Man up and tell your date where you're going. Girls like and respect guys that make decisions like this. Besides, as was already mentioned: coffee = friends.
So, how 'bout those popular preseason picks: Giants, Reds, Nationals, Angels, Blue Jays...yikes.

It seems like just yesterday every analyst on MLB Network and ESPN was predicting the Jays to make it to the WS. Some seemed to think it would be easy for them. This is why baseball is so amazing, you're one twisted ankle and slump away from a disasterous season.

Is thread...?
Quote by Pagan_Poetry
Wel onc I

wai a secnod r u tryn to trik me agin Dolan

gooby pls
So. F*cking. Shiny.

ermagerd i lerb ert
Metal lattice. I think just about any home fixer-upper store would have this stuff. Good luck!
I've always loved DCLPJr's...acronyms FTW.

Planning for one of them to be TV yellow?

This forum is so inspirational. Its hard to believe it shares server space with The Pit.
I envy you! I wish I had a powered sander and I wish I could strip this damn SG of mine in an hour or two. I'm on day 7 of about 1 hour a day and I almost have the front and back done.

Anyways...lookin really good man! I'm a sucker for projects and not just my own. I will definitely stay tuned here.
Just sandpaper and muscle to get the finish off or...?
You definitely want an interface, coming from experience here.
So, not nearly as cool as some of this other stuff...but I snagged the new Mumford and Sons album today. So far, through 4 tracks, it is a grown up version of Sigh No More and way awesome.

Thats all.
Get her a potted plant as a parting gift.
Go to the wifi connection you want to connect to, hit the blue arrow. You have to "forget" that connection. Then go back home. Enter back in to your wifi connections and choose it again. Should work.
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I want to say there are numerous graveminds. But I cannot remember for certain.

So you're telling me there is a chance I might have to go through those butthole-like doors again while Cortana and Gravemind are arguing like an old married couple?!?!

coo mane.
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Pretty middle of the road pale ale from what I remember. I had it once or twice, but it's been a while.

Founders makes some really good beers in general. I really like their rye IPA, porter, centennial IPA, and breakfast stout.

If I can find Breakfast Stout, that's my next purchase. The Pale Ale was very average, although pretty drinkable. Every now and then I got a hint of flowery, but for the most part it was pretty "eh". I'll be okay if I never buy it again.
Anyone have experience with Founders Pale Ale?
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They did sort of build these gigantic weapons of mass destruction just kinda hanging out in space.* Maybe you've heard of them?


Am I the only one a little turned off by the eleventy billion helmets to choose from?
And the COD-like rewards?
And no Brutes?
And apparently, as of now, no true team slayer?

The campaign looks awesome, but I'm a little worried about multiplayer. The again, I haven't really enjoyed online with Halo since Halo 2.

EDIT: I also just remembered how worried I am about how the game will sound. So far, all of the clipz make the guns all sound alike...

Can you tell I'm a Halo purist yet?
I too remember when the pit was fun...

I was on here almost every night for an hour or two. Now there's not a whole lot here. Not compared to all of those locked threads shown earlier. So many funny, interesting, entertaining and sometimes eye-popping threads that have been taken away by THE MAN. Or something like that.
My friend will only play Morgan Monroe acoustics. I've played one of his and they are solid, great sounding guitars. Talk the price down and go for it!
I'm currently sipping on Oberon Ale. Flavorful and somewhat refreshing too. Great for relaxing and watching some baseball.
I upgraded to a Pioneer PL200 today. Its absolutely spotless, I'm so excited. I also picked up Gayngs "Relayted" Double LP. Pics soon.
I just picked up For Emma, Forever Ago and a few 7' including Jack White's 16 Saltines. SOOOOO GOOOOD.
I'd just like to sound off and say that lately my favorite two beers are Leinies Summer Shandy and a great drink called Sweetwater Blue.

That is all.
Hey guys please go like my music:

I just recorded and posted my own take on Silent Night as part of a 3 or 4 track Holiday EP. If you leave a comment and/or a link and I will like the shit out of your music too!
I love making music and I hope you'll drop by for a listen and perhaps a "like"
Wow so much good stuff on here...

Here is my folk, singer-songwriter, indie, acoustic, whatever project.

(Yes, a link right to the music. You're welcome.)
Holy shite this is good. Get this on the radio.
CV's are very cool man. CONGRATZ DAWG
if thats a standard tele or standard strat GTFO!

JK, but srsly gimme teh pronz!
My current project that I'm really happy doing is folky and singer-songwriter-y. I'm heavily influenced by Bon Iver, James Taylor, City and Colour and the like. Throw me a like and I'll do what I can for YOUR music too!
Hey man head over and check out my current folky, singer-songwriter project at

I'm likin' your page as we speak!

imma get to listenin' and likin' all of your guys stuff! UG lovin FTW!
That Jazzmaster is one sexy guitar. Do want.
Hold the phone! The Audio-Technica AT2020 is prettttty damn good.
I feel so bad for Herman Li.