Hopefully plug in the newer toy (Fender American Professional strat) and record a few tracks on the Zoom R24. 
As already mentioned the Q tip will not hurt or change your truss rod at all. Some of my older strats have a bullet type truss rod with no cover. Some quick cleaner and a q tip and its as clean as a whistle
if it is possible, i would recommend pulling off the pickguard and looking at the pots/pickups. Getting a pic of the underside belly should help determine if it is a true 100% original strat or as already mentioned a partscaster. 
going by the serial number, that strat was made at the Corona plant in 1989-1990, production number 64845
ESP has a decent 6 string baritone with EMGs. It is a LTD MH-401B and is a 27" scale. I have also been in the market for a 6 string baritone..
still for grabs.. I also have an Ibanez RX170 in purple with a Seymour Duncan for sale as well as a SX strat in red with a SSS setup and rosewood neck.PM me if you are interested.
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wow then im getting ripped off. it costed me 65 to ship to texas from new york

free bump, that washburn is nice

damn dude. It normally costs me 20-25 to ship anywhere in the US, not including hawaii or alaska.
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UK or USA?

i would take offers from the UK. Prices would be a little different. Shipping (on average) for a guitar from my home to the UK is around 60 USD.
offer still there to trade for my RG320DX if you were interested.

Up for grabs is a black Ibanez RG320DX. This guitar is in very good shape. The selector switch is missing the black cover. I do have a white one on there now but it doesn't look as good. The locking nut at the headstock is also not included. These can be easily purchased online for under 10 bucks. There is also a considerable scratch on the back of the body. You can easily see it in the picture. There are no stress cracks or finish cracks anywhere though. Normally with these style neck bolts, stress cracks start to appear. Like I said, I did not see any on this guitar so that is a good thing.The floyd rose works great and I have never had any problems with them. Some guitarists either hate these or love them. Everything works as it should.Guitar was never gigged and only used in a smoke free home. Sounds pretty good for the stock humbuckers. 200 SHIPPED

Second is a Washburn WR 154. The finish I believe is called plum. This guitar has a floyd rose tremolo, 5 way switch, two humbuckers, single coil, grover locking tuners, and attachment on headstock for allen wrenches. Please note that the trem bar bolt has been taken out. It was stripped and did not want to sell this guitar with a defective trem bar bolt. You can easily replace them at stewmac or other guitar part retailers. Also, Please note there are currently no strings on the guitar either. The guitar does play nicely, and has a wide array of tones. The floyd tremolo works great and it stays in tune perfectly fine. There is about a thumb nail wide finish crack in the neck pocket area. It does not go deep into the actual body, but rather than the finish only. There are minor scratches on the body but nothing to cause an uproar about. This guitar was never gigged and not abused. 145 SHIPPED

I have a black rg320dx for sale.
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no thanks, I am really leaning towards just selling ti to fund another guitar purchase. Thank you for the offer though

i know what you mean. If you change your mind on trades, let me know.
trade for a black ibanez rg320dx?
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i dont want to sound like an a-hole but your not gonna get a good guitar for under 400. you can however maybe get a used ibanez rg550 for like 600 on craigslist of ebay. And why do you have a * next to locking tremolo if you say right under it that it is not required?

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im in scotland bud
doubt it would work

damn you. One place I would love to see man. You're one lucky dude.
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i love this

paypal me 200 and you can sleep with it
Price is dropped to 200 shipped.
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Sorry, not really what I'm looking for. Bump.

charvel charvette or washburn wr154?
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saw the same thing at GC last month for $87

for that price you should of bought it
i have a charvel charvette, washburn wr154, ibanez rx40 in red, rosewood neck, and another ibanez rx in purple. I can supply pics if interested. Shipping would be from NJ.I have the boxes and can ship right now.
NJ. Price is 215 shipped now. Need to sell to grab a few other parts on some projects.
i have an ibanez rx in HSS with a rosewood neck. 130 shipped and its yours. I can supply pics. It is red, with a white vintage color guard and pickups. Sounds and plays great. I have 4 of these RX models.
still for grabs
last chance before ebay
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what body wood are these?

The neck is Indian Rosewood and the body is, I believe, basswood
Price dropped to 225.00 SHIPPED>
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Just a note based on your post on Harmony Central... not an '83. Charvel didn't begin selling imports until '86. These were made around 87-91 as the line's low end offering until they were replaced by the MIJ CX series at a slightly higher price point; these were made in Korea and were the line's low end offering. Also, here is a catalog scan of your guitar in question:

I see that url when I was browing around online for more info. Another site resulted in my findings of the serial number labeling it as an 83. Regardless, thanks for the info..
Up for sale is my Charvel Charvette. This guitar is in pretty good shape for its age. The guitar is all original with stock charvel tuners, charvel single coil and charvel humbucker. It does have a 3 way switch, and one volume and one tone knob. I did notice the knobs are somewhat scratchy when turning. It could be minor dust or the pots starting to wear down. The neck is nice and smoothe and is in great shape. It's definitely ready to rock out.

Back of the neck plate reads:

Charvette by Charvel
001873 (serial Number)
Po Box 2344
Fort Worth
TX 76113

I did notice two small finish cracks near the neck pocket area. They are only 3/32 long and are extremely small and tiny and are finish splits only. The body is not cracked whatsoever. I tried capturing it in a pic, but was unsuccessful. Again, it is not a worry but just throwing out anything I see.

The price is 250.00 SHIPPED. I can do paypal or money order.Shipping will include insurance and online tracking/delivery confirmation. No trades at the moment for this guitar. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Guitar is boxed and ready to go and packed like a wild maniac. I am extremely picky with packing and make sure nothing shifts inside the box. I have reputable accounts here, ultimateguitar, jemsite, ebay and also work with Pearl Drums on the side, so as a buyer, you have nothing to worry about. You will not be getting stiffed.

items went to ebay. Lock this thread please.
Up for grabs is a 6 year old Gibson J-160E. This guitar is in extremely nice shape. It has never been gigged and always babied. Here are the specs :
Solid Sitka spruce top
Solid mahogany back and sides
Trapezoid fretboard inlays
Single-coil neck pickup
Volume/tone controls
Includes Gibson hardshell case

A brassy, high-output acoustic/electric sound combined with its punchy, warm acoustic tone recreates the sound which led a musical revolution in the '60s. Gibson's J-160E features a solid Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, trapezoid fingerboard inlays, P-100 stacked humbucker at the neck, and volume and tone controls. Includes Gibson hardshell case.

These sell new for upper 1900-2200 dollars. They are selling used for around 1500-1750. I am asking 1600.00 shipped within the US. Comes with case and case candy. Post any questions you may have. I can take paypal and money orders only. NO TRADES!!!!!

Pics are located here:
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More info on Gumby body? Scale length, looks as if it has only bridge pickup. What kind of bridge is it routed for?

the dept of the pickup is 7/8. The body weighs 6 lbs.I'm not too sure what type of wood it is. I am thinking alder or some type of basswood?

From the neck pocket to the edge of the body is 15 inches.That woud be the area toward the top of gumby's head. the body across is 11 5/8 inches. The body thickness is elmost exactly 2 inches.