That kids got some talent :O

best of luck to him

oh and i thought it was in brighton...i think their was something on richard and judy about it

Passion > Talent

If you have no passion in what your'e playing and can't feel the music, it's going to take a lot longer (IMO).

Having the determination is great, but deep down you have to just know you'll be insanely good one day. It's hard to explain but personally i don't think anybody is "naturally" good at something, certain people pick things up easier maybe because theyr'e more confident in themselves.

So many people say about how you must be born with a gift and that they could never pick up a guitar as well as you or your friends have. But thats the strange thing about it, they never had high ambitions when they started learning and always put it down to them starting at an older age or whatever.

So just belive you'll get as good as you want to be (with passion and a lot of hard work ) and anyone can make it

hey guys

"AntiSpywareMaster" was suddenly on my computer after i downloaded a torrent and i have no idea how to get it off. tried google just keep getting random sites that dont actually help remove it

would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to get it off

oh and ive already tried control panel and the uninstall bit that came with it but still doesnt get rid of it

"Heaven is not a place that you go when you die its that moment in life when you actually feel alive"

meh, its more about the way its sung

The Tide by Spill canvas btw
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Let's face it, Newcastle and Rangers youth squads would pwn Derby.

Sabu, you really do confuse me with your randomness
if anyone knows of any songs or bands that are great for working out to or jogging. Something motivational that makes you feel great when you get that pumped feeling

I suppose Rage against the machine and that kind of thing

thx guys
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I don't know what there talking about I'm a girl and I play guitar.

Didn't you read the article? Girls don't play guitar, they're not allowed
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But I just washed

lmao xD

You win win indeed
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excuse my ignorance, but what is polka?
Your reality is only what you make it, thats it. Thats basically all you need to understand as a human being.

When you make a hell of a lot of progress on something. Say the guitar (most people here play some sort of instrument-right?=)) You often think to yourself "Omg, i cant belive i used to find power chords so hard to play" or something along those lines. As soon as you try to teach a beginner you see them struggle for a bit. They might say something like "Oh, its impossible ill never be as good as you"

Part of you thinks "Why does he find it so hard theyre easy, look i can do it" while another part will understand why and youll try to explain that the grass actually is greener on the other side. Theyll cross the bridge and understand and pass on their knowledge.

What im trying to get at is we all have doubt, even the most confident people question themselves sometimes, but when you understand fear, embrace it and let it help you everything will make so much more sense.


I'd rather live this life than waste time thinking about it.

Life's short enough as it is, and you can only speculate.

Pretty interesting thoughts though. Better when drunk or high!

yeah this guy gets it ^
maybe something important come up? just make new freinds but still be freinds with them so you have more of a choice?
i doubt it was of all time, just what kerrang generally play. anyway its just an opinion, its not official xD
i thnk i know the i dont....i lied
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from the title i thought lars was fat now or something, i was kind of excited.

+1 im dissapointed
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It may be sad but it's extremely true. I haven't myself (puked on the streets), but I would say a good 80% of my friends have. I know my limits, whereas they don't.
It's just the general culture here, I wouldn't say I go out to get drunk, I have a laugh.

so you need alchohol to have a laugh?
Hang on a minute...she wanted you to ask UG?

****, it was on last night wasn't it? Nobody ruin it for me i'll see the repeat thursday =)
i totally understand how you feel i went through it when i was around 15. i had simple tourettes syndrome (i think its the one you have) theres also complex which is the swearing one. it sucked because it was a really run down school with kids from the roughest area in the city, so with all the mocking it completely knocked the confidence out of me and ****ed me up. The teachers tried to help i guess but wouldnt stop anybody trying to film me and make fun of it.

im not saying consider the move but if your school is anything like mine was then you probably should think about going to a school more understanding where you wont be teased so much (im saying this for your own benifit, not to let the school have there own way)

i'd reccomend seeing a pshychologist of some sort, it helped me out. good luck bro =) (PM if you want to talk at any time)
Maybe they want to look like that yo' silleh foo'
try having a warm bath and resting. if it carries on youre best of seeing a doctor
Not this again

EDIT: lol
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Man talk is sitting in the pub/cafe/someones gaff, cunting each other off for various little things and making claims that you could fix such and such a problem with the world if they could just use your idea.

outright win
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In time I want to be your best friend (I would have been there first but my computer is too slow).

To TS, just remember, if you are ugly there is no point in approaching her. If you are not ugly however I suggest you chat her up.

jump off a bridge asap please.

find other girls to hang around with dude =)
[quote=""[It's Alex"]"]=O
I love you.
i just understand how girls feel about not wanting to feel like a slut

and i love you too =)
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Hang on....................your 15 ? So your saying you've been around the block a few times eh ? Studied a broad or two ? No wonder they call you a slut it's because it's true !

screw you man, girls want sex just as much as men and they want good sex. it doesnt make them sluts it makes them human beings. having a sex drive is a totally natural thing so think twice before you call a girl a slut for wanting good sex

peace out
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+ freakin 1
sorry to hear about that mate, but this gives you more oppurtunities =)
i should take it up again, its awesome but i havnt bothered recently =)
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I was hungry
I ate

New theory

Hunger in belly + Teh foodz = no more hunger?
cereal ftw.

but toast gets my vote
put alchohol in the punch, she'll never expect that
channel 4 +1 ftw watching that programme now think its a repeat.

anyway its all about whenever you feel ready to lose it
This is actually a fair thread for once
ive never seen so many optimists
this is such a happy thread
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Those are profiteroles I believe.

knew i wasnt insane