don't take this the wrong way, but i fail to see the point in posting a video on the internet, for criticism by strangers, and then proceeding to make it private, but hey thats just me
i like to think your music tastes are based off your past experiences, i listen to mostly metal and rock but don't mind country either cause of some of the girls i hung out with n highschool listened to it and it reminds me of good ties and all that
you can say that smarter people listen to metal, but chances are if the smartest people in the world only ever heard pop they'd just listen to the pop they preferred

people don't listen to music based on intelligence that just gets said by some tools trying to build some self confidence and justify their own tastes

the real smart people are always the ones that never try to convince you of their intelligence, they know they're smarter than you and don't give a **** what you think
hey man i'm not a guitar teacher or anything but i've helped out a couple of buddies and i think i know what you're talkin about

i find that music theory isn't for everyone especially when they're first starting out, it can be challenging enough to focus on ust finger movement let alone soe form of musical notation as well, sometimes its just easier to learn theory once you can move your fingers with little thought
she says her goals are a country band, but it doesn't ever have to be original material, its not always for everyone, she could be in a cover band. To be completely honest, as bad as it sounds, she never has to understand what she plays to accomplish her goals

the best approach for her may be just to be shown step by step how to play a song one on one, as you've done, but for everything
maybe start playing along with her and play the riff or strumming pattern maybe 5-10 times with her, however long it takes to get her set in a rhythm and then slowly stop playing; maybe play softer or just pick key notes or start of chord changes, just enough to keep her on time, then stop playing and, hopefully, let her go
this may be they only way for her to ever learn songs, amybe you can work with her to develop an effective strategy around seeing and hearing the guitar being played while learning, and they're are plenty of youtube videos to learn songs step by step after Don't get me wrong i'm not saying youtube videos can replace you, but maybe you can help her use them as a tool that compliments her visual learning style

hope this helps in some way or that i even understood it right
and ya its a bit ramblin, but hey why break the thought process lol
but good luck man everyone should be able to express themselves with music
whats music but a way to express ourselves that we could never but into words
i worked at moxies, candadian restaurant, for something like 2 years as a line and prep cook, i ****in love kitchens, awesome environment

but best thing i can say for you man is when in prep, when you come in do a "line check" for everything the line's real low on and prep that first, they will love you for it, after that i always group similar prep items togther, when sauces or something contained the same ingredients i'd make all those at the same time, sometimes works out so you can cross 3-4 items of your list at same time, awesome feeling lol and i always tried do to all the harder more time consuming shit first, that way near the end of the day if i start to get burnt out it all easy shit left
but other then that keep your work site clean at all times, you'd be surprised how much more motivated and enjoyable you'll find your work because of it, but enjoy kitchens man, some of the best jobs i've ever had
tape a bunch of egg cartons to the inside of a closet and sing in that, egg cartons trap air which stops sound transfer which is all insulation does for sound

As ProphetToJables said your option are for recording quality, sound waves move in all directions so your options will to very little, if anything, to diminish it

EDIT: hah ya you're right guy, its just long and borin to explain, but thats why soundproofing insulations and drywalls are denser, but you're supposed to hang a heavy blanket over the cartons, forget to mention that, but ive tried it and used it and works pretty well, not for a drum kit or anything, but just singing you're more then set
Nutshell by Alice in Chains, might work well after swing life away, good tie ins with bass and lead on the rhythym guitar, AiC has some strong acoustic work

but if you're lookin for more popular songs nothing else matters or fall to pieces might work for you, or you could take em off guard and play something like is there anybody out there? by pink floyd

i also like mama i'm comin come by ozzy for acoustic

EDIT: hah i guess its for a wedding, i'm pretty sure i take it all back
ride the lightning
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quit being a lil bitch and earn their respect by showing some initiative.
it's common they test new guys at work to see if they can handle the pressure.

i always give the new guy a shit job on his first day to see how he handles it, will he bitch and take forever to do it or get it done right away and come lookin for more work

this is all i look for in a new worker, ANYTHING can be taught, all i care about is if they're willing to work, and i'm a carpenter where your skills and knowledge of your field are everything
try improvising to some of your favourite solos, play along in their pauses, and continue after the solo ends, or even try improvising an extended solo over an entire song, take the parts you improvised that you like and work from them
david gilmour use to play "extended solos" then go back listen to them over and over and take the parts he wanted, both comfortably numb solos were written that way
Quote by Captaincranky
You don't "know the song", unless you can make it sound like the recording without the recording playing.

Then, you should meld to two together. I always continue playing on after the song ends, to verify what I'm playing is what is there.

every time, also great time to improvise, makes you end on a strong note

but i know what you mean, when i was first learning guitar i had this problem too, i could play the song perfectly on my own but try to play it to the song and i lost timing

it could be your timing is not as good as you think it is so when you try to play to a song it begins to become noticeable, playing along to a metronome will really help this, or just stop always playing stoned

its also very likely you just get nervous under the pressure of "performing now" once the song starts, this is what was happening to me, along with the stoned part, way i fixed the problem for me was to just try improvising to the song, doesn't matter what you play (or even if it sounds any good, crank the music to almost drown yourself out if you want) just focus on keeping the rythym of the song, its also a lot of ****in fun

hope this helps you
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How did you pay for college out of your pocket? Are you saying at no point did your parents give you anything?

I guess I could work in the weekends and some nights, but in no way does that give me enough money to buy a damn house.

ya thats pretty much how it went, apparently i had a college fund but at somepoint my dad lost his job and decided to live off it til it was gone, but i haven't seen him since i was 13 so **** him
worked a full time job in highschool at Moxies took a year off after highschool and worked my ass off, saved up enough for college, got a f*ckin awesome job after and been workin there savin money ever since, it also helps i'm a carpenter so i can buy a house cheap(er) and fix it up at material cost, i also know the local lumber mill owner and most times he'll sell me lumber at what he pays

it same see, like a shit way to go, but i've earned every single thing a have for myself and am damn proud of it
i don't get the opinion on here that moving out of home means you can't save money?
i moved out at 18 went to college at 19 which i paid for entirely out of pocket, worked saved up money bought a 3 bedroom house turned it into a 5 bedroom house and rented 4 rooms to students at local college cause no res.
Now i own my own house have my renters pay my rent and utilities and get about $800 (CDN) free cash every month on top of pay from work, almost have enough for 2nd house
you just have to be willing to work, but most the people that i've met who wait till their in early to mid 20s to move out have no work ethic and end up expecting shit to be handed to them, your life's what you make it so work at it
dirt alice in chains
nutshell and fall to pieces

i learned fall to pieces to teach my buddy after his daughter died

and what nutshell means to me... well thats only for me but it means more to me, emotionally or whatever, then almost anything else music or not
i started same as you but lately i've been jammin my own stuff to other songs, kinda of like improvised covers, started with just playin the song but worked towards backing tracks for a few songs, its the most fun i've had on guitar besides jammin with other people and when i could first play without thinkin, but i'm all self taught and didn't start learnin till i was 19
greyish-blue eyes.. gets me everytime
the only time i use music as background noise is at work
every other time i play music i listen as closely as possible, and get as involved as possible.. i love putting on a song i've never heard before and jamming to it, i feel its a great way to expand your playing

i wish i could just meet the guy who first thought to try and create music himself, shake his hand, and thank him for the greatest thing ever discovered
i always wake up something like 2 mins before my alarm no matter what time i set it for
never had to use an alarm, never overslept
so i guess i wake up to the music in my head
its looks like rosewood that they stained, (dyed if you want to call it that)
you can see the deeper, lighter grain in spots where the original colour still shows through
many hardwoods gets stained in highend trim and cabinentry, just allows to contrast colours better
christmas is a 1700 year old celebration of human manipulation
Its dec 25 cause of the ancient festival saturnalia used to celebrate bringing in harvest and prep for winter in europe where there's longer grow season
christmas just stole the original thanksgiving in an attempt the christianize the celts and other peoples outside of rome

so ya'll have have fun celebratin one of the biggest lies in human history
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you cant be a guitar god and have poor knowledge of the guitar. the two go hand in hand for the most part.

philosophical question man..

and work my way up and earn it, no other way

EDIT: we're all sayin work for it, but honestly if some guy walks up to you tomorrow and says he can make you the greatest guitar player in the world, but you'll lose all theory, how many of you would really say no
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Sometimes I'll get sick of it while learning it just because I've heard it so many times while practicing it, but once I get it down I usually like it even more.

pretty much this and what other buddy said about deconstructing songs, i always end up viewing them differently but its in a way that i can enjoy the song more

thats shitty for you man, i don't know what i'd do if learning my favourite songs means i wouldn't appreciate them any more
you need to improve on the rhythm aspect of things, get a metronome. use it.[/QUOTE

and is it just your having trouble hearing the patterns of the strum, cause that comes with time and practice, whenever you're listening to music, like driving or something try humming along to the guitar, don't care what people think it will really help your timing, you might get to a point where you can hum a whole song without having to hear it, incredibly useful, especially with solos but thats a bit off topic

or is it you're having difficulty performing the strum itself, specifically the up stroke since you say you do down, down, etc its mainly having a firm grip on your pick, make sure you're not muting strings and play SLOW as slow as you have to to play it right, the slower you play now the faster and cleaner you will play later

hope thats kind of what you're lookin for

EDIT: i forgot this but when you strum you're more "brushing" the strings then picking them if that makes any sense to you, since you say you've been learning scales and such and progressing at them your right hand(if that your picking hand) might be in a natural tendency to try and pick the stings instead of strumming them, if the low notes( on EAD stings in standard) ring out a lot on your down stroke but your high notes (on strings GBE) sound weak that might be whats happening, just practice "brushing" the strings up and down real slow and you'll get it
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i'd recommend just playing songs in E or 1/2 step down( easy to retune between sets and much smaller chance of breaking a string causing an even longer break).
if your not singing, the melodies are what your gonna need to work on.

what he said, before too
hold your breath under water for longer everyday

EDIT: Seriously though it will build your lung capacity and allow you to scream longer in whatever way you want
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A string instrument used by Lord Satan and his followers.

amd here i thought it was the fiddle
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Temperature and dampness cause weathering effects on wood.

Common one is a warp effect from dampness.

Ideally keep your guitar from the wet, keep it away from burning hot radiators, keep it out of really cold areas (basement/garage).

If the wood has been warped I do not know myself of any means to fix it (not saying there arent any.. just havent experienced that problem myself)

you have to steam (pretty much soak the wood) then build a brace to hold the neck in the correct position until in dries to room moisture level (about 12% for wood)
takes a lot of adjustments as the wood dries

i've done it for a friend and it works pretty well(cause i'm a carpenter so i must work with all wood) but i wouldn't try it unless you really know what your doin or have a really shitty guitar to test it on but it can really **** up your guitar if you don't do it right and honestly i don't know if this is the right way but i tried it and it worked well for me
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some roast beef, a chicken, a pizza

and water man lots of water..
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back in the day they'd tie a horse to a wheel then turn on a metronome and use that

lucky for the internet, now he doesn't have to buy a horse
Nutshell - Alice in Chains, if one of you doesn't mind playing some bass notes until lead kicks in

Wild Horses Solo - GNR live in tokyo, played on electrics but sounds awesome on acoustic

Fade to Black - Metallica, the whole song soungs great on acoustic and really isn't that hard

but for the most part find a song you both like with a good rythym and melody to it and since you don't have vocals try to play the vocal melody on lead, if you're new to it start by trying to pick within the chords being played. its a lot of fun and can really bring a song to life without vocals. Three angels by the headstones is a real easy song to try this on if you want ( whether to like song or not) chords are D G C
the way i see it if something is expanding it has to has a limited size, or an "end" somewhere, if its already limitless or endless how could it expand?
So i hear do that the universe is expanding into new area, but how can it be possible

if the universe is expanding whats it expanding into? does this mean it has an end? but if it has an end whats on the other side? or how could there even be another side?
and if it doesn't have an end how can anything go on for ever? and then if it doesn't end how can it expanding?

told my gf this and she told me to stop getting stoned and focus on life haha