Looking for some more proggy / techy death metal.
In the vein of Anata, Decrepit birth early Atheist and Cynic
Thanks in advance
I didn't dislike the hunter either, in fact I rather enjoyed it.

The new track though... not loving it.. hopefully it's the radio friendly single, and the rest of the album is more interesting *touch wood*
Wow long time no forum..

I'm on an old school thrash kick.. think late 80's

Sabbat, Overkill etc...

Need MOAR!!

Suggestions please ?
They may share the name with a disbanded screamo band from Massachusetts., but the name is the only thing they have in common.

Orchid are awesome, old style doom. (insert cliche' Black Sabbath analogy here)

These guys are friggin great, has anyone else been digging their debut release ' Capricorn' ? If not go now and listen to some of the tracks on the facebook page

Hope there are a few other fans on here
You don't have to be all, big long hair to be a death metal...person, you could be like some kind of emo..person

^ Hahaha thats the only album i didn't own as a physical copy
I tried downloading it, and ended up with pron.. Somehow
C'mon Mudvayne isn't that bad

*dodges rancid fruit thrown in her direction*

Nah, they were my gateway into real metal though
4 Words to describe them:
Heavy, Lumbering, atmospheric and groovy
A two piece instrumental doom band out of Belgium; a great investment for your ears
They remind me of up-tempo Reverend Bizarre.

Their first Ep is almost totally sold out, and only available on 7' vinyl
Fear not for the band offers free downloads of their songs anyway.
So you have no excuse not to give them a listen

Can't wait for the full length album
Hope you guys enjoy- Let me know what you think
Manowar- The gods made heavy metal
Probably best is you ask this question in the Metal Rec thread This will probably get closed soon
Hammerfall- Eternal Dark
Slayer- Deaths Head
^especially the demos at the end with no guitar, just drum and bass
I attempt to play along to those

i fail
Opeth- Death whispered a Lullabye
Entombed- Chief Rebel Angel
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wow I thought they quit making Spiritual Healing but my cousin found it new and got it for me for xmas. I love it.

They've re-mastered and released it as a Digipack
I was so excited when i found it in the shop i had a mini orgasm
Quote by linfield4466
For some reason every time I go to the record store I see these guys' entire disco. used and I never buy any of their albums. I was thinking about getting Unquestionable Presence first, but what would you guys recommend?

Thats the first one i got,
I didnt regret it

In this order purchase
1. Unquestionable Presence
2. Piece of time
3. Elements

Crystal Skull- Mastodon
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Behind Crimson Eyes.
I don't understand why the fvck they always get to open for heaps of metal bands that come to Australia. The whiny bastards opened for Iron Maiden for fvcks sake!
Gives me the sh!ts every time.

Glad someone else thought so!!
As soon as i saw this thread title thats JUST what I was going to say

Did you see the Brissy gig??
OK I'm not incredibly fussy, i just want something new to listen too
Don't mind what genre, i just want something new
Bands i am currently obsessed with are
Dream Theater
Diablo Swing Orchestra

Anything would be great
I just listened to Unquestionable Presence yesterday
Is it just me, or does that album get better everytime you hear it?
Dream Theater
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
and Death x 3
CYNIC at 22
SHould have been higher
(Here comes the cynic fangirl)
But seriously
Death Magnetic sucked balls
Watershed wasnt Opeths best, not even close
Dragonforce Eeew, Slipknot eeew, Disturbed eew
I'm the famed 9_11_4
So is this really every guys fantasy?
Black Seeds of vengeance- Nile
Death Metal-27
Thrash Metal-24
Power Metal-28
Grindcore-10- HURT
Hair Metal - 2- HEAL :P
Black Metal-24
Speed Metal-20
Folk Metal-27
Progressive Metal-43
Doom Metal-23
I've got A blessing in disguise and Light of day, day of darkness. Both great. Looks like i should get the acoustic verses next
Megadeth- In my darkest hour
Dream Theater- Dark Eternal Night
Hehehe yeah, Ash makes her triumphant return to the metal realms..
Seriously though I'm loving this band.. I played their music on my radio show two weeks in a row (which doesn't happen with many bands :P) Hopefully I'll be able to get some kind of media pass to their gig .. *overwhelmed with possibility*
He's certainly a great player. I got his solo album a week or so ago and was really impressed. In fact I played his song Dilemma on my radio show not long after i got the album. I do prefer his solo stuff to Angra though. They can get a bit cheesy for my liking ( that being said they do have some decent songs). But if you guys have not heard it, go check out his album NO Gravity
I did not know this was a side project of Colin Marston, I do have the ep and I think it's some really great stuff. Very chaotic.
Holy crAp that cover is beautiful, this album is going to be one of the most exciting things to happen musically in my life i reckon, ESPECIALLY if it involves a tour .
I've only just gotten into this band, but the albums that I've got "Colours" and "Alaska" I think are really great. But all this talk of an Australian tour has gotten me excited. I'll try and get myself some kind of ticket :P
pfft i have a show on the radio

this sounds fun though
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Is it bad that I actually physically shed a tear at me coming back to find the chat thread closed?

but it is still depressing
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Thanks Ash, I'll write that one down.

Don't go in a circle pit at your first hardcore concert either. I got trampled in Terror's pit, had four days off, a concussion and a CT scan.

Goodnight all.

PS I like your new photo Ash I thought you were kissing a girl until I realised the other girl was you.

hahaha thanks

hope this gets my profile views up
note to the general public: don't go into circle pits if you have any kind of heel on your shoe
she was giving me kissing lessons
i kid you not

one of wierdest/ worst days of life
I'm not dirty