Check out the Royal Crown Review, they're best known for writing music for The Mask. I saw them live about a year ago, really talented and entertaining band!
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Translation of Taekwondo = "the way of the foot and the fist".

Therefore there aren't any 'crazy flip things' in Taekwondo.

You really don't do it do you?

Sweet! I hope they play some smaller venues next summer too, that'll be ace.
Quote by Skirvy
think i'm gonna see them at King Tuts in glasgow, can't wait

Lucky! I almost went to their album debut show in London, but I had to miss it
I'd love to see them live though, from the videos I see they've got this energy about them when they play. It's cool.
I'd kill to see that band in an intimate setting, absolutely amazing music!
Oh, and check these live performances out if you haven't already: Fleet Foxes - Sun It Rises Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
Love this band, absolutely hooked on them! Got their album when it came out, it's a good listen, highly recommended.
Open House and Cancel On Me are definitely favourites of mine.
Oh, and this too:
So yeah, I love MGMT like I love cats and weed.
Future Reflections has grown on me quite a lot, initially I wasn't too into it but after a while I just really started digging it.

Oh, and Metanoia is absolute win.
That's ace.
It depends with me, sometimes aye, sometimes nay.
I need to be updated!
Quote by break-me-in
Gah, just found out I can't go.
Sorry guys (and girls? well, ctb/clifford)

Aye, same here
I might be around the area so if I have some free time I'll give yous a call and see where you're at. Have fun guys! And sorry
Thanks man, means a lot.
she'll probably just meet you then go off shopping so dont worry, she won't be rick rolling anyone
Thing is, I have no mates here. I'm on vacation here from Egypt, I was hoping to make some friends tommorow but I doubt it'd work out unless you fancied meeting my mum.
so yeah, I can't go unless my mum comes along to make sure yous ain't paedos
Sorry guys I'm out
Zomg! 2 days!
I'm not gonna get pissed and whatnot, but yeah... London...
oh, and yeah I texted you timmy.
And oh! We should learn each others real names so things dont get awkward...
btw tim, I'll give you a text sometime so you have my number . Is anyone bringing a guitar? I aint been with a guitar in ages...
So erm, how many days left now?
I can't count
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Just back from Hard Rock Calling. John Mayer was amazing. Got up pretty close too. Gravity was absolutely amazing, as was the rest of the set. He also seems to be a pretty funny guy too. Oh, and the encore of Crossroads he did with Clapton, Robert Randolph, and Sheryl Crow was absolutely amazing - he should sing like that all the time. I hope I can see him again soon.

Yeah, I was there too.
'twas a good show! Loved the encore at the end too
Quote by _Tim_
Well...ctb,me,Reva,Dizzy,Oddoneout,break-me-in?,Oddoneout is bringing a few friends,Demonikk?,xmydyingheartx,Rigiddigits and some more

Don't forget me
I'm most likely going, I'm on holiday here in London atm so it's all cool.
Quote by _Tim_

There are probably bigger shops,I just don't know where

Foppp ftw!
Quote by break-me-in
Mhm, it's huge. It's like a rave cave. If that's an actual thing.

At certain times of the day they have dancers up on the counter in the front room of the store.

I'm so going there then

I fancy buying some outrageous/funny/overdone tee's from the market mainly though.
Quote by OddOneOut

I've got some cake glitter in my bag **** yeah! We all want glittery cake right?

Oh... my... lawd...

I fancy going into Camden Market...
Quote by XmydyingheartX
I have breasts too!

wow! everyone has breasts!!



No fair, I have none

I'll buy some if anyone's selling...
^Goodnight you.. I'll be seeing you

Quote by OddOneOut
I've convinced another person into going.
My friend Kyle (not the boyf, who will be working). He uses UG for tabs but doesn't use the forums (for health reasons :p

So chnaces of seeing me are getting higher, now I have someone to travel with.

SlinkyBlue: Aye, I love the last one and the portrait of the girl.
Deal, I'll sign up
Quote by _Tim_
Well,Green Park is the station,James' park is the park itself.

Trafalgar square?

and I don't see why UGers can't join us throughout the day

Trafalgar Square at 11 am sounds good.

Quote by OddOneOut
It's like, £14!
If I can find an Essex UGer on my line (Shoeburyness-Fenchurch Street) who is willing to go I think I'd go. There's one or two in Southend, so maybe I'll turn up. I might have to leave early though.

I take it it's an all male event so far :P

oi! You're going. I wanna see you, so you're going
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Well, now that Jallas AND Kensai are in this thread together, I might as well quit photography, because no one lives up to those examples.

Bai for now guys

(until I find something worth posting..)
We should all go out for a tea. Like a proper civilized tea at the Ritz or something.
I'm in
I think...
Nurse Pepper
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Here's a somewhat new one. I'm sure ctb will be happy it's not just landscape

That's a lovely picture, I really like it

Quote by musicianamedave

Here's a couple new shots from me;
Macro shot of wheat:

Now that's a macro!

Nice work guys, I took a load of pictures yesterday so I'll see if I have any worthy of this thread.

All conversations are public.~~
You asked:
Do you think that she likes me?
Connected in chat session (18 seconds).
The other user says:
yes she does.
He/she says:
shes in love with you i say go 4 it
You say:
you make me happy
He/she says:
in the pants?
You say:
in teh pants
He/she says:
The other user left the discussion.

All conversations are public.~~
You asked:
Do you spit or swallow?
Connected in chat session (68 seconds).
The other user says:
both usually spit, but my bf likes it when i swallow
You say:
oh ok
You say:
cause one time, my ex gf tried to swallow
You say:
but she choked
You say:
the doctors couldn't save her...
The other user left the discussion.

All conversations are public.~~
You asked:
does anyone wanna cyber?
Connected in chat session (37 seconds).
The other user says:
You say:
on wut?
He/she says:
You say:
yeah, well i'll probably beat u at a race. lolol
He/she says:
He/she says:
You say:
don't UG me
You say:
The other user left the discussion

, that last one was so fail!
Happy day of birth Harmy!
Have a Furby...
Quote by smb
I remember the girls having furbies and that sort of thing.

I used to have a Furby
I remember the end of my Furby like it was just yesterday... One early morning I was abruptly awakened by an annoying crying sound so I had a look around the room and found it was the damn Furby, moaning away. I had no idea what to do, so I just shoved it in a drawer, put it under some socks and I hoped that'd drown out the sound until the battery on that little bitch died. Didn't work. I couldn't get any sleep and that bloody Furby was still at it. I took the little bitch out from it's sock chamber and I stabbed it obsessively with a screwdriver. Stab. Stab. Stab. Felt like that scene from Psycho.
Furby never bitched at me again.
Well it isn't me but a friend. He had this guy over to dinner one day with his family, just an ordinary dinner gathering like he'd have every week or so. This guy was probably a family friend, a business partner or something like that. This guy then went on to lead a group of terrorists to shoot at my school, drag a British man from the back of a car while driving it around and shooting the surroundings, kill a national guard and 5 expatriates.
News article (warning, has a picture of a dead terrorist on the page.)
I don't usually get weird requests, just awkward ones...
Person: Play a song man!
Me: Er, what would you like me to play?
Person: What songs do you know?
Me: Quite a few, what songs or bands do you want me to play? I might know some tunes
Person: But I don't know what you can play...
Me: Erm...
Person: ...
Me: ... *starts playing random blues*
Nice find there.
So Wayne Rooney = Ogre Shrek while Gordon Brown = Human Shrek.

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unfunny thread is unfunny

Unhappy troll is unsuccessful
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I'll finish an edit a reaction in. But I was so very confused as to why someone would assume you were a Christian before I figured out it's your name

That's exactly what I thought.

That sucks though man, I've been threatened before but not with my life. Yikes..
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no...i am a guy...i have no feelings cuz feelings are gay

I wish I could be as cool as you one day

I think when I was 7 or something I cried when my brother beat Castlevania. I was so used to coming home and watching him play it so when that changed, I cried a bit