I'd been a Tele player for years (had a multitude of Am Std, Am Dlx, Mexi, RI models) as well as owning multiple SGs, Strats, Jazzmasters and a 20th Ann EBMM Silhouette but when I picked up my LP Traditional it just felt perfect in my hands. Didn't think I would get the feeling of 'the one' from a LP but yeah
One of the bands I play in is a hardcore band and both myself and the other guitarist use 30w amps. Cab/speaker choice plays a significant part in how BIG it sounds I feel.
Pedals I liked when using them in conjunction with AC30s

EHX Soul Food
EM Drive/Paramount
MI Audio Crunchbox (more marshall in-a-box than OD)
Crowther Hotcake

However, best bet is to see if there's a bunch you can try and see what you like!
Just invested in a HotCat 30.....such a ridiculously amazing amp, god damn.
I know Mastodon used the Orange Thunderverbs for quite a while, I would think that would be a better fit than the Rockerverb series. A bit more bass and thud in the Thunderverbs.
I just bought a Jazzmaster to accomodate my Les Paul, I have a Gibson Traditional Satin and at the time it was against 70's MIJ Greco's and a couple of Edwards as well. When I played them side by side the Gibson killed them in terms of playability and sound but it really is subjective. Traditionals come up all the time for 2k or under, some stores in Aus are clearing out older models. Best advice I can give is play as many as you can, you'll find the one that feels right!
Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander will do the job! Even Troy quotes that he uses this pedal in his PG Gear rundown.
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yeh clowns would be fun. i'd be tehre if i didnt have plans already.

Would there be any chance of picking up a Norfleet before I go back to Perth? I fly out on Wednesday night would be cool to catch up for a bevy or a bite to eat whilst I'm over!
Definitely would have gone to that, Wonder Years had to pull out of their last Aus tour, was super bummed about it. Incubus tickets were heaps, could've gone to soundwave for a day for the same price! Might check out that Clowns show though, cheers for the heads up man!
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New Found Glory/Bayside/The Wonder Years is tonight but thats a bit late.

Clowns are playing tomorrow. other than that nothing really yeh. Why are you over here?

The only sidewave gig I looked at was Incubus, wish I knew about the NFG/Wonder Years one earlier. Whereabouts is clowns? Initially booked flights for soundwave halfway through last year before the lineup release purely because I got them super cheap ($250 return from Perth is almost unheard of). Wasn't super happy with the lineup but I mean a holiday is a holiday! Sydney weather is whack.
Any decent gigs on this weekend in Sydney, Tim? I'm sitting in my hotel room in Brookvale, bored as fvck
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Lol nope its a nice 26 here.

Fvck you man
Any other Aussies feeling the heat? It was bloody 43 here today
I ordered a OBNE Black Fountain, it's taking ages to get here...I CAN'T WAIT MUCH LONGER, WHY DOES EVERYTHING TAKE AGES TO GET TO THIS BIG 'OL ISLAND?
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The band I am in just got it for Adelaide

One of our guitarists is a big fan of them, so he is super excited. I had a listen to MwY after we found out. Not a fan personally

Congrats man, big band to be supporting!

We just got the Perth slot!

Halfway recording our new EP of way better quality haha
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Anyone a fan of mewithoutyou here?

Massive fan of MwY dude, my band just put in for the support over here in Perth, should hear back in 24 hours!
I'll be grabbing a TJR on Tuesday, exactly what I need
Just picked up a Soul Food, such a great little pedal! Can't believe I didn't pick it up sooner.

Looking at a new delay now, don't really dig my DL4 but I acquired it for free. If I want clean repeats AND a good modulated analog sound (that's manageable in a live setting) is it possible to get it in one package or am I better off with a DD20/Tape Delay (El Cap, Empress) combo?
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oi y'all, where can I buy more pedal board velcro, preferably the same as the stuff that comes with pedaltrains. I only need the soft side.

My pedal turn over has exceeded my supply...

Local Bunnings man, you can buy just the soft or the hook side by itself!
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I have $255 in there, the MLjr is $325 and the Timeline is $550.
They have lots of REALLY nice delays, but my need for longer times and tap tempo rules a lot of them out.

I'd go the Timeline man, I've gone through loads of delays but always want more options than what I bought previously, saving up for a Timeline now to partner up with my Empress Tape which should hopefully mean I don't need another delay ever.
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Hey guys, Rockerverb 100 MKII. Thinking about offering my Eggy for one in a trade to a guy who wants to downsize. I like versatility, a good FX loop for all my delay and will probably put 88's in it if I got it. Halp, I'm torn here.

I picked up a Rockerverb 50 MKI recently and the amp is super versatile, I'd say go for it man!
Not exactly a LP question, my Ibanez Musician tonally is very similar and I'm not happy with the pickups that are currently in it. I'm looking for a neck pickup that stays relatively clean but is smooth when overdriven and a good moderate output bridge pickup. Never really owned anything close to an LP, any ideas guys?
My footswitch for my Rockerverb has died and I was wondering if a Hiwatt Fs200 footswitch would work for switching both the channel and inbuilt reverb on the amp?
Just saw a 92' Les Paul Standard in Honeyburst that looks gorgeous! He wants to swap for my Musicman, were LPs weight relieved at that point in time?
Egnater 4 HEAL
Jet City 12
Laney 17
Orange 8
Peavey 18 HURT
Egnater 12
Jet City 25
Laney 24
Orange 20
Peavey 20
Traynor 3 HURT -2
Vox 13 HEAL
Egnater 16
Jet City 21
Laney 20
Marshall 1 HURT
Orange 23
Peavey 22
Traynor 8
Vox 14 HEAL
Definitely commit DGD, Tillian is killing it live. Got my tickets ages ago
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So I'm posting from my phone so I can't post a picture. But a Vox AC30C2 in British Racing Green might be on its way to my house in the next day or so. Google that bitch.

Congrats man! I've got one of these bad boys and they kill!

Also hi guys!
I A/B'd a VR and an AC15 whilst I was at work last week, the AC absolutely destroyed it and is definitely worth saving for!
I've been GAS'ing for a Hi Gain 50 for ages, mucho jealous!
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Open Cmaj7? wat

Can't say I've heard of anything written in that, but it sounds interesting.

The band I play in are polishing up our set at the moment to start gigging in about a month, 4/5 of our songs are in that tuning. We should have a release sorted in the next couple of weeks too!
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I'll get some pictures up a bit later today after university, just getting it setup by my tech and the Bareknuckle put in to replace the Dirty Fingers someone put in previously!

Going to have to hold out til next week, getting it completely setup by a tech, has anyone heard of any group writing in CGCGBE?
I'll get some pictures up a bit later today after university, just getting it setup by my tech and the Bareknuckle put in to replace the Dirty Fingers someone put in previously!
Just picked up a 2001 SG in Flip Flop Green, I've been wanting a SG for quite sometime now. After playing it for a couple of hours, I can't believe I waited this long
Owner of an AC50 Classic Plus head here! I run it through a Framus Dragon cab (loaded with V30's). I can't believe this model is discontinued, fantastic clean tone with a decent amount of gain on tap. Anyone else have one out there?