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Bleed Away,
Interesting.  Whether a person is from Africa or England, do you think a person that shares your ethnicity is more likely to like alternative rock music more than someone from the USA with the same ethnic background?  Or hard to say?  I knew you from England, and I know that musical taste is significantly different than the USA (I live near Los Angeles) regardless of ethnic background.
it’s different yes. Here the zeitgeist is grime music; alternative music is pretty niche with not much of a fan base. But this is the style of music that speaks to me
aaron aardvark Tanks for the feedback. I'm originally from west africa but reside in england.

i made the intro with ableton preset guitar synth.
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I listened to "Savw my Life" and the beat reminds me of Prince meets NIN (Pretty Hate Machine) era. The song is great and the mixing is well mixed as are the instrumentation. I think the vocals could be mixed a bit lower slightly so not to overpower the subtle instrumentation. Overall, very nice
aaron aardvark Just returned your crit - sorry about that.
aaron aardvark Sorry, forgot to reply earlier.

Reminds me of the Doors (instrumentally) and Rolling Stones (vocally). The mixing is good but I think too much is happening at once. Maybe use more space in your future compositions. But it's good - a nice throwback to mid-1960s rock with a new spin to it
I am looking for 2-5 talented and highly ambitious singers and/or rappers (based in London) to join me for a new music collective in London. Please share with me your music by emailing me:
Here's my music:
The reason why I wan only London-based artists is because I want this collective to achieve a good local following; the main goal for this collective is for us to get signed to a major label/big independent label, and also to create some of the best and most exiting music ever heard.
Once this collective is made, I'd like the collective to practice, at least, twice a week. I'd like the collective to aim to release 1 new song a month. I'd also like us to gig, at least, 2 times a month.
If you feel like what I wrote fits you and you're interested, please email me.
Carry on, carry on, no
You don’t know what you want, no
Peace of mind is failing
Carry on, carry on, no
I cannot find my way home
But you don’t know this pain, though 
All this time of praying
I carried on, carried on, no
And I need you
And I watched you go by
And I loved you
We both know that I am you
Carry on, carry on, no
You don’t know what you want, no
Peace of mind is failing
Carry on, carry on, no
And I need you
And I watched you go by
And I loved you
We both know that I am you
You told me it’s okay, my love
You kept me like a slave for so long
And I’ve found the way
To say
I love the way you smile
I know you’re angry now
You are my favourite lie
You know I’m not a broken phone
I fucked you while we were home
Cocaine beside another stove
I know you’re aching
Your mother’s vacant
Kiss me tonight while you cleanse your eyes
Old me, don’t go
I said you’ve found me, shouldn’t let your demons grow

We march apart

Remind me of another day
Nostalgia keeps the dawn away
And finally
I know you’re happy
With me
Let’s go to sleep
You said, you said
Baby you need me
Why don’t you keep this is in your heart
I know you’re dying
For answers
That leads you to laughter
So long my friend
We will be standing without the bends

We march apart

No days are numbered
No days are numbered
This is our harbinger
Tomorrow falls apart
I’ve never been this far, this far
From home
Don’t die my love
Don’t cry alone
I know you are my soul

We march apart
#1 synth I've also been here for 12 years. Can't believe it either. I grew up here in UG.

I’ve never had a bride’s maid
Keep me closer to your ashtray
I have no friends 
Even with you I’m a lightweight
Sticks and stones boy
Tell me if you like it when no one’s home 
Find me in the garden where no one knows 
Keep me reunited with my brother’s bones 
Put me in ignorance
I tried to make new friends
Everybody laughed, so I jumped the fence
With a stone cold chest – men, I hate myself 
There’s nothing to contain here
My mother found me left in pain
I know my final resting place
But we revoke that
My sister’s home now
She has two kids; they think she’s sane
I know they wish for God’s embrace
Tell me why you work for
You don’t need to work more
I know you came from nothing
One day I’ll bring you mountains
I promise
I promise
We don’t need to die young

You can’t see me
Sometimes, everybody leaves me
So cold, so cold, so cold, so cold
Please don’t leave me
I know you don’t really need me
So cold, so cold, so cold, so cold
No one in the building
Keep my soul within the new me
So cold, so cold, so cold, so cold

Run, run

No one waiting in the bathroom
I know you’re aching for a headroom
Someone’s calling for a ride
Put me back to sleep as if you wanted to die
No sunshine, no sunrise, it’s all mine, let’s see why.