Well it's official. Final Fantasy 9 is definitely my favorite game of the series.

It's funny, FF7 was my first real try at the FF series and I loved it. Then I bought FF8 and gave it a real shot but I found it unbelievably boring.

After that game, I didn't really even think about getting 9, FF8 almost killed my love for the series. But my Mom bought FF9 for me for Christmas and now it's my favorite one.
So I woke up this morning and decided to play FF9 again to get those cards on the jump rope game. First attempt I got to 99. I was so pissed. After a few more attempts I finally got 100.

I decided to keep going, but I kept screwing up at 106. Then I told myself this was going to be my last try, I was able to get to 203 on it.

So I got the Cactuar, Genji, and Alexandria cards from the jump rope game. That's where I decided to stop and go forward with the story.

I think I might seriously play this game all day.
Decided to start playing Final Fantasy 9 again.

I'm trying to get the card rewards from the jump rope game before I go forward. I can't seem to get past 53.

I'm hoping a short break will help.
If this show was spread out among a full season (like a US show), I seriously don't think it would have the same effect.

They wouldn't be able to dive deeper into the cases. Things would be rushed, solutions would just drop into their laps on a much more consistent basis.

3 episodes sucks, simply because it's such a short season, but I think it's perfect for the tone and pace of the series.

Now, seasons 1 and 2 were outstanding. No doubt about it, to me. I still thought season 3 was great. It was definitely different. The tone of the first episode took some getting used to. The 2nd episode was my favorite, honestly. I loved watching Sherlock go through all of those emotions. The 3rd episode was really good. Sure, it was fairly predictable, but that's not what it's about to me. I just enjoy the ride.

I want more now, though.
Goodness gracious, Steve Francis looks HORRIBLE now...

He was the star player for the Rockets when I really started to pay attention to the NBA. It's so sad to see him like this. He's 36 years old and he looks like he's pushing 60.
Hell, I would like that book. That sounds incredibly interesting.
Their "awkward" chemistry is one of the most alluring parts of the show, IMO.

George and Jerry have great chemistry. Jerry and Elaine have good chemistry. George and Elaine really don't like each other, but they cope with it because they are both friends with Jerry. And Kramer is the next door neighbor they can't really get rid of. He's the glue that brings it all together.

To me, that's exactly how it should be.
Daryl Morey is freaking awesome. With all of this talk about trading Omer Asik, Morey decided to follow Paul Millsap to troll everyone lol
Quote by Trowzaa
I played Fallout and Skyrim on PS3, no mods, Fallout 3 is my favourite game of all time

Yeah pretty much the same for me.

I mean, I don't know if I would classify it as my favorite of all time, but it's definitely top 5.

Since I started a new game on it, I've spent pretty much all of my free time playing it.

I just wish I could play through it for the first time again...
I've been "wanting" to get back into shape for a while, but I've always found a way to avoid it.

Maybe this 90 day challenge is exactly what I need.

Current stats:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 215 lbs
Body Fat %: I imagine somewhere in the 20s

- 195 lbs... That's about what I weighed my first year of college.
- Being a basketball coach, I'd like to be able to take part in the drills I make my players do without wanting to die....

Program: My main program will be P90x, but I'll also include a custom basketball workout and some weight lifting workouts as well.

I'll add some pics later.