Hello good people of UG,

I have a new project, we're a Brooklyn based indie-tronica duo. Our first release is linked below if you would like to give it a listen it would mean a lot to me.
Thanks in advance!
Hello UG community - It's been a very long time since I've been active but hopefully the community is as helpful as I remember

I'm selling two GA 3-Day passes to this years Gov Ball and unfortunately everybody who has been interested just stopped responding to me
Since it's so last minute I'm dropping the price to just 300$ each - that's below face-value and is pretty much the most reasonable price in my opinion. My plans fell through this year and I unfortunately can't make it any longer and just really need to get the money back to pay off a speeding ticket hehe..
Thanks in advance if anybody is interested or can forward this to a friend!
I love the Germ Groops - especially with the Arin/Danny combo. I do really like JonTron, in fact he was the reason I found out about GG in the first place. That being said I still think that Jon leaving was the best decision. Remember back when Jon was in Game Grumps and how he didn't release any JonTron videos for like a solid year and a half? Since then he's been releasing more well thought out, better produced, and better written material - he's been killing it lately. Danny has a background in improv comedy, he's even taken classes at UCB in NYC (the place where a lot of Saturday Night Live members learned comedy) Danny is great at continuing a conversation, telling funny stories, and just being quick on his feet. Jon was funny in his own right but I find that Jon is extremely funny when he produces his own material, and that Danny is the better Game Grump due to his improv nature.
Hello one and all, I'm trying to figure out what song is stuck in my head right now but I have no idea what it's called/by who/what the lyrics are or anything.
The only thing that I recall is throughout the whole song the guitar is playing two harmonized notes bending down and I believe there was also a running bass section under it. Its as if the song is a huge verse (or from what I remember) and sounded as if it were written in the '80s. I know this isn't much to go by but please help
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First try barring every string at the same fret (as if your first finger were a human capo) Then strum to see if you can hear every note correctly, then add the third and fourth finger at the 5th fret to finish the chord
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Not the ones with nuts in them.

Alban (AL- Bin) and yes you all guessed it... I'm Albanian..
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Um... change pickups?

Thats 1

Sine you don't care about it maybe refinish it and just make it look sick

Yeah, I was thinkin' putting bass pickups in it. Local H style.
But no really be creative, think of any crazy idea that just may work and I'll try it out, it's basically a guitar that anyone can try out their ideas on and I'll check if they work.
A community guitar, if you will.
Hello boys and girls.. Well I have a Dean Vendetta that I got a few years back for 45$ (I didn't even need the thing but for a price that low why the hell not? I figured I could just toss it as some gig and break it for fun... but that never ended up happening and it's just been collecting dust in my room for like three years now)

Anyway, I just thought, why not fix it up a bit? See what I can do with it.
Here's the catch: I really don't care what happens with this guitar, it's just gonna be for fun and hey if it turns out great that's a bonus.

Now importantly: What would you wanna do with it if you were in my shoes? Have you had any ideas for custom building on guitars that you never tried (lack of cash, didn't wanna **** up the gutiar etc.) I'm gonna take the best ideas I see and try them out.
Cheers, Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to you as well.. but shouldn't this not be in the Acoustic section?
Yeah there is nothing good, you can find like a nice Orange 5watt amp which is nice but I doubt that's what you're looking for
Not exactly, Guitar Pro won't work either so if anyone knows the common factor between these I would greatly appreciate it
Hello all, last night I had to delete a lot of programs from my computer that I don't use to make room so it could run. Apparently I also deleted something that won't allow me to hear audio from video files. Ex. I go on youtube, click a video, I can see it fine, but there is no sound. The sound works on my comp however, I can hear music from my iTunes and everything but just with videos, games, etc I can't hear anything.

Anyway: What should I download in order to fix this problem?
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In My Life and play the solo on guitar
Hahahahaha the Hello Kitty part was a great touch HNGD!
The whole Beatles remastered set
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"Nuggeting" wtf. its called skinning a backpack. my record is 14 in 1 class period.

Hahaha man I thought the exact same thing, here in Jersey we call it skinning
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So nostalgic? Wait 5 more years bro then make this thread

5 years from now no one will remember these songs, plus this decade has come to an end so I figured it was enough time
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Isn't that an oxymoron?
How can something be an obscure hit :confused

Like hits people have forgotten about but still know the song when it comes up
Let's check your memory.. What were some obscure hits (in rock) from 2000 to the present day? Anything from Bowling for Soup's "1985", The Von Bondies "C'mon C'mon", to "Youth of the Nation" by P.O.D., let's see what you can remember from MTV's 2003 Rock Countdown
Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Autumn
I'm trying to find a poem written in french (pretty sure the guy who wrote it was african but the poem is in french) Anyway it's mainly based around the phrase "Dan tes yeux si claire" I can't find it anywhere
Thanks in advance
Ask him what ever happened to the Drum and Bass jam? And are they're any unknown b-sides from The Resistance that may see the light of day soon?
Same here, no one in my whole family plays music and only a few even care about it, however I remember when I was 8 I saw a few guitars hanging on the wall at a pawn shop, and I would just hit the open strings (since I couldn't reach the guitar itself) with my finger and thought, "This is the easiest thing in the world, anyone can play guitar." But it wasn't until 5-6 years later that I met new friends who played bass and drums and it inspired me to pick up a guitar, and after I learned Get Free by the Vines I knew I wanted to play music for the rest of my life
What pedal are we talking about?
Yeah maybe forgotten wasn't the right word, but I'm tryin' to look for a song where the tune of the instrument is the main thing everyone remembers, like I said before like in Popcorn and Cars. I don't need old 80s songs per say but rather old synth style songs where people recognize the tune of the instrument
Hello everyone, I've been wanting to re-arrange an old forgotten synth pop song but I'm not sure of which one to choose, so if you know of any please feel free to write them down.
The kind of feel I'm goin' for is a song like Popcorn by Hot Butter or Cars by Gary Numan so something along the lines of those would be much obliged
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Kurt Cobain

Edit: Stop dwelling on the internet. Go be with your family.

Well in that case, we share the same birthday then haha, MLK JR also died on that day I think (too lazy to confirm on google though)
Muse - Electric Factory PA 2006
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You spelled Slayer wrong.


hahahah win
But what's important to you may not be important to others and vice versa
Cheers man pretty good, plus now I can hear the single before the rest of America does haha thanks
Bought the album. Lost it four years later, then downloaded it since I missed it so much
The thread right below your's was about sanding, shoulda followed that advice