if it's a LOCKING nut, it shouldn't need lube in order for the string to move freely and return back to its original position. non-locking nuts need lube, not locking-- if your Floyd Rose goes out of tune when you use it, take it in for a proper set up
shouldn't run you more than $300-- i have a sz520qm that I picked up secondhand with SD pickups in it for under $300 from Guitar Center (yea yea I know). and yea, they're awesome guitars and Ibanez was kinda stupid to discontinue the line
only use a little bit. a teaspoon on a cloth should be enough to do the whole fretboard. and i use Dr Ducks as well and have had the same bottle for over 2 yrs
might try raising your action a little on the lower strings. that's where i'd start
change the tubes and make sure they're biased-- should fix the problem
try -- They have good prices and good amounts of used gear in good shape
nut slots probably need to be made a little bigger since your strings are bigger than what it was designed for-- gibsons are set up for 10s
great for rythym, ehhhh for leads.
nut slots need to be bigger-- unless you know what you're doing, take it to a reputable shop and have someone take care of it.
find a shop that does repairs and ask if they sell individual strings-- some do, some don't. never hurts to ask
intonation, action, stretch the strings, etc etc.
whenever changing string gauge, you adjust the truss rod after tuning to pitch. and if you're going to downtune, you need thicker strings to keep the right tension on them. skinny strings with a low tuning and they're gonna flop around and bottom out. take the guitar for a setup if you're not comfortable doing it
i'm 6'7" and got a fender cd140sce and it feels nice in my hands and the neck isn't lacquered and it plays real well
try looking for a used fender acoustic. some are really good and have solid tops and good playing necks now
depends on your action, but typically with a 24.75" scale, 10's for E standard, 11's for Eb
if you're trying to sound good standing up and playing, adjust your strap. if you wanna sound like you do, keep wearing it too low. moving it up an inch might make a huge difference.
check your setup on the trem-- a lot of metal players use super thick strings in Eb and do 1 1/2 step bends
oil the fretboard, problem solved
i've tried all kinds of strings and have been playing ernie ball earthwood strings consistently for over 10 years now-- it's all preference and what you're looking for so play what you feel sounds best and is good for your style of playing
learn to play the songs first-- then worry about effects
DKMG-- EMG's and the floyd give it away
sounds good man-- personal preference would be to not use only downstrokes. ups and downs makes it more fluid
not just pick hand muting but mute with your fretting hand as well-- mute behind the slide so any open strings don't ring out. joe walsh is a master at this
am i the only one that notices no les paul on the list? george harrison used clapton's on some sessions
$1600?? holy hell that's a great price for those specs. been a fan of carvin for years but never have the money to have one made how i want but after seeing yours, i think my next splurge is gonna have to be a carvin :-)
christopher walken would be awesome haha
that's a sweet lookin' guitar, dude. thumbs up for no neck goop
don't buy it-- looks sketchy
when in doubt, go with the floyd
your intonation is off-- get a screwdriver and adjust the intonation screw on your bridge. once the harmonic on the 12th fret matches with the open string note, then you're intonated properly, but check the action as well cuz that can throw off intonation
your guitar needs a setup-- it'll fix any action and intonation problems. look into a shop near you to take care of it if you're not experienced doing those kinds of things to your guitar.
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I have a boxer/pit bull mix, suck it.

my wife and i adopted a boxer/pit mix and she's the sweetest dog i've ever had and everyone that meets her loves her. ban the bad owners, not the breed
if you're doing 7 string songs on a 6 string, tune it B to B. most 7 string songs don't use the high e so you might be better off using a baritone
for the money you listed, you can get the new LPJ. Not the prettiest thing in the world but it's a Gibson USA guitar for less than a grand and it's got good humbuckers in it
kelly necks aren't bolt-on so buying 2 guitars and swapping necks is out of the question if you want it like the way you show
the chapman ml-1 is actually a damn good guitar for the money, btw and you can order one from very easily. or go to their store in guildford
get a dunlop power supply-- sturdy as hell