Sorry guys. This girl is really kinda special so I didn't wanna miss this one and I guess I watched too many dating videos and most of them indicated that I was being a little pushy and may just be friendzoned. I really don't wanna end up in the friendzone again, especially this one.
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Don't wait any longer. Tbh it may already be too late, but ask her tomorrow for sure.

Crap, too late? I never thought waiting was a bad idea for this moment actually.
Hey, I hung out with this girl like about a week ago and I do have interest on her. All we did was just get stoned at a park and talked, had some physical contact, little flirting but that's all. The next day we texted each other for awhile then she said she had to sleep and said she'll text me later. But she didn't and I didn't wanna appear anxious or needy so I've not texted or called her till this day. Since it's been almost a week, I'm wondering if it's okay for me to ask her out again? She did mention that we could go out again that night when we were chilling.
Crap, I forgot there was a 7 string thread here. I'm just gonna copy what I wrote in my thread.

I'm gonna order a custom guitar soon(super excited!) and would like to ask your opinions if this is a good wood combination.

Fretboard: Ebony
Body: Ash
Top: Wenge

It's going to be a neck through guitar with string through bridge. Very likely a Mayones Regius 7 cheaper brother. Not sure about the pickups yet, but will very likely go for a set of Nazgul pickups.

I need something that's good for the tight heavy chunky metal riffs, sweet solos and most importantly, clarity between notes. Is this a good combo? I'm not too sure about the wenge top though, I'm looking for some dark exotic looking wood. I really like the look of a natural finish guitar. Please recommend, teachers of UG! Thanks!

EDIT:I'm in page 666? \m/
I'm gonna order a custom guitar soon(super excited!) and would like to ask your opinions if this is a good wood combination.

Fretboard: Ebony
Body: Ash
Top: Wenge

It's going to be a neck through guitar with string through bridge. Very likely a Mayones Regius 7 cheaper brother. Not sure about the pickups yet, but will very likely go for a set of Nazgul pickups.

I need something that's good for the tight heavy chunky metal riffs, sweet solos and most importantly, clarity between notes. Is this a good combo? I'm not too sure about the wenge top though, I'm looking for some dark exotic looking wood. I really like the look of a natural finish guitar. Please recommend, teachers of UG! Thanks!
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Like blake said, confidence in your approach is a huge factor. Half of the methods you could use to hit on a woman are creepy as hell if not done right. If you don't want to approach her in a playful manner, just spark up some conversation and ask her out when it feels appropriate. It doesn't have the finesse of other approaches, but it's effective

But don't write a woman off as lesbian based on facebook pages, especially not now with the increasing popularity in 'bisexual' women.

Personally, if I was in your shoes, I'd approach her with something like: "Ever since I gave you my number, I've been getting these weird stalker calls where I can only hear them breathe before they hang up." At this point, she'd give you a wtf expression and possibly also deny it being her in the same breath. Once again, your tone is key from sounding casual and playful instead of accusing. After you got her to the point where she said it wasn't her, you hit her with the obvious "So you haven't called me at all then?" Which you've confirmed will be a "No". So once you get it here, you hit her with a "So what happened to you hitting on me then?" keeping with the theme of teasing her about being a potential stalker, keep her laughing and go in for the kill by asking for her number, so "you can show her how it's done".

It's simple and doesn't come off as overly aggressive or desperate, while establishing you have an interest in her. Things hardly ever go exactly as planned, so while I did give that to you as a suggestion, it's not a play by play. You have to be able to handle it if the conversation goes in another direction.

That actually sounds very applicable man. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Probably smoke a joint first. But seriously, I really appreciate that, thanks for the tip.
Quote by megano28
Why did she ask for your number? It doesn't make sense that she's giving you the vibe of lesbian, only to then as for your number, unless it was business related.

Now if you're interested in her, be more direct and take control of the situation. Worst case scenario is that she rejects you, but based on what you've said, it already looks like you have little of a shot just waiting around for her to make the first move.

Honestly, she said she wanted to hit on me in a jokingly manner. She gives me the idea that she's lesbian through the lesbian pages she likes on facebook(Yeah I know I probably shouldn't count on some silly networking site) and she keeps following another tomboy at work. I'm not gonna mess with that if they're really in a relationship.

Quote by blake1221
Tease her about it. Ask her what gives about getting your number but not doing anything with it.

Though it'd be hilarious if it was just so she could use you to cover shifts.

She can't use me to cover shifts, she's a waitress and I'm the cook. Is asking her why isn't she doing anything about it alright? I've a feeling I will sound kinda desperate lol.
Hey guys, I've always had my eyes on this girl at work (I've been working there for like 3 months, started working there exactly on the same date with this girl). She asked for my number a couple of days ago. Honestly, I didn't even ask for her number, she just asked me but she didn't call or text. I was, well kinda dumbstruck at that time, so I didn't ask for her number too. Will she ever call? But here's another thing, I've a very strong feeling she's a lesbian. So do my other friends. Guide me, masters!
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I've always though this is a slightly rediculous argument. You don't start on Ukulele when you want to learn the guitar. Its a different feel yes, but if you require an eight for whatever reason, you'll get used to it, or not if its not for you.

Nice, just the reassurance I need. Thanks mate!

Yeah, so I'll most likely get it. Really really wanted an 8 string for quite sometime already.
Yeah I thought so. But I'm kinda worried that a 30" 8 string guitar would be quite a stretch for my tiny Asian fingers.
Hey guys, so I've been offered an Agile Intercepter Pro 830 for quite a low price. I've always wanted to get an 8 string but I've never owned a 7 before. Would it be a good idea to jump immediately to an 8 string guitar? I know it's really much wider compared to a 6 string guitar's fretboard and even playing with a 7 string guitar feels really different from a 6 string guitar.
Do it! I find that doing so adds dynamics to your album.
I must ask, how is merbau for a tonewood? We have plenty of them here in my country haha.
Hi guys, I've a rather obvious question to ask. Do I need to know how to play drums to program MIDI drums? I can't play drums. I'm currently using a Toneport UX2 and Ableton, and I'm very new to recording so I don't quite know much.
Pictures would do better than words. If you're comfortable with what you've been doing for over a year, I'm sure you're on the right track.
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I don't know what does 1.5k RM stand for, could you convert it to dollars or euro?
Well it's made in Korea, it would go for cheap if it was made in Indonesia, and has no pics so can't really compare.

Never heard of fake Schecters yet.

That's about 1/3 of its original price.

Guys, this is the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser I mentioned a page before. Does this look legit? I've never heard of fake schecters before but I just wanna be safe because it's like 1/3 of its original price.
Nah, right after I received the money, I went straight to the bank. Imma good kid.

What if after I told him that he can't have a refund because it's not spoiled, he damages it on purpose? Honestly, you can never know if he would do that.
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I believe it sucks for him, but he shouldn't have purchased a pedal with that kind of mindset. It's a learning lesson. As long as he's over 18, otherwise youl be hearing from his mom

He's definitely over 18, he's even older than me. He's a working man.
Quote by jrcsgtpeppers
Did he say: can I return this if I don't like it after I go home and test it out? Or did he simply buy it without thinking?

All he said was I'll return this if there's anything wrong with it. But there's nothing wrong with it! He just doesn't agree with how it sounds. Besides, it's not his decision to demand for a return if I don't agree at first.
Yeah, I guess I won't return him his money. I'm just worried if he makes it a big issue in the forum I advertised it in. And I need the money too.
I just sold to a dude my Landmine distortion pedal, and he wants his money back. We met in a cafe, he checked it, tweaked the knobs, bought it without testing with a guitar, and wants to return in on a sole reason of it not suiting his taste. Should I return him his money? I really don't think I need to, because tone is subjective and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pedal. It's just that he doesn't like how it sounds after playing it through his amp. Returning him the money seems like demanding for a refund after eating a meal. And besides, I never did state that it was refundable in my thread.
He told me he got it from Korea 2 years ago. Comes with a bag, certificate, and cables. Can't wait to see it!
Hmmm.... May go for a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser instead guys.
Hey guys, I've never heard of a fake schecter before but can anyone identify if this is a fake or not?

I'm only a little extra concern because the seller wants to sell it for a much lower price. Like very much lower haha.
Sweet, I just got more information from the shop. Apparently this RR was specifically built for the Japanese, it has a smaller body for us Asians. That being said, the fretboard looks kinda wide. Right now I'm just contemplating if I should get this guitar or a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. I really like how the RR looks(I've been using strats and superstrats for quite awhile and I'm getting kinda bored of it) but the C-1 seems to be a better deal in terms of value and tone.
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there have been various charvel Rhoads guitars made in the past, just look at the charvel avenger that came out in 1990 (the guitar you showed isn't one, the headstock logo is from the wrong era)

there are 2 other possibilities though:
1) there were some charvel Rhoads made for oversees markets, particularly Japan, in the mid to late 80's. they are quite rare
2) the rhoads was designed by Grover Jackson, as well as two other dudes, one of which was from charvel. some early examples (this doesn't look like one) carried the charvel name as a result

Yeah, the seller did tell me this guitar is quite rare. Hopefully Charvel will lemme know ASAP.

EDIT: BTW guys, can anyone comment on the higher fret access on RR guitars? I was told that V's like that don't have a problem with going fast on the joint, but through front pictures, the neck joint seems to be quite big.
Quote by FatalGear41
I think it's probably a fake. As far as I know, Jackson never made a Rhoads guitar under the Charvel name and with the Charvel logo on the headstock. It could be something that someone cobbled together at some point.

Seriously? Because I've been googling for awhile and I still don't have any information regarding any RR made by Charvel. Shot Charvel an email, hopefully they'll get back to me ASAP. :S

I've been looking for a 2nd guitar for quite awhile now, and found this. I don't have much info of what model it is, apparently it was from Charvel Japan during 1984-1987. Bolt on guitar and Japanese basswood body. Can anyone identify what model is this and its specs? Seem very similar to the new Jackson RR5. Thanks.
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guitar. and i dont get why you keep making a big deal out of judas priest when you said you don't really listen to them anyway.

I used to be a HUGE fan of priest as a kid. I still listen to them, but not that much anymore. And it's their last tour, so...

I'm kinda leaning more to the guitar actually. Hmm.
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Guitar. In two years, you'll think LOG is shit.

I don't think so. I hate metalcore actually and LOG is the only metalcore band I actually like.

In case if any of you are interested of what guitar I'm looking at, it's this.
Quote by ErikLensherr
If the concert's not until next year why not save money up for both?

Ain't got enough time mate, it's on February 20 and I'm not a Singaporean, I have to travel there and I need to take other expenses into account. And the guitar deal is only till end of this month.

Yeah, this IS the last Judas Priest tour ever.
It IS the Resolution tour. And to top that Judas is there too, I'm super eager to go for their concert. Ahhh decisions decisions!
I'm stuck in a major dilemma now, there's a lamb of god gig next year in Singapore that I would really love to go because I've been to one of their shows before and it was killer! And to top it up, they're playing together with judas priest. I'm not so much of a big fan for judas priest, but I still do respect them for being one of the biggest NWOBHM bands. But I'm also dying for a new guitar (5 years stuck with a beginner guitar is terrible) and I can only choose either to go for the gig or get a new guitar. If you were me, which one would you pick? One night of orgasms or a new axe?
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im not sure if i have ADHD or not, but i too cannot concentrate for stuff for too long in the sence i would be practasing something and then after few seconds i would be like i cba

Nah, I think that's called lazy.

I know how you feel, TS. I have ADD. Sucks big time, especially since I'm a student.
2 years ago, I brought a friend into my band to fill in guitars and vocals after our vocalist quit. Throughout this 2 years, it has been a fun yet stressful time with him. He's a good guitarist, and an okay vocalist but a terrible bandmate. We've skipped a few gigs and a lot of band practice because of him, and we're getting terribly sick of his attitude. In Malaysia, getting a gig is almost like finding a needle in straws. His main excuse is that he needs to study (He's a law student), his relative's getting married, he has football practice, he has some taekwondo competition, etc.

Honestly speaking, I really don't wanna kick him out, because he's good, and we have great chemistry jamming and performing together, but his excuses are killing me. And it's extremely hard finding for vocalists for our style. I'm not really free all the time too, as I have to complete my degree and teach guitar at the same time. Can you guys advise me what should I do? My bassist suggests that we kick him out, play 3 piece instead but change our style to playing post rock. I don't have a problem with that, but post rock just isn't really my drummer's style. I don't wanna force him playing something he doesn't enjoy. I wanna keep our vocalist, and just talk to him about his commitment before taking the option of kicking him out. I can understand that he needs to study, but seriously, at the rate we're going, we're not progressing at all. I'm not actually intending for rockstarhood, but at least coming out with albums and gigging and most importantly, fun. Or maybe I'm just taking this music thing too seriously. Sigh.
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Why did she do that man?

Cos we're Asians.

She hates the long hair guy image and from the day my sideburn started exceeding my chin, she has been complaining and complaining. Seriously wtf. My dad has absolutely no problems with my hair, only my mom. It's really frustrating, I know it's only hair and it will grow, but I've been keeping my hair for 9 months, through that shitty hair period and now I have to go back to that shitty hair period. I'm only 21 for once in my lifetime, and once I start working, I won't be able to keep my hair anymore, why the f*ck can't she just bear with it for just once. I'm 21, not 12.
Somebody... give me some words of encouragement. My mom just forced me to thin my hair, but it feels short and looks short to me. It almost feels like I have cancer.
I've been dwelling into some jazz lately, and I can remember the chord shapes but I can't remember their names! Can anyone share some exercises on how to remember their names? It's really weird cos my fingers get used to the chord shapes really quick but I have an extremely tough time remembering their names, like a m6, or a maj7, etc etc.
Haha, okay. I don't know, cos crossing the signals like hell made me think so. Thanks for the comment.