Yes. I went to see them live last year. They were great. Have both of their cds. Some minor communication with the band on MySpace a while back too. They seem like nice guys. Great band. More people should listen to them If you like Russian Circles, you'll probably like If These Trees Could Talk.
Quote by KeepOnRotting
Internet, homeslice.

That is a viable option. But the nearest place in Jersey is about 30 minutes. That sucks, but it's alot quicker then shipping it across the country.

Quote by TSmitty6
Anyone else get really sweaty from salvia? Friend and I both notice this side effect.

Sweating is very common from what I've read. It increases the body temperature.
Quote by SlinkyBlue
It's not really a true psychedelic. Even though it's classified on Erowid as "atypical psychdelic" it's effects are essentially extreme dissociation. I think it should be considered an atypical dissociative. Also, just because it's legal doesn't mean it's any less powerful; Salvia can be pretty damn powerful. As such, it won't really prepare you for any of the true psychedelics, if that's what you're trying to do.

That's interesting. Now, I pretty much assumed that it was only legal simply because they haven't made it illegal yet, even though they are trying and in some cases succeeding. Never thought it had anything to do with potency. I knew it was plenty powerful though. That's why we got a weaker extract. But I have no plans to move on to other psychedelics any time soon.

Quote by SlinkyBlue
Nah man, when you get into Salvia breakthroughs... in which people claim to meet God, the spirit of Salvia, when they come back they're confused as hell about who they are, and when they are... it's just so powerful that some people don't enjoy that much of a mind blowing experience. That, and with such a powerful experience, it's extremely easy to slip into a horrifying episode when you're in the grasp of Salvia's coarse hands.

That is a very good explanation.

Quote by SlinkyBlue
Well, if you want to do it right when you smoke it, use a bong, use a torch lighter, and hold the smoke as long as you can; 30 seconds is recommended.

No bong handy. I do have access to a hookah though. I've seen people replace the bowl with a screen and toke off the part where you connect the hose (only for salvia though, never seen anybody smoke anything else that way). At that point it becomes a two man job (one person to light, the other smoke) but you need a spotter with salvia anyway. We used a small pipe. It worked, but I think a bong is much preferred.

Thanks, Slinky.
Quote by MeGaDeth2314
Too bad it was recently made illegal in Ohio

Yeah, that sucks. It's legal in PA but I still have to drive to NJ just to find some.
The way I see it, if I'm going to experiment with a psychedelic, might as well start with the one that's still legal and only lasts a few minutes. Plus, I used two of my friends as Guinea pigs before I tried it. We all had a great time.

Anybody who didn't like it or had a bad trip... Well, I'm no expert by any means so I'm not gonna try and tell you what you did wrong... But I say try a weaker extract, maybe something that's standardized. I don't know, maybe it's just not for everybody.

All I know is that I had fun and it's one of those things I get excited about and want to share with everyone
Thoughts on Salvia? I tried it for the first time the other day (80mg per 1g). Loved it.
Ok, that sounds pretty solid. Thanks.

Anybody else have ideas?
Ok, so silly me, I left my guitar in it's case for too long (6 months maybe) and I guess either somebody else or myself didn't properly wipe it down before putting it away because now the strings have rusted a bit and tarnished the frets. This is very upsetting as it is a sexy guitar. I changed the strings yesterday and tried using a little bit of guitar polish, and much as I expected, there was little effect in cleaning the metal frets.

So, obviously I'm out of ideas which is why I have returned to UG after a long hiatus.

What can I use to clean/restore the tarnished frets on my guitar (for cheap, only have about $10)?

Keep in mind, the wood is fine as far as I can tell. Just the metal. And other than looking like sh*t, I'm concerned as to how this might alter the tone of the guitar.

Thanks for any and all advice.
Quote by Sawman3
Needs to be airtight, or at least more airtight than a dugout (assuming it's the twist-top variety).

Glass jars with lock tops. Glass jars with lock tops. Can't stress this enough.

Yeah, twist top. I'll see to it that I find myself a glass jar with a locking top. I might have one in my basement. Many thanks.
Quote by dehollister
You can keep it up to 2 years in a cool dry sealed place from air.

Nice. Thank you. A wooden dugout good enough? That's where I've been keeping it.
I have a question for you knowledgeable people of the Drug Thread: I bought some weed back in January and I've been letting it sit because I've been looking for a job. Still smells as good as ever, but I'm wondering how long it will actually last. Anybody know what the expiration date on pot is?

Had to make that after seeing this ad:
Somebody did. That's all that matters.
I was hired last month but I haven't started working yet.

That's after being unemployed since May 08 and then going to college for 3 semesters.
Quote by RedDeath9
Yeah, but that's billions of years BEFORE you were born. After you're dead, the existence just... doesn't... come...

Ah, my interest with death is done today.

That's why non-existence doesn't bother me. I didn't exist BEFORE I was born and I won't exist AFTER I die. The most I can hope for is to be remembered after I go. Hence the whole musician thing... Just another way for me to be remembered.
Dying is just removing ones ability to give a sh*t. I don't even believe in any sort of afterlife and death doesn't bother me because I know that once I'm dead, I will be unable to give a sh*t.

Plus there's the Mark Twain thing... "I didn't exist for billions of years before I was born and I didn't suffer the slightest inconvenience from it." Or something to that effect. Non-existence doesn't bother me, but clearly it freaks alot of people out which is just about the only reason we have religion in this world.
Yes and I miss it dearly
Rush Limbaugh... Only because people already said Glenn Beck.

These people are a cancer.
Very entertaining thread.

But seriously, anybody who wants pot legalized needs to get off their ass and do something about it. Here's my plan:

1. Be of voting age.
2. Find out who your representatives in government are.
3. Write a letter or email to your representatives detailing statistics and facts that you think are important and remember to cite your sources. Write an intelligent and well informed letter. Whatever you do, don't give the impression that you are just some pothead. Try to sound like a reasonable adult who is actually concerned about the many pressing issues attached to this marijuana debate... There are many issues, address as many as you can.
4. Send this letter around to friends, family, coworkers, EVERYONE... The more people, the better. Make them sign it and send it out.
5. You gotta make your rep think that he/she is ignoring a HUGE voting block by not addressing this issue. Make them feel as if their reelection depends on it.
6. ...

Ok, I know what you're thinking. Easier said then done, I know, I know. But this is honestly the best idea. Politicians listen to their constituents. Or at least they act like they do. It also helps to support lobbying groups like Marijuana Policy Project. They are on the front lines in Washington, shaking hands with congressmen and senators, TV interviews, the whole shebang. It helps the cause to help them help the cause. The most obvious way to change law is to go after the lawmakers, so write some damn letters!
Quote by StewieSwan

That's a good one too... But mine was a bit more on topic
Quote by dez_cole
I would like you to explain a bit more in depth and provide some citations.

Edit: I'm not trying to make you look bad. I am just interested in this and want to make sure i am getting correct/accurate info.

All You Need To Know About The Music Business (6th Edition) by Donald S. Passman

It's basically been our text book in my Music Business class. 7th Edition should have come out last month. It's a good read. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the topic.
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Yes they can, because the majority of Americans are Republican.

No, the majority might be conservative, but less then 20% identify themselves as Republicans. The rest are Independents.
Quote by LK_revival
The Dems have been throwing out statistics about the percentage of uninsured for healthcare. The statistics they use are going to make the siutation sound as dire and dreadful as can be.

Oh no! They are using facts and statistics to prove a point! Run!

Quote by LK_revival
So let me ask since a majority of members here are 18 and such. Most people uninsured are younger people because they choose to opt out because generally younger people feel they don't need it, and generally younger people have less health issues.

If you are a younger person and you feel you don't need health insurance, you are a moron. You are not invincible. You can get sick. You can have an accident. And if those things happen, you will have medical bills out your ass. No one would be dumb enough to willingly say, "Well, I know I could stay on my parents health insurance as a full time student when I go to college, but f*ck it. I like to live dangerously!"

Quote by LK_revival
So when you add all the younger people who choose to opt out of insurance to the statistics it makes the healthcare debate sound more broken than it is. Those of you who would choose not to have insurance would you be alright with being forced to have it with the fee taken out of your paycheck and you have no say so and no say so over how much they take?

If someone ever chooses not to have insurance it's because they'd rather be able to feed their family for another month then pay the rising premiums. Some people make good money and work hard for their whole lives but they still can't afford health insurance and their employer doesn't offer it to them.

Quote by LK_revival
Because that is what universal healthcare will be.....

Universal healthcare is not even on the table, it isn't being proposed and no one is fighting for it. I should know, because if it was, I'd be fighting for it (or rather a single payer system). And you can ask the many UGers from Canada or Britain. That isn't how it works anyway. We could easily afford a single payer system (which government doesn't run anything, they just pay the bill) with the taxes we already pay. All we have to do is stop the wasteful spending on private jets for congressmen or sh*tty wars that no one wants (Middle East, Drug War) and we could easily afford to cover every American. No one should have to get sick or die just because they can't afford to go to the hospital.
Quote by Kensai
So...? It doesn't take in the fact that republicans are behaving like children and are against anything obama does/says just on principle, does it?

So he's at atleast 77%.

The republicans are dragging the rating down alot.

Obama could cure world hunger and then the Republicans would complain about over population.
Quote by dez_cole
Wayyyy off topic...

Yeah the music industry is screwed up. So much that fans are getting sued for thousands and thousands of dollars for "illegal downloading" while many bands aren't even against downloading. Bands get a few cents an album sale so you cant tell me that's why they aren't making any money off of record sales. 14 dollars in store. Probably sold to the store for what, 10 dollars? Then the individual gets 25 cents a record sold?

Let's say you are a band and you sign to a major label. They give you $100,000 to record an album, promote the album, etc. When the album hits stores, most artists are lucky to see 10% of the profit, then 20% of that (2%) goes to their manager and other people get a certain percentage too. You'll be lucky to make 4% per album... And that has to be split among the band members! But here's the real kicker: The record company keeps your 10% until the album sells enough copies to make back the $100,000 they spent to make it. If you don't recoup, you don't get paid. And this is very standard procedure.
I've been studying music business this semester and I can tell you that there are more ways for an artist to get screwed over then make a decent living off of their music. This system is very unfair.
Quote by Våd Hamster

Almost no one knows how to use a bass in a band properly. It is not there to simply play the same things as the f*cking guitar.
Less then a month ago. And I only got it because we were both really really drunk... *sigh*
Two words: Fred Durst

But Wes Borland is awesome
Quote by HailSlaytan
Just because you worship a particular god doesn't mean you have to infringe on the rights of others. If your god says don't be gay, then YOU follow that rule. It is NOT your job to make sure everybody else follows your gods rules.

I couldn't agree more with this statement.
Then it should be fine.
That would be a good midi keyboard for short term use. In the long run, I'd go with a higher (price) range M-Audio, Yamaha, or Alesis... But that's just my opinion.
I don't need approval to love someone (possibly for the rest of my life) from the state or a church. If I want to "marry" someone, I'll give them a ring and call it a day.
Seems like we all agree... No one gives a sh*t about their toes.
I know a guy who was a grade behind me in grade school and high school (it's fair to say we are acquaintances). And he had a band going for a while and he spent alot of time in a studio, which happened to be the same studio CKY was using to record their album at the time (might have been their most recent, this happened like last year I think) and this guy let one of the guitarists from CKY use his amp. Not sure for what part of the album they used the amp, but that's still pretty cool.
Well I've only heard two this year, both of them I really liked.

1. If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky

2. Red - Innocence and Instinct

Both of whom put on a really kickass live show And now that I think about it, the only two bands I've seen this year anyway, not that I ever see many, I'm sad to say.