I have owned a handfull of Encore guitars in my time but this is the first time i have seen a strat type Encore. All of the Encore guitars I have had or seen were always les paul styles. The body, bridge and pickups on yours reminds me of older Aria strats. 

That is definitely an interesting guitar man
I am a big supporter of the lace pickups. I have installed all of the various colors in different guitars over time. I would recommend replacing all of the pickups with lace and not just installing one with your stock pickups. The reason I say that is you will notice a considerable volume/gain difference. 

As far as what colors, the only way to determine that is by either watching alot of youtube videos to see demos of each or start purchasing, installing and seeing which colors you like. Of the various colors I really like the silver, blue, light blue, purple, lavender, green, red and gold. I also like mixing them in in the guards (silver, blue, red, etc)
I also recommend grabbing a wilkinson from GFS as they are not very expensive and are normally direct drop ins. Just make sure you measure multiple times so you get the bridge with the correct spacing
awesome grab man. I support your guitar whoring addiction  
or try "aria pickup color code"
You can google "aria wiring diagram". There are a few diagrams that display what the colors refer to on Aria pickups
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The saddles were also way off. Set up was terrible. Not like that is a big deal set up any guitar i get.

same here man. Have you checked out the double bound teles at GFS? They look pretty sweet as well but are a little bit more $$
i play drums every week at my church and in all honesty I struggle to continue to believe what is being preached.
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The pickups were trash. The neck feels great. But I did have to file the frets a little bit. But now it's great.

I hear you on that. The odd part is that the few Agiles that I bought from rondomusic didnt need any fret work but needed some minor saddle adjustments. I like the some of the Agile stuff. I snuck in a new cymbal on the church drumkit and 12 more sets of strings so I can't sneak any guitars in YET... Still gotta keep the packages small LMAO
nice grab homie. SX are pretty solid guitars to modify. Like you, I normally toss the electronics and tuners. Their bodies (normally alder) and necks are pretty good project pieces. 

For 80 bucks you cannot go wrong  
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Thank you for an actual answer pertaining to my question, I appreciate it. Likely will go some gfs or dragon fire as those seem to have the best reviews. My neck pickup actually pretty sounds good, middle is alright, a little too bright  but doesn't really drive my amp like a nice hot single coil in the bridge and no bridge single coil as it is a fat strat. The humbuckers is pretty high output, but is only 2 wires so can't be split. Thinking about just replacing the humbucker with a nice high output 4 wire that I can split and still have the option of full humbucker for the chance that i might need to play this unit for something that needs it. 

For the price you cant go wrong with either GFS or dragonfire. I like GFS as they have a wide array of pickup choices and they dont break the bank. For your humbucker you have endless choices. I have had duncans, dimarzios wired up with GFS and they do compliment them very well. A duncan TB4 or Dimarzio DP103 works great. If you are looking for more aggressiveness from the humbucker you could try a duncan invader. 

Outside of the pickup itself, certain pots and capacatiors can also assist in providing different tones. Upgrading the capacitor or swapping it out to a different value changes the tone drastically. 
GFS, Wilkinson, Tone Emporium, Dragonfire are good brands to check out. Belcat is also OK but are more generic sounding compared to my initial choices.
I still stick by the DUNLOP BRICK. It runs my various voltage pedals with no problems. 
those bolts look pretty unique and may be hard to find an exact replacement. I quickly googled and couldnt find anything. 
I second, third and fourth on the JB/Jazz combo. It is a great combo. I have a S series Iron Label and they have DiMarzio Fusion Edge stock. I recommend checking them out as well as they sound amazing. Im in your same boat with the quantum pickups. I am going to swap them out as I am not really a huge fan of their sound. 
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Same. Monster guitars.

I had one in black. One of the best Jacksons I have ever played
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Jackson's MIJ guitars.

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that is it. Period.

DK2M MIJ with a maple neck. It was one of my favorite Jacksons. The 900.00 soloist i bought was made in Indonesia but it is a gorgeous playing/sounding guitar. I am a sucker for MIJ guitars.

I have always wanted an ESP green Stephen Carpenter sig guitar and picked up a cheaper reissue they recently released so that was the only guitar that I really wanted and couldnt get. So I am upping the anty and wanting a Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour signature but they are about 5 grand. DOH
hello. cool guitar to find in a garage. It looks like a possible Japanese made Kingston SG. I found a few similiar on the link below. The headstock looks exactly the same and the body style/switch mechanisms are very similiar. Try googling around Kingston guitars and see if you can find a vintage guitar site or Kingston site that may list models.
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trashedlostfdupJust in case you missed it earlier.
GC gave me back my guitar with chunks missing, MF sent me used gear that was advertised as "new", FFS there was even a boot print on one pedal.

Every time I dealt with either company either in store or online I've been disappointed, and this isn't just me having bad luck, there are story after story of this sort of thing.

Over 10k worth of gear from Sweetwater, never a problem, top notch service, they even call me when there's an issue and ask me how i want proceed.
Just Google "guitar center horror stories"

I'm glad you din't have a bad time, it's been nothing but for me... especially the 2 months of constant phone about the chunky guitar they gave me.

man that sucks dude. I would be pissed too if they damaged my guitar like that. I recently started using sweetwater more and they are great to deal with. Their main sales manager calls me directly, knows me by name, and knows what we talked about the last time we chatted. They are a good company 
If you go into GC knowing what you are looking at, value of used/new gear, able to negotiate, and do business with 1 or 2 main people there you shouldnt have any problem getting what you want for a fair deal. I primarily deal with 2 guys when I hit up GC and they know that my friends and I are big spenders so they take care of us when we go. I have never used their tech service to get stuff fixed so I cannot say if they are good but I talk to the tech when I'm there and he seems like a good dude.

I have spent probably over 10 grand at GC in the last 2-3 years and I have only had 2 transactions that were a let down (bought a used fender 212r with a messed up power jack and crappy clean channel & bought a new ibanez S series that had a warped neck. I took it to my local luthier and he fixed it for 20 bucks)

Over many years I have also bought 150-200 different used guitars from their used section and, like I said above, have not had any major issue. Don't ever pay full price on a floor model item, carefully look over the guitar and make sure there is no major neck issue/body issue. 
It definitely looks like either a bent trem arm, stripped threads in the bridge arm, or possibly just loose. If you pop off your trem cover on the back, you should be able to access/see where the issue is.
the string manufacturer is a personal preference. I use alot of different string types and string gauges so it is all based off of your own preference. I would recommend replacing your strings and like trashedlostfdup said clean the fretboard before putting new strings on.
I am a big fan of their USED gear section. My local GC is usually well stocked and has a pretty good selection of electrics, acoustics, drums, cymbals, guitar pedals, amps, etc. They are pretty crappy on offering $$ for used gear but that is what reverb and ebay is for. 
awesome! glad it worked out for you
From only the guitar standpoint, you can use the neck pickup, drop the tone knob to get a muddier sound. I have an invader in a Yamaha RGX guitar bridge and when I cut the tone to 1-2 it gets considerably muddy. As others mentioned, EQing the amp will help with that as well.
I think everyone is trying to say the right answer of "buy them all"

With a 700$ limit, I would recommend going with a used american strat, probably in the 1995-2004 range. You can find them all over ebay, reverb, or used section of guitar center. They hold their values nicely and are great guitars that will easily do the styles you play. 
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7PlaGues Is the stock trem any good?

Like greg said, they arent bad at all. I like fix bridges on the S guitars and they hold up. Ive used various tunings and it gives me no problems. I have pics of the S guitars in the pictures thread. I have a SIX6FDFM & a S771PB. I like the dimarzio pickups over the stock quantums. The quantums seem muddy to me
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If Ola could release a 7 string version of this exact guitar, I'd snatch it in a millisecond. Bank account be damned.

holy hell I want one of them. That is gorgeous!
some pedals

roland that i use at home for recording and hoopla
some ampage (mesa dual rectifier 120 watt & an orange crush pro 60c) & a backup washburn d17ce that i tuned to C for zeppelin tunes
A japanese les paul that i redid (pickups are Entwistle Darkstar Zebra) & a hardluck kings strat copy
Hey Greg. That V is gorgeous man. I had a cheaper Epiphone V back in the day and the headstock was heavier than the body and it would always slide down as being top heavy.

The telecaster is an alder body, unfinished maple neck. I wet sanded the neck multiple times to get it very smoothe. The body and headstock was painted, sanded in between coats with grit from 100-800, then 0000 steel wool. Add about 20 coats of clearcoat and it was good enough for me. I actually built one for my brother in law in pink (he had a daughter and built him a girly pink one. lol) and I liked it so much that I made one for myself. The blue is called malibu blue and is close to daphne blue (I have a 96 american standard in this color) and wanted to try and match it. the pickups are fender american that i grabbed from ebay

not a string through
here is the drumkit i play and put together for my church

another pic:

A telecaster I built

A strat I built (fender lace pickups.yum yum)

some of the collection

guitar pron
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Yah to my local music store over the weekend, got a trat 3-way switch and got around, last night, to actually take measurments of the locating holes, and they were located at the same place.  I'll see if i can use this one instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Awesome! hopefully it all works out for you amigo!
I second DEEPBLUE on the 10 band MXR. I use it on my pedalboard ( I run 15 pedals) and it works great and provides a signficant amount of EQ adjustments on whatever you are running it through. 
Those are hard to find my friend. I have previously used a tele 3 way and just switch out the selector knob. The 5 way blades are everywhere but finding a 3 way is like finding a needle in a pile of needles. LOL