Basically since Beyonce was changed to Beyoncé Guitar Pro won't open the tabs. If you rename a tab deleting the é symbol the tab opens but not everybody could guess it. Only GP and I think Power tabs are affected.
I've just made a Guitar Pro tab of this theme so come check it out on my page. And don't forget to rate it !!
I made a Guitar Pro tab of the Spider-man TAS Theme so come check it out on my tabs page
I rate as many tabs as possible because I know what it takes to make a good one. It's terribly annoying to have about 7K total hits per tab and only 3 ratings. I've rated all of my favorite artists tabs and about 90% of another tabs I saw.

LOL Thread.
LOL I can't believe it !!
It was just a joke in one of LP's videos, a good one
It's Chester's First Band called "Grey Daze"
It would be great after someone had corrected his/her tab to have the previous raters recieve a rerating request as a PM or sth. It's quite frustrating to have absolutely accurate tabs rated below 5 and therefore out of attention. I think plenty of UGers have this problem right now so something should be done about that too !!
Let me know what you think.
In General that sounded well =). The only thing i didn't like was the wrong notes (vocals) !!
That one was really awesome !! Cool Guitar playing )