what music do you play?
Write some tunes. Dream about the electric. Just don't stop learning things, you seem to be doing much better then I have. Four damn years and I still don't know a couple of the scales you mentioned. =P
Sick, I'm officially judging now. I'm a pretty lenient guy, fear not. As if it really matters who wins anyways, but you know.
Alright, well thanks for all who helped. I think I'll do a bit more revision and re-submit this (got denied before because I didn't put it here first, silly).
Ok, so I'm taking the age part out cause apparently it means I want attention. Anything else?
"Alright, so we've all heard it before. You're jamming with your mates and all of a sudden, your bassist's girlfriend needs a tampon, so he has to run out of practice early and give her some aid. Then your second guitarist leaps in and says "Well, I'll do it. After all, if you can play guitar, you can play bass, right?"


"But Mr. PlasticMan, they're essentially the same instrument right? Just two strings less on the bass right? Huh?"

Nope. Sorry, and I'm sure any person who has tried both instruments will gather the same conclusion.

Here's Why:

I. "Picking" Technique

When I hold my smelly Squier guitar with this little plastic thing between my fingers, I can play as fast as I darn well want to, within reason. However, if I am handed a bass and some lunatic takes my pick to scrape the dirt from under his toenails, I can play as fast, and sound like, a retarded elephant. Yes, I am aware that bassists can use picks too, fine, but that will take me to the next point.

II. String Size

Heh, bet you saw that coming. Seems a bit obvious, but for the newbies, bass strings are a LOT thicker then your guitar strings. And believe me, no matter what you're using to produce a tone, it's going to feel a lot different then your guitar strings of which you've probably lowered the action and detuned to the point where there's more buzzing then a bunch of bee's around a case of beer.

III. Neck Size

In general, basses will have much wider necks then a guitar, streching your ickle teeny calloused fingers to the breaking point.

IV. Sound Engineering/Ear Training/EQ

The guitar, for the most part, occupies the middle/high frequency ranges. Assuming you've been playing/listening to the instrument for a fair amount of time, your ear is trained to those frequencies, those are the ones you're going to be hearing easier, and more adapted to shaping the way you want them. If you start futzing around with a bass, you aren't going to be used to the frequency. It might even be difficult for you (in an extreme case, or if you're in some form of a detuned metal band) to hear what notes you're playing, since the note is so much lower then you are used to. And the bass' eq settings are massively different from the guitar one you enjoy. You may be able to master the technicalities above this step, but you'll still have to learn some more tone shaping/engineer psychobabble (which is fun, but takes a while).

V. Position In The Band

For those of you mildly intelligent folk who are thinking "Yeah, yawn, forget the technical stuff, what's a REAL important point?", this one's for you. As a guitarist, you may not realize it, but you're a selfish, spoiled jerk. You're used to being the center of attention (except in some genre situations, but shut up, let me finish) in just about every song. You are the meat of the band *ego swell*. As a bassist, you're not going to be able to wank on your instrument and fart around, even for "just some of the time". Your job is to hold a steady grove, and to guide the other band members. Not play with your teeth and spell out your phone number in guitar tab for the girl in the front row. You have responsibility now. Yes, I am aware there are "bass solos" and "main bass riffs" and "bands the center around the bass". But for the majority of your typical musical journey, the above responsibility applies.

So next time you hear someone say that, throw this webpage at them, followed by the entire internet crashing on their face. You don't need to embarass yourself in front of your bandmates thinking you can do what you cannot. But by all means, sit down with a bass and work on it. You might learn something, instead of assuming something. And remember, that bassist will always return, covered in a red sticky substance. And he will want his bass back.

-I am a guitarist.
-I do not hate bassists.
-I do not hate "detuned metal music".
-I am fourteen years old, stereotype my age, I dare you.
-In this article, I have made a large amount of generalizations and categorizations that should be taken with a grain of salt.
-In this article, I have subtley poked fun at a large amount of groups and subcultures who should not be offended.
-If you are in a noisecore band, none of the above applies to you.
-I might be clinically insane.


Waste of my time or no?
Don't write like Opeth, write like yourself, with some strains of Opeth. If that makes any sense.
Number 1: Essentially sounded something like the average person could do noodling around in major key, or any key. Though I did like it, almost classical sounding, rarely resolving itself.

Number 2: Suffered terribly from its recording quality, and the fact the the pattern kept switching speakers. It wasnt cool buddy, it was annoying as hell. And it was only one riff played over and over, less than a quarter the length of the first. I don't know how it was expected to compare.

I vote for number 1, but I think both of you could've tried a jerkload harder if this is some huge "war".
Well, it's essentially G major with a flatted sixth. So franky looks like he's got it. You're right though, it looks like it could be a mode of some sort. Bah, I need to learn more theory.
Heh, it's not terribly hard really, just mess around with it behind your head and get used to the "backwards" orienation of things. It usually helps to have it resting on your back/shoulder. Work with a riff or scale you know well before going to pure shredding and wanking behind your head.
You should be fine, thrash around, enjoy yourself. My main problem is coming close to hitting my vocalist in the face, we're working on it.
Quote by GNR_Duff_rules
your song confuses me.... the words......

What about the words good sir.

And thank you airedale for your thoughts. Screaming is hard to get into, I can understand.
The last two lines are beautiful, the rest is alright.

"But now the summers over
Along with us
And as the nights grow colder
Our ashes turn to dust "

"along with us" needs to be extended methinks.

keep editing it, it has promise.
heh, static-x.

just kidding.

as previously mentioned, ion dissonance tunes down extremely low. i know a fair amount of bands in baritone tuning (equivalent to standard B) but none that drop it that i can currently think of.
this would be going towards a hardcore tune (screamed), so doesn't need to be too complex I would imagine.

And if it be God's will, let it be mine
I'd never choose fate over trials divine
And if it be God's will, let it be so
Never has strength come from so much woe

So I broke that promise
That desperate promise
That night at half mast
I pledged what i could not give

And now
I pay the price
For paradise

Who is He to call the shots?
But who am I to know?

This time is no different
Stymied me once again
And with the fire and demons I saw through the bars
I know this will be the worst

But with faith in Him
And the determination of years
The hellfire will be nothing
Against me.

If only you had told it to my face

the breakdown is going to seem completely unrelated unless you happen to know the story behind the song. which only three people do. so disregard it.

any critique would be much appreciated.

ah revelation. excellent inspiration. and well executed from what i can see.
as the person above, i would like an explanation of the plot. as far as i can gather, it's looking back on life and realization of what was wasted. but in that case, the first stanza is pretty much unrelated.
excellent concept, reminds me of my struggle to find an entity. just work up the vocabulary, as suggested previously.

and whoever said he was lost, he is not. not yet.
hmm, that is interesting. hes messing around with the tone arm of the piano with his left hand it looks like. i still dont know what that is in his mouth though. at first i thought it was a harmonica connected to a microphone, but the sound coming out is much more reminiscent of a saxophone. some weirdo air activated synthesiser perhaps? haha, i have no clue.
alright, thanks for all the responses so far, ill start checking these out.
M83. I've listened to "Before The Dawn Heals Us" about three times all the way through now, i cant get enough of this sort of thing. i love the mixture of convential "rock band" instruments and synths/electronics. so anywho, having the leech-like approach to music that i do, i was hoping people could suggest similar music, anything even remotley close to their sound.

well, since this is supposed to be about alexisonfire ill first say that they pwn. definitley not emo, as mr grumpything over here attests. just cause they got clean vocals doesnt mean theyre emo. and since this is a guitar community anyways, you can't argue with their guitar sound. powerful stuff.

as for as i lay dying, i actually like them quite a bit. its very rudimentary rythmically, the guitar parts sound like something you might take out of a middle school snare drum players lesson book, but when they layer them up and add some heavy drums and bass its quite a smack in the gut sound. also the vocalist has a very versetile scream. rule of thumb: dont judge a band by lyrics. ever. especially one where you can hardly understand them anywho.
i dunno man, with all three guitars the sound was clipping and doing all this crazy annoying stuff, and it would drown out the ambient guitars also set for left and right. if i had better mixing/mastering resources i mightve been able to make it work, right now im working with audacity, and its not exactly perfect.

should be the second song from the top, entitled "Maim Starlets"

would like a bit of critique on the whole picture, recording, songwriting, etc.

originally had three guitars, hard left, hard right, and center, but i eventually took out the left and right ones, the sound was just too powerful. hopefully i made the right choice. interesting note: the left and right ambient sounds are guitars, being played with the bristly end of a toothbrush at some points.
im no hero, but i can play guitar, french horn, and a bit of piano.

My main styles of music revolve around alternative (NOT emo), experimental, indie, metal (all forms), and lately, quite a bit of jazz.

You can listen to some music at:


three standout tracks:

Spasms of Anger and Truth- Highlights a bit of piano, noodling guitar in locrian mode.
Landscape of Fear and Hope- Highlights the experimental aspect of the guitar.
Stapled At The Atriums Left and Right- Highlights epic guitar and haunting vocals.

i wish i could put up a bit of french horn, playing in all-state is hopefully enough credentials at this point. trust me, i can play it.

keep in mind, im still in school, so i dont have a huge amount of free time to record and send stuff, but ill be able to do rythm parts, some solos, random riffs, etc within about a month.

should be the second song down

should be second from the bottom

one of the weirder tunes, would like maybe a bit of help on the recording aspect, in addition to regular feedback. the heavier "choruses" sound weak to me, even though its made up of three guitars layered (Rythm hard left and hard right and octaves/solo center). even after normalization/compression etc. maybe im just going deaf a bit, i dunno.