everyone knows real men use heavy string gauges.
is that jack bauer? and bill?
Hey thanks man! Yeah i did the vocals on this, but it's kinda embarrassing, since you can hear the obvious man falsetto for the harmonies...

But on a more serious note the reason I covered this song was mostly for personal reasons, so I hope that emotion shows through...
Here's a link to the song

Hey guys I just finished recording this cover, and I know covers shouldn't really be this way, but I tried to make it sound as close to the original as I could. I just love the way the song is since it reminds me of something I'd do if I was into hushed indie guitar music...

It's not perfect (of course) and there are some mistakes, but it was really fun to do and i just wanted to see what you guys think...

C4C as usual...!
*(The song is on my profile...)*

So I've just finished mixing and recording a new song with my band (Air Raid Men).. It's called Alone Again and it's a little bit alternative, a little bit grunge, and a little bit electronic...

We finally recorded real drums, something we've been dying to do for a while, and we really worked on getting the quality to be top notch, and it sounds pretty decent... but go check the song out on my profile, or our music mspace at--

thanks guys...
Hey guys I've got a new song up on my profile that I've recorded and mixed with my band Air Raid Men...

I't called Barcelona, and we recorded it in my room, but it's still pretty close to studio quality (or so say my untrained ears...)

Feel free to give it a listen on my profile and if you have any songs of yours I can crit, I'll do that as best as I can!
I respect your opinion but it's completely wrong.
except the steve vai sig isn't a hard tail
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^ i still think that wins for worst cover ever.

i threw up...
Check it out, is this guy serious?? He looks like a rapist...
Stoner0405 totally amazing video, short, but sweet
Awesome idea! I have a couple of videos... (Rap song parody) (August Rush parody)

EDIT: Click "Watch in High Quality" Youtube makes them look terrible otherwise...
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Hey, is that the guitar wes borland use to use?? yeah I've wanted that thing for yeeeaaaars.

yep, there's a youtube video of him using it....
So right now I'm lusting over this beauty: The Ibanez RG7CST

Apparently there are only 24 of them, but I might be thinking of the RG7CT, which doesn't come with the piezo system, but is equally beyond my reach...

I actually discovered this rare guitar a year or so ago when I was checking out 7-strings, and I want it MOAR every day!!

There's also a RG6CST, but it's not quite as magical. I went on and put in a quote with exactly the same specs as the RG7CST, so we'll see how that turns out

So that's what i have major GAS for right now, what are some guitars you have GAS for but know you can't ever get?
Awesome! hey i'd like to submit my song "intermission of the mind" on my profile here
i respect that you're putting all this time into the build dude! i don't think it will work though. honestly the looks don't matter much, but if you want to play it / use it.... then i don't know how to help you. the action is most likely going to be a foot high, and the strings aren't going to be on the fretboard... you know, like hanging out in space.

but i guess if you just want to keep building, go ahead and keep up the perseverance, i'm interested to see how this'll turn out...
i agree with the envelope filter. there's one one the podxt live, and it responds to the pick hitting the strings, and i think it changes and enhances the frequencies in the signal depending on how hard the signal is hitting the signal. im probably wrong but thats what it seems liek to me,
i bet someone has already said this but at least you TV license people don't have to watch 15 minutes of commercials for one hour of tv. commercials suck. unless you record then you can just fast forward through them, but you still can't get a full hour of TV. top gear is a solid 60 minutes in the uk, but they have to take out stuff for commercials on bbc america which we have here. bah!
yeah if you have a bad soundcard there's really no use in recording into the audio in. i found it worked quite well though, on my profile there's a song called "2 A.M." which we recorded the way i described.

i also reccomend the presonus firestudio project, and maybe get it off ebay or something so you have some money left over for mics.
We made a song a while back to make fun of the terrible song Vans by the Pack. then we made a music video for it! It has a lot of inside jokes with our school since we're showing it at our school banquet, but it's still interesting nonetheless....

If you want to see it, it's the first one on my profile, enjoy!
if you have a mac with garageband just use a cheap, decent mixer and use the audio in on your computer, and spend money on decent mics. we bought an sm57 (those are always good, or check out the audix i5 it's supposed to be excellent as well, and the same price as the sm57) and a set of MXL mics, the 991 and 990, both condensers. XLR cables and stands are obvious but you could just borrow those... garageband i've found is extremely versatile if you use the AU plug-ins and utilize the effects and options it has.

if you don't have a mac you can just donwload adobe audition for free (the 30 day trial is free and you can just keep downloading it) which is exactly the same as the full version. that's the way we've recorded things. i have edirol ma-15d's for monitors and the work extremely well and they were only 180 bucks. hope that helped!

EDIT: ^ or that
heh i went on it...
bryanhelmig your song was really nice sounding. the drums were clean and natural, i think i'll have to check eBay for a firestudio, i've had good luck with ebay so far.
Do you think I'd be able to run the FireStudio through GarageBand? Or is it only compatible with Cubase?
yeah that presonus looks like the best choice for me, everything about it just looks and sounds awesome! i was considering the FP10 before but they're more expensive until you mentioned this one to me... thanks!
well they do sell mixer with firewire or usb capability so that you can record multiple tracks at once. i know firewire mixers can do this, but I'm wondering about this usb mixer.

it seems as if on the comments people have mentioned recording 16-18 channels simultaneously but im not sure if that's separate tracks or not...

or this which is firewire...
all right, do you know of any firewire mixers that will allow this?
So this weekend we're going to be recording drums for one of our songs, and we're thinking we're going to use about 6 mics for the set. sm57 on the snare, audix kick mic for the bass drum, two overheads, one sm58 or other for the toms and the last one for the floor tom.

We're using Garageband and I know you can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously on there, and i've managed 2 simultaneoulsy so far (from two inputs, mono 1 and mono 2).

this is going straight from the mixer to the audio in, so do you think with say a behringer xenyx 1222fx which comes with the usb interface would be able to send all 6 different signals to the computer via usb so i can set each mic to a different tracka dn edit more precisely?

so pretty much i'm just wondering if its possible to send 6 separate signals to be picked up by garageband so i can split up the different mics into different tracks....
We're doing the drums this weekend hopefully, man I can't wait to add some muscle to the song. the chorus and pre-chorus blend together and when the chorus comes in it doesn't get exciting, so the drums should add some volume and excitement to the mix...
hey thanks! yeah I agree, the song itself is really short. Most of our other songs are going to be 5 to 7 minutes long but I definitely agree this song needs an interlude after the chorus. I talked with the rest of my band and we all think it would help the song a lot with the flow and feel.
This is our first seriously recorded song done on our humble home studio. It's called 2 A.M. and it's on my profile.

Sorry, but it doesn't have drum track yet (but there's a nifty shaker...yeah...)

I'd say the genre is probably sleepy rock, if that's a genre. go ahead and give it a listen if you want! we added some organ and piano today and i thought i sounded awesome and decided to post it up here prematurely!

^ af_the_fragile Wow thanks man, the reason I was wondering is because I wanted to cover it with my band. I guess any crazy effects can come either by accident or playing around. That song gives me the chills every time i hear it. It's an extremely haunting song.
So I was listening to hurt for the 5,000th time and I still can't get over that distorted and sickeningly excellent effect they have on the acoustic guitar. I can't figure out how the heck Trent got it to sound that way... It sounds almost like severe abuse of compression because there's so much noise and its so... crushed.... sounding.... Do any of you happen to know how they made the acoustic guitar sound as it does on the studio version of Hurt?
So I was listening to hurt for the 5,000th time and I still can't get over that distorted and sickeningly excellent effect they have on the acoustic guitar. I can't figure out how the heck Trent got it to sound that way... It sounds almost like severe abuse of compression because there's so much noise and its so... crushed.... sounding.... Do any of you happen to know how they made the acoustic guitar sound as it does on the studio version of Hurt?
try a martin d12x1 for a 12 string for 550 to 600 bucks it is literally the best 12 string i've ever played. the action is superb and it stays in tune beautifully but i have it tuned down a whole step since it relieves a lot of tension on the neck and body.
holy gay i just had he wierdest de ja vu. for like 1 minute. this page got redirected to some online store and i was convinced it had happened before.... anyway can't wait for this to be done, i always love getting excited over other people's accomplishments, as i never make many myself.
so yeah i just pretty much repeated what everyone else said...
If he wants to use it on an amp, he has to turn off the cabinet and mic settings otherwise it sounds badly digital... i use my POD through my B-52 AT-212 in the effects loop and i get a godly tone, but i turned off the cabinet and mic settings so it's just like running an amp head / distortion / effects / stomps through my cabinet.
HavenlyVirus you have a good point there.