Well you're just a nice little salty peach aren't you.

Jealousy seems to be oozing from you and I've done absolutely nothing wrong to you.

I offer this service as it fills in the gaps of my main bulk of work and I've had plenty of people come to me for this. Also, just to let you know, I make plenty of money writing music, mixing and mastering and even if this wasn't working out I could literally jump straight into two different decent paying jobs tomorrow because I'm not a brain dead moron as you seem to be implying.

Anyway, I just had a quick look at your post history too and noticed that only 3 months ago you was unemployed. Stones, glass houses, all that. Seriously though, I wish you luck in finding work and also beating your battle with depression but surely being negative towards someone you don't even know isn't going to help at all, is it?
I hope this is allowed here, if not then please delete.

A lot of people write music but have no way of realising their songs with real instruments.

I offer a service where I will record your songs written on score or in Guitar Pro, even if you have used midi plugins in a DAW, whatever it doesn't really matter. My mixes and playing are of a professional standard and if you would like to see for yourself then just take a look at my soundcloud profile for some examples:

I offer this service in two places:

On Fiverr:

Or through my website:

Pricing can be found on my Fiverr page but if you would like a 20% discount then you can order through my website. I gave the Fiverr option for your own piece of mind and safety when doing business. I offer the 20% discount from my website because that is how much commission Fiverr takes per sale.
Thanks man. Yea I recorded all guitars, bass and programmed drums.
Bloodborne's music works so well when rewritten for metal!
Thanks man and thanks for the sub too. Much appreciated!
Over the past few weeks I have been working on some metal covers for Witcher 3 and Bloodborne. The music translates so well into metal and it's a lot of fun.
Playing the game I couldn't help thinking some of the music would work perfectly as a metal song so I gave it a go. It actually surprised me how well it worked.
Thought I'd bump the thread with a song I worked on recently for a customer. They wanted a whole song written, recorded and mixed for them. Here is the result:
Thought I'd bump the thread with a song I worked on recently for a customer. They wanted a whole song written, recorded and mixed for them. Here is the result:
I currently offer a service where I convert midi (Guitar Pro, etc) to audio. Thought I'd post in here because it seems like a pretty relevant place. I mainly focus on rock and heavy metal but I'm open to other genre's if I feel it is possible.

I will record guitars and bass then use a sequencer for the drums. I will also mix it to a professional standard.

You can listen to some examples on my website:

This song in particular was recorded for a customer. I was basically handed a guitar pro file and worked from there:

If you are interested then please contact me through my website or on here.
Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I couldn't find anywhere else relevent for this really. Feel free to delete this if so!

I've just started up an audio production business and as anyone will know that has done it before, self promoting is a complete nightmare. Saying that, I came up with a little idea to do a competition but it looks like you can't give stuff away for free anymore, haha.

Please check out my facebook page if you want to enter the competition.

It does involve liking the page but I wouldn't be offended if you only liked the page just for the competition and unliked after. I won't be spamming anything. It will be a page for some of my work, videos and mixing hints and tips.

If you feel like supporting me and maybe even win something then thank you. It is really appreciated.


I put together a cover of Killswitch Engage's A Bid Farewell and after releasing the stems on the Sneap forum Chris Clancy added some awesome vocals!

Here is the cover:

If you would like the stems for mixing practice or would like more information then go here:

Drop a like on my Facebook page for more in the future:
I will keep it short here as my website can tell you everything you need to know!


Chimera Audio is a music production company based in Nottinghamshire, England. Mainly focusing on heavy metal and rock music, Chimera Audio offers several services of audio production including mixing, mastering, drum programming, midi to audio conversion and audio editing.

As well as offering engineering services, Chimera Audio also offers session musician services. Including but not limited to Guitar and Bass. The service Chimera Audio can provide is undeniably professional. If you would like to form your own judgement then please click the Youtube link in the signature or go to the SAMPLES page on my website to hear some examples.

The services provided are open to interpretation, from a full song you have written with full instrumentation and you would like recorded to writing a riff complete with tabs and reference audio to help with completing or starting a song and anything in between.

If you would like to contact me, then you can can send me a PM on here or fill out the contact form on my website!
Here is an example of what I am talking about when I say I will turn your guitar pro songs into real ones:

If you would like me to do this for you then please have a look on my Fiverr profile:

I also offer another service. I will write and record a heavy metal riff or even a full song for you. I can give you the recording in many forms. Full mixed song, guitar pro files, stems etc. Whatever you prefer.
I have given a free sample in my original post and you can also look on my youtube channel for a few other full songs I have covered.

Also, I have had plenty of response through fiverr and PM's. Even had repeat customers.

This is one of my threads on another forum:

So quick to judge but know nothing.
I decided to cover In Your Words by Lamb of God. I hadn't listened to the album in a while and forgot how much I loved this song when it was first released!
Here is an example of what I am talking about when I say I will turn your guitar pro songs into real ones:

If you would like me to do this for you then please have a look on my Fiverr profile:

With the new one released yesterday I have compared the old and the new versions to give you an idea of how different they sound. If you want a clearer idea of how different they are, then towards the end of the video there is just the guitars playing.

I set both amps to exactly the same settings. The tube screamers are the same too and they are both using the same impulse. There is absolutely no post processing on the guitars.

There isn't a massive difference but you can tell V2 is much warmer sounding and handles the high end section much better. It sounds fuller and warmer overall where as V1 has quite a sharp fizzy attack and seems to lack some high mids or something.

V1 had a much lower gain output than V2 so the only small difference I made was to add a bit more input gain on the TSE 808 on the V1 to balance it out a little.
I just found this site today so I'm not too sure how popular it is but if you like listening to music and want to earn a bit of money this is pretty good.

You can earn upto $0.25 per song that you review as long as your review is decent and its basically unlimited. The more time you put in then the more you will get out.

If you're just browsing the internet put these songs on in the background, listen and then write a review that takes a few seconds and the money will eventually add up.

It's not a scam either if you might be thinking that. You can look up on it if you like.

Anyway, here is the link:

It's a referral link but it won't effect how much you make or anything but if you're not feeling generous then here is a standard link, haha.
Thanks both of you! Really appreciated. Check your links I left some C4C like you asked!
Amazing stuff!!! The tone is a little off for my liking. It sounds very single coil which I guess is by choice so it's not really a criticism. More of a personal preference. The playing is ridiculously tight sound though so well done mate!
I've literally spent all day working on this.

My minds racing because I've been so concentrated on it.

Glad to finally get it done.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

C4C too!
I was messing around with some Match EQ guitar tones and I really liked this one so I thought I would make a full cover (Minus the first guitar solo - wayyyy to difficult) of Nemesis by Arch Enemy.

If you would like the guitar tone I have added a link in my video description where you can download it.

Any critique is welcome so let me know what you think!
No matter what you do you are going to want a dedicated interface for recording. Especially when it comes to instruments. Vocals are okay but the input quality of on board sound cards are horrible mostly.

Look for a second hand Line 6 Toneport if you want something cheap but good. Very good for it's price actually. It has an input for your guitar which you can then record and monitor using the Line 6 software or even better download some free amp sims. There are some amazing ones out there. It also has an XLR input for a microphone too which works very well.
I hope it is ok to post this here.

I am offering to match EQ any guitar track you have with any distorted guitar tone you want with great results.

The software to do this accurately is very expensive so I am willing to match EQ a track for $5 with no hassle on your part.

If you're interested there is more information on my Fiverr site:

If you would like to hear an example of how accurate it can be then have a listen to this video.
Thanks everyone for your feedback. It's really appreciated. I'm always trying to better myself so you've been really helpful!
Thanks everyone. Really appreciated!

I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment so for you two that asked me to have a listen to your stuff I will get round to it in a couple of hours!!

Yea, I recorded all the guitar parts.

One criticism I get quite a lot is that I could develop my solos more. I totally agree but I have a hard time writing lead. I'm more of a riff man. It's something I try and work on but it just frustrates me after a while. I can play other peoples difficult solos quite well. I know heaps of Dimebag solo's etc but when it comes down to it I just can't write anything.

I would love to put vocals on my songs. I will do one day. Just need the right person to come along.
A new song. It somehow turned into a modern prog metal song. I usually use quite basic song structures but I was having trouble with certain riffs blending with each other so I experimented with some prog style song structuring.

My guitar signal chain - Musicman Silhouette with Bare Knuckle Aftermath --- TSE 808 --- Lepou Lecto --- 2 Catharsis Impulses blended --- Post EQ (Low and High Pass filters)

Superior Drummer w/ Metal Foundry plus a few samples.
Thanks mate. Yea I love the Aftermath. The tones I get from it are unreal!

Will check out your song now mate.
I've updated my first post with a link to a higher quality version of the song if anyone is interested!