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Apparently every character that got killed off in the show has received a "parting gift", like the girl that played Shireen got the stag carving. Kit Harington didn't receive anything.

Also, Jon mentioned in that interview that he cut his hair. This picture was taken of him, yesterday, according to Reddit.

That's in Belfast and I am pretty sure they are not filming at the moment so I am confident it likely wasn't yesterday.

Could be wrong.
The BBC Jeremy Vine graphics are bizarre. I especially enjoyed the graphic fro Trident earlier.
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It's like the season finale of BBC News.

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Oh are we taking back southern Ireland cause we might lose Scotland?

I'm on holiday at the Scotland/England border. Don't know why.
Currently at the border.

It seems the British army is setting up watch towers. Machine guns and all. A few shot already.

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Labour lose like 50 something seats in parliament if Scotland goes independent #SilverLinings.

Does Scotland have any debt associated with the UK if it goes independent? Bit tight if it doesn't.

They would be expected to take a share of the UK debt.

Accordingly this will be based on the percentage who vote yes i.e. 52% Yes vote; 52% of the national debt. Only fair
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BBC will declare it a No even when if it's a Yes #callingit

The BBC are the real power in all of this.

He seemed to have a very troubled life at times and this is a very sad ending to it all.

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Won a title lately m8?

Welbeck....more like Well-bad
I bet Munich are probably thinking what the hell are we going to do.

Trust it to be Arsene's 1000 match.
Mick Hucknall keeping a brave face on leaving Old Trafford

(source - twitter)
haha at the celebration.

Great stuff
Prob best for both parties. Easier to shag other players wives when their husbands are away on international duty.
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If he'd got the ball and he'd flipped, still a red?

I've seen guys standing still have entire bodies thrown head first at their shins and they've been fine.

This is Premier League football. The footballers are protected even if they are fine.
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No. His leg was low enough that it was a sideways force. The Man City player would have just flipped over. If he'd come in from above I'd agree.

Because I can and I don't think it was a red.

If he had flipped over it would have been a red anyway. Plus if Ivanovic's left leg had connected first and the victims leg had been anchored into the ground, broken. Seen it before.
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Sliding along the floor, one leg behind until the end, misses the ball hits the player. Yellow card. Whatever

Judging by his speed, angle and weight distribution, I doubt it.

Easily could have broken it. If the Man City players leg had been on the ground rather than in the air, it could have easily snapped.
Is Andy Townsend justifying Ivanovic?
£35 million for this loan period. Bargain.
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Has Carroll ever taken a penalty?

Yes. It was bad.
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If Carroll took one and missed then that's it, he'd be ridiculed for the rest of his career, especially after the season he had. I don't blame him for not stepping up.

Problem is that we don't know if he did or didn't. I think he prob didn't and I am cool with that.
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My Dad was saying the same as Merson really i.e. Carroll is a striker, he should be stepping up, etc etc. However I disagree. If he didn't step up clearly he doesn't have the confidence or composure to be able to tuck away a penalty in such a high pressure moment. So why bother taking it when, like you say, someone like Cole who is a veteran in tournaments and has taken penalties with such pressure has done.

I think position shouldn't matter but experience/confidence is more crucial. Look at Neuer's kick in the Champ League final. Very calm.

Paul Merson has criticised Andy Carroll for not taking a penalty at the Euros.

Merson would rather have a young striker who has played a handful of games for England take a penalty instead of Cole who is a seasoned pro and successfully kicked his penalty in the Champions League final.
Merson you plonker.

He is also criticising the big man when he doesn't actually know if Andy put himself forward for Roy Hodgson to decide other wise.
England didnt have a shot on Target for 100 minutes. Italy def deserved it but sad to see Stevie G possibly in his last tournament.
I am surprised you remembered with your Alzheimers.

Happy birthday!
Good to see that Andy Carroll has now scored more goals in the Euros than Messi and Pele combined. HERO.
Well done England. Glad to see 35 million Andy getting his beautiful goal. HERO

Superb stuff Welbeck. And well done Walcott. You have made the difference so far.

Haven't been watching the match but clearly Carroll has not had the ammunition for that left foot rocket to score ten/twelve goals.
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That song's been stuck in my head all day.


Bamm bammm bammmmmm.
Carroll > Zlatan

No arguments.

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Sweettttt Carolllll nine.
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What good is that? Everyone already knows the players City sign cause they're the most expensive and well known players going.

Exactly what we want.


I wish we would steal Newcastle's in honesty.
Big Roy Keane loves a moan.
I think big Berlo said Silva is now staying.
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Gives me goosebumps.

Yeah, I have to admit that I do enjoy fans doing this.
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Got to admit though, the Irish fans are fantastic.

It's a national past time in the South and North to sing when our teams are losing at the end of a match, whatever sport. We do it enough anyway.