I think that the Rolling Stones list is bullsh**. There gonna throw all these no bodys on there and not even put slash on there. And then stick angus and randy at the end and pete townshend in the middle. Pfft. But to help you out:

Rock n Roll (early) : Chuck Berry
Rock (mid 1960's-onward) : Jimmy Page
Blues : Robert Johnson
Hard Rock/Metal: Daron Malakian
Ibanez 26
Gibson 26 HEAL
Fender 18
Dean 09 HURT
Carvin 22
Jackson 36
PRS 28
Patrick Eggle 21
Kramer 19
Gretsch 22
Rickenbacker 20
Danelectro 13
Why is the thread name on that site 08 ibanezes released if they are schecters?
The majority of places won't give anyone under 16 a job. The law in my state is that you have to be 14 to work. But there are so many rules for a 14 or 15 year old trying to work. I am the manager at a Taco Bell and if we hire anyone 14-15 then on days that they have school they can only work for three hours and cannot work after 7. On weekends or days they dont have school then they can work any hours as long as they get off before 9 and they need a break every 5 hours. And they can only work a total of 18 hours per week if its a school year. So it isnt worth it to many places to hire them. My advice, wait until youre 16 then the opprutunitys open up more so.
No, it sounds perfect. Could it just be an imperfection in the wood maybe?
I just got my Fender Strat that i ordered from musician's friend earlier today and everything is perfect except for this. It caught my eye right as i took it out of the box. What exactly is this on the headstock. It looks to me as if the wood got wet or something. Right above the truss rod and right next to the name. I'm not sure maybe someone could enlighten me on what exactly this is. Thanks!!

Ghost_bass - depends what you have to trade.

Twevo - Alot of them sell on ebay, i dont know i thought i would try my luck

t3hrav3n - I would say probaly 500, considering they usually go for around 750 new, there is one very similar on musicians friend for 769.99. and as far as shipping, its extremely heavey, i can barely lift it by myself, but if you really wanted to pay for it i suppose i could do it.
I have lots of stuff for sale, more information and pictures available at request. If interested make an offer!!

Peavey Sub Stack
-2 18" Black Widow Speakers
-Wheels attached for easy transport
-Message on back reads: "Warning: This Speaker System Can Permanetly
Damage Your Hearing".
-Local Pickup Only!
-Only Been Used 5-7 Times!!!

Ibanez RG 450
-3 Pickups (2 Humbuckers, 1 Single)
-Floyd Rose
-Hardshell Case Included

Roland Micro Cube
-Great Practice Amp In Perfect Condition
-Strap and AC Adapater Included

Carlo Robelli Strat Copy
-Black w/ White Pickguard
-Great Condition
-Very Lightweight
-Great Beginner Guitar
-Gig Bag Included

Carlo Robelli 12 String Acoustic
-Good condition, one knick on the back of the neck, but it is very unnoticeable.
-No case included

Other non-music related stuff

Dell Computer
-Monitor, Hardrive, Keyboard, Mouse, and speakers included
-Wireless internet equipped
-Perfect for a college student

Toshiba Laptop
-Screen is BUSTED!!
-Works perfectly fine when hooked to a monitor
-Wireless internet equipped

60G Ipod Video
-Has Hardrive problem (sad ipod icon appears)

4G Ipod Mini
-Wont turn on

Thanks for looking, I may add more stuff in the future. Again, if interested, MAKE AN OFFER!
I'm interested in getting into the business of DJing, how would you go about it?
Les Paul - 56
Explorer - 4 Hurt.
SG -33 heal
Strat 37 Heal
Im looking to buy either a gibson or a fender, make me some offers.
Gibson Les Paul - 43
Gibson Explorer - 20 HEAL
Gibson SG - 32
Fender Standard Strat - 29 HURT
I have all the music that i play in my jazz band that i could give you one or two to learn.
I would say the vocalist is the most important person in the band. Because in todays times. Most people who listen to music that arent musicians get their first impression from the singer and if the singer is bad than no one will listen to the band. The call them frontmen for a reason.
I am desperately seeking a danelectro and i have no clue where to find one. I dont want a used one, i want a new one so ebay is out of the question. I want the 59-dc so music123 and musiciansfriend dont carry it. So does anyone know where i can get one?
I have a Boss CE-5 chorus pedal, i could trade...
I cant find a tab to Weird Al Yankovic's UHF song. If someone could tab it out, thatd be awesome.
DKMGT, definately.
probaly like $70 + shipping.
I agree with dutch apples when he was talking about doing the change ups. Thats a really good idea, and if you are looking for a band that does it alot pay attention to a lot of alice in chains live stuff, especially their unplugged dvd.
trade you a boss AW-2 auto wah for the xms.
I have a Carlo Robelli Strat copy that actually gives a good sound that i could do for a decent price.
ill trade you either a Boss DS-1 or a Boss AW-2 (auto wah) for the hot head.
Who are some famous musicians that play a Gibson Explorer. I'm thinking of getting one and am curious about what kind of sound it produces. Thanks!
That is only 99.99 new on musicians friend.
since your teach's band is playing GNR itd be cool if you played some velvet revolver such as slither or fall to pieces of something.
I went to this talent show at the local university over the summer and these two asian kids played all video game themes for half an hour. It was really cool for the first 5. maybe even 10 minutes, but it got old after while. It should go over well as long as you dont play them for too long.
You lucky SOB,....
Do the live version of stairway to heaven and since ive been loving you
Pic of the danelectro please.
Trade for a Boss AW-2 Auto Wah?
Here is the pics, of the Carlo Robelli.

I play guitar for Newark High School!
Thats the same thing with us right now, minus the fact that any of us like her, being that the bass player is her brother. But, you need to figure out whether or not shes worth putting up with her shit. If shes amazingly good, then try to talk to her and see what you can work out, if shes not that great then start searching for someone else.

Another thing, you said you like this girl, NEVER EVER date band memebers, because eventually something happens and you will break up and then usually it tears the whole band apart. Its happened to my band before. Just a little bit of advice..
I have tried it, i'm not half bad, but i cant play guitar and sing at the same time...i have a real problem with that
I cant find one for delaware.
Would you be willing to trade?
Carlo Robelli Start Copy I can trade ya, or a short scale nylon string acoustic.
Boss DS-1 - $20
Boss AW-2 - $25
Boss CE-5 - $ 30
Roland Micro Cube - $ 70
Ibanez 22 W - $ 50
Carlo Robelli - $65
Acoustic - $50

Those are just in my opinion and are semi negotiable. Let me know whats up.
Why are they so damn hard to find and how would i go about finding one bcuz i am out of ideas.