Hey everyone! I remember a ton of you; I'm happy you've stuck to your old avatars over the years.
Sorry to bump this, but for those that are curious about my absence of the last years I just made a looong blog post where I tried to explain everything. Most of you naturally don't give a frick about it all, 99% never even heard of me before, but for those that care and want to know, well, there you'll find the answer.
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Sup Renka. Remember me?

Of course I do!
Luckily everyone's still got the same old avatars left.
It's like returning back to your parents for the first time in three years and they left your old room exactly as it was.
I'll make a blog entry about my long absence real soon, I promise! As soon as I get the time all questions will be answered.
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Hai Renka

Hai Suzie.
I've missed you.
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Ah, memories of drunk-posting with you after coming home from the pub.
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Last I remember you called Kjell a pussy girl and left.

I did no such thing!
Your age must be making you delusional. >_>
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I don't appreciate getting left out of the circle-jerk. I totally post here and know Kensai too.

1) Bros before hoes, and people are big on bros here so count that for double
2) Pretty girls get nothing for free; just ask Suzie

Oh, and third

Trust me, you do not know Kensai.

EDIT: Not like I do. D':
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There's the video it came from. I couldn't get the original thread, but it started on November 13th and is known as The Night of the Nod.

There was also a bro movement. Devourke and blake1221 are the most notable characters in that, but definitely not the only ones.

A user named niejel has started a contest called Calling All Of The Pit's Musicians, where we battle it out for a spot in the webzine, which hasn't had a new issue in forever. I won the Christmas one, but haven't been featured due to the stagnant webzine.

Currently, Gladiator Pit is also going on. You should have voted for WCPhils (a great user, by the way), but I'll forgive you.

All kinds of things are happening, just look around and re-assimilate.

You seem like a solid bro. *nods*
Now I'm too proud of you guys to be annoyed.
What's the story behind it?

Also, this thread is now about celebrating your favorite memories from the Pit! Catch me up and post away!
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He posts what he can.

You have missed a lot, I went on a short hiatus recently as well. There are some legendary shoop threads involving Mick Jagger and a pyromaniac with a bat if you're into that kind of stuff.

Somebody get this guy a nod, I don't have one on hand to distribute.

Oh shit! I've seen those! They came from here?
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Everything sucks since I'm not a supermod anymore

Are you at least a superposter?
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The only way you deal with that is by being Norm.

The guy who's always talking about weird shit that's way beyond the scope of what everyone else can comprehend/remember.

So... Any of you guys worship Lobster Jesus? Or squid monster Jesus?

I-- I can't do this. You're the young, cool kids. I'm not one of you guys anymore.
This is sorta like thinking your going to come into the opening sequence of Cheers only to find yourself in a café filled with young people and your friends are the weird old people hanging out in the corner.
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Sure, I'll send you a PM tomorrow, in bed now my phone

Suzie is still here, recovering from her last wordfeud defeat (I know you're reading this, Suzie ).

Tehe, and I'm up late at my parents' drinking whiskey. Just like old times.
Only then phones were nefarious tools for humiliation and destruction of course.

Oh cool!
The... The others didn't make it huh?
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It's alright bro we're cool. I'm just a bit sensitive in that area.

You've got to stay frosty brah, tryin' to keep a low profile here! Pound it and love it, bro.
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How you been, bro?

We've got some 30-odd months to catch up on!
Send me a PM?
And is the rest of the gang still here?
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Do you have no legs?

Someone got real personal real fast.
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I'm awesome.

Oh, so I'm assuming you're holding that post history for someone else?
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Do you have a three-pronged dick?
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Now there's a blast from the past.

Long time no see!
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the thread has my manifesto and propaganda. im an associate member of the royal society of chemistry, almost finished my degree in pharmaceutical and biomedical chemistry and, depending on whether i get the funding or not, will be doing a PhD in designing transition metal based anticancer therapeutics

I'm sorry but that's just... THat's just boring to me.
Unfortunately I already voted for you since you made the effort to advertise for it so it doesn't matter.
Thanks guy; that about sums the last three years up pretty well I think. :')
Brings a tear to my eyes.
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im still eggmond and i need your vote for the pit gladiator brawl!

This sounds dodgy: what are your qualifications? Have any affiliations?
So, I've been gone for what I guess is three years now. What's this place like now adays? I recognize the forum skin and the smileys and all, so I hope some bad-ass stuff has happened behind the scenes at least. :p

Hi all!

EDIT: Just jump to the last page and post your favorite memories from the Pit I guess.
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Completely agree 1900%.

Guess what I did today kids I GOT THE BUS. You know, like a responsible adult;. Some peopel don't deserve diriving licences.

Was it because you had been out drinking?
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where did I say not to care about anything?

I don't believe I have ever said not to care about anything.
I said to stop caring about things that don't really matter.

like for instance, if a girl goes to school and worries if her friends will like her clothes.

totally unnecessary.

that's what I meant.

You asked me how I felt.
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okay I'm confused. what exactly is your point?

To not worry about anything is to not care about anything. To live a life without caring about anything is a life without attachments. And THAT is an empty existence.
Which is depression.
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well, why are you depressed? that is also something that I have learned, I was seriously depressed for a couple of months and turned to alcohol as a solution, but after a while I just realised that all of my worries and reasons for turning to alcohol were totally stupid, because they would neither effect my health nor body.

so, I developed an alcohol problem because I worried too much because I was also depressed.

believe me, worrying is useless. if you can change something, then there is no need to worry, and if you can't, then worrying won't help anyways.

I told you, it's the absence of worries.
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of course there is!

there ARE basic necessities, aren't there? like food and shelter and such?

I don't know. If the only thing you have left to live for is the means to sustain any kind of life, is that really a life you have going? Is life a necessity then?

EDIT: I should probably have mentioned I am depressed.
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you're still missing the point.

I'm talking about things we THINK we need, and worry about, but when in reality, they are totally not worth giving 2 shingles about.

like having high speed internet, sure it's nice to have, but is it really necessary? I've had it, and I have to admit I can live perfectly fine without it.

that's what I mean.

No, you are missing MY point. I understand what you say perfectly.

MY point is that there is no limit where on would reasonably go "Oh, I guess this is completely unnecessary but I won't ponder on it."
My point is that if you pick away at the small things that improve your life soon you are left with nothing.

Pick ONE thing in your life that you cherish more than anything and abstain from it for a week.
A) You will realise you don't need it
B) You will die, probably because you chose to stay away from oxygen or nutrients
Either way you lose, because just like a meme can only be a meme as long as no one brings attention to it, so does the purpose of the things you do in life.

It's like if someone reminds you you have to breathe to live you start paying attention to it and have to do it manually... When you think about it, breathing is such a hassle.
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because they're not important.

Is anything?
Apathy is a slippery slope.
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does it cost more to text international?

Trust me, YES!

I got a $130 phone bill last month, all for texts and calls to one person.
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Oh dear Lord, the amount of win in this post is staggering.

Do you have the link to the video? I only remember the poop part, and that gave surprising amounts of hits on YouTube.
It's the opposite here. Depends on where you live I guess.
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I don't think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.

This is the Pit after all, don't get so high and mighty when someone makes a joke.

With your reputation, I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't know when to take you seriously or not.