And I thought I got a one-in-a-lifetime deal last year when I got a trad for 1800
I always used to listen to people who'd write dissertations on why Gibson sucked and why Agile was so amazing and better, and as such, I bought half a dozen of mid-range guitars that I really liked.
I decided in the end to take a leap and bought a LP Traditional, and yes, it is much better than I expected it to be. Just try one and see, if you don't like it, don't buy it, but in the end, what anything is worth is going to be subjective and will be relative to the amount of disposable money you have and your interest in having a stellar guitar.
I have guitars from every price range, up to a LP traditional, and I always go back to my faded SG, which isn't necessarily a very low end guitar but isn't anything wonderful either. I also have a modified Yamaha pacifica that gets a surprisingly big amount of play time. There's nothing wrong with a cheap guitar.
113 wpm, and one mistake.
I'm on my mac though, and the keyboard sucks. I'm faster on my other pc.
Red ones sound good
I've had around a hundred gigs and never used any backup amp. Never had a problem, though I almost did once.
Not that I'd necessarily suggest it, but I'm not worried at all about not having a backup amp.
I've had an El Cap since it came out, still use it just as much and love it just as much. The Honeymoon phase never left.
I own the Octa Capture and I looove it, I am a big fan of the auto sense feature. It helps me save a lot of time. However, you have to make sure you hit the source very loud so that it doesn't clip while you record, but you get used to it pretty fast. I've used it a lot in band situations and I have never needed to adjust the auto sense afterwards.
As for the analog inputs, why do you need them?
^I'm a french teacher, I can do it too
Erm... What LP are we talking about? I can't think of a model that has both alpine white and cherry sunburst as finishes, so I'm going to guess they are different models?

EDIT: Oh, unless they are tribute models?
It depends on the model, really, Alpine white customs or studios are great looking, but the Tribute alpine white looks like an albino sheep...
Oh, these look sick. I'd be crazy enough to pay 700 bucks for a highway one in Daphne Blue, but then again I don't care about always paying the lowest possible price when I love a guitar.
I remember the Highway One to be around 700$ new, wasn't it? I'd rather go for an American Special at this price.
Though I have to say, I adore the H1's finish.
Just came in to say I work in the gaming industry and you're a moron.
I loved this guitar when I played it. Enjoy it
I might get one when I finally sell my Gretsch...
These things are the sex. Had mine for three months already and it still feels and smells like new.
The boss bypasses are the sole reason there is no way in hell I'm putting one of them in my sound chain. I own an RC-2, and it's pretty cool, but when I use it, it's going straight into the PA, not in my guitar chain.

Also, that reverb pedal and "Authentic spring reverb" don't compute. While I'm not a fan of a lot of their work, BOSS have some decent pedals. This, sadly, is not one of them. I found the Digitech Hardwire to be muuuuch superior. I have an old EHX Holy Grail Plus that I really like, too.
You're in for a treat, most guitars don't have a matching headstock.
900$ better is subjective. It also depends on the specific guitar.

My 200$ Pacifica that I modified a bit feels much better than my Musicman Silhouette that costs 1.6k to me.
However, my 2.3k Les Paul Trad feels muuuuuuuuuuuch better than my 900$ Studio.
It's all in the specific guitar and your perception.
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Awesome dude, I feel like I play stuff that is a little bit heavier then what you are playing (like i said, all time low, mayday parade, yada yada). Would it work well for that sort of thing too?


I don't know to be honest. My main amps aren't the heaviest amps ever, I mostly use an Orange ad30 and a Marshall 6100lm. They both get fizzy quite easily, but the point where I stop getting a crunchy clean and start getting an overdrive depends on the guitar. With the '57s, it happens faster than with, say, my telecaster. I believe they'll do anything, though, they have sounded extremely good with everything I've thrown at them.
They have more than enough for me
(Shit I meant my signature, not my profile, hahaha oops)

I don't have any clips of them, but the songs you can hear on my Bandcamp have been recorded with my SG, which has Wolfetone pickups that in the end sound kind of similar to it. (there's also a telecaster in the mix, though).
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Darkflame, what kind of stuff do you play?

Look at my profile, you can hear it, I'm mostly into alternative/indie stuff, nothing too hard.
The 57 are MUCH better. I personally can't stand the 490/498 pickups, I had them in my SG and had to kick them out. I have 57s in my Les Paul though, and they sing. I've also played some SGs with '57s and they sounded amazing. It's a no brainer to me.
I've broken strings very few times. Maybe 6-7 times, and I've been playing for almost 8 years. Never on stage, but I've always brought a backup just in case.
One of the, if not the best strat I've ever played was a Squier Bullet, so you never know what you might find.
The pacifica rec is a very good idea as well, going to +1 it, started off with one, so did my brother (I had the 012 and he had the 112). 8 years later, I'm still playing on the 112 after modding it heavily, the neck feels very similar to the one on my Musicman Silhouette. One of the best low priced guitars on the market.
If your LP is a Studio Special Faded, then that's why you have dots. Otherwise, no idea.
my starter pacifica
my gretsch g5122
gibson les paul trad
musicman silhouette standard
gibson les paul tribute 60s
old ibanez LP from 77

errr I think that's it. Going to get rid of the Silhouette and Gretsch though.
I don't have any epiphone, but I've played many and found them consistenly good.
I considered building one a few months ago, but then I realized it would be too expensive, as I wanted a nice finish, nice wood and some binding, and I had a tag of over 1.5k without the electronics. They do look like they're worth it, though.
Or just hack into it.
I got Schallers on my SG, but I actually dislike the Schaller locks, and I've been using Dunlop exclusively since my last 3 or 4 guitars, so I'd suggest them instead (and they're much cheaper, at least they are here... half the price of the Schallers).
I'd save a tiny bit more if I were you and get a Fenderr Mexican strat or tele... These would be extremely good for you. The Squier classic vibes can be pretty awesome too.
I don't have anything against the Epiphone LPs, they can be amazing guitars, but they beg for some mods, which can raise the price tag quite a bit.
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I recommend that pedal too, I've also got the custom shop decal one. I'm using it for every solo I want, it really gives some extra beef to my lead sound and a real singing voice too. It works as a standalone mild distortion I'd say.

I don't think the pedal has changed much with being a "regular" model. I wish they changed the LEDs...

Change the LED? Why?

My only complaint is how hard the switch is.
my musicman silhouette is incredibly comfortable. Too bad I hate playing it
I bought a MXR GT-OD back when it had a custom shop decal and I still use it as much. It's one of my favorite pedals and can be used as a boost and as a standalone light gain pedal.
Highly recommended, been using it for 5 years.
1700$ is already a very low price for a Traditional, assuming it's not a trad pro
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Its what im getting when im paid

100% sure? Memory toy is better IMO
Red gives a warmer tone, blue gives a colder one, depends on what you want to hear as well!