Its A Joke. Calm The **** Down.
HOLY ****!!!!!!!!! I CAUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG this saves me so much time!
Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Found A Pidgeotto In The Woods! Bloody Hell.
^lol! im laughing my ass off at this thread..... . i forget where ot get them stones at. i htink i remember finding one in a cave somewhere.
lmao i remember her! **** i have to face her again.... what is her specialty? isnt it phsyconess?
i used to have charzard, pigeot, and bulbasor but i accidentally restarted a game. AAAHHHHH ****!!!!! i threw it through my window and i was only 11 lol.
i caught it in that forest place. **** my birds only at L 10 and Metapods at like 5.
k thx. when does pidgey evolve.
O YA! i remember those. how do u get em????
awesome dudes. what level does Pidgey evolve? i restarted the game and i have to fight Brock and Pikachu dont work sooo i need better pokemen.
hey how do i get my Metapod to evolve in Pokemon Yellow for Gameboy Color?

everytime i see one of them adds i rub one off real quick. -_-

also, i suggest NOT signing up to email is getting its ass spammed off..
paintball rocks, i go a couple times a week. i expect to getting on a national level next season.
um ya i dont know if i should shave mine or not cause well im kinda like afraid that if i shave em and i go to my doctors for a physical he'll be like "WTF??" but i think chicks like it, no?
allen wrenches (bulls on parade), bricks...screws...on one of his guitars (Arm the Homeless??) he has a pickup selector switch..thats bad ass.
i love you. is this what youwould recommend? thanks so much
i live in the US (missouri) and here woody means penis so...idk. i really dont know **** about wood.

and yeah i suppose i could do a premade neck.
hey, i know **** about guitar wood, mkoi? the magazine said mahogany so i was like "oh okay maybe that would work"

if your going to criticize and not help then shut up and get the **** out.
yeah so you guys probably get 20 threads about this a week but guess what! i dont give a flying ****! i need some help-

im in shop class, and i want to make a les paul syle guitar. how much, in your opinion will it cost me for enough GOOD, DECENT wood for the whole guitar? i was thinking mahogany or something that looks nice but has a good sound.

im on a tight budget here. ive got my pickups selected out - '57 classic , and a dimebucker.

helpsies precious.
emo emo emo emo emo emo emo

its ok, i hate emo and emos tho.
Quote by malmsteen61
you guys are all assholes he just asked a simple question

thank you.

im too lazy to search for a band that i dont even know exists. i have dial up, and i have important **** to do on here like pissing you off, midnight.
**** thou **** thou **** thou **** YOU
yes, idiot

**** you.
hey, i recently thought of this band name, Quiet Riot while driving and seeing a sign that said "Quiet" ...

anyways, it rings a bell, and is there a band named "Quiet Riot"? it seems like there is and ive heard it before, but im not sure. thanks.
i need another clue.
damnit. very tricky, but good song/poem whatever it is. nice man.
ok, its about being alone, dieing for attention but noone gives it to you. they just push you aside because of who you are and what you believe in.
or having sex.
what in the name of hell are you babbling about?
heavier sounds.
rewire it, or take it to a guitar shop. put a 57 in the neck position and a Dimbucker in the rear, its mad.
wow you can write. nice.
nope i dont have it. i have MSN. but thats all i need. thanks so much for all the help.
yes, lol. major and minor...? and also, can this scale be moved around the neck of the guitar?
oh ok so they're the same notes but in different places? i think im getting it now. thanks for the help.
Thanks dude^

the diagram i have though shows not 5 notes. it has 10-15 im guessing all on the 1st 2nd and 3rd frets on all the strings. i am really confused right now about this.
Ok frenchy, thanks. i read something on some other website about major and minor? some help with these please?