Music to slit your wrists to...

Written for my imaginary girlfriend...

Appreciate any listens and crit.

I will return the favor.


Hell of a first attempt - keep 'em coming!

Very airy, nice - coud use a little production love, but overall it's the song!

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Keep writing -

I liked it, but I like weird shit!

Really, the playing is sweet and the vocal interplay is superb. I will be following you.

Thanks for sharing.

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Keep up the good work,

Give a listen gals and guys. Latest drivel alert! Will return the favor!

Rock lobster,

Oh yeah, alright...

Nice chops you got going there. Since Muddy Waters is my daddy you have a high standard to meet!

Once you have the notes down, it's all about emotion. While you're not there yet (and very few are) you have the "vocabulary" to build on.

Now go out, get arrested, lose your woman, get fired then get arrested again and you'll be ready for the next step!

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Keep on playin',

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hey man, you used to post on

I don't think so. Must have been a different handsome talented man...
Looks like fun, but where is the puke? Where are the groupies?

Good energy and thrashing.

The audio is from hell, but I get it - live gig. Doesn't really hit me as punk, but it is rockin'!

I give it a seven cause you can dance to it!

I can be ridiculed here -

Keep rockin'


Spacy - love the feel - nice production

0:34 - Like the guitar - great use of split and nice tone

Maybe make the thunder "walk" left to right - seems a little hot - but it IS thunder after all!


Again - spacey and nice tight production and overall tone...

I'm not a big "instrumental" fan, but I know good production values, and you got that for sure!

Good job!

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Keep recording!

Nice intro! Like the guitar...

0:40 - you hear the Weezer influence big time right here, both in the guitar and vocals

1:10 - bizarro vocals - I kinda like it!

Good job, little too Weezerish, maybe...

Asshole! Now! I've found that if you yell that at girls it rarely works!

Anywho -

Keep emoting,

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Hey DWS!

Lol if what you say is true you should get like 10 doctors to check out all of the problems goin on with ya haha.

This is fictional...
Nice start - good voice!

Obviously the quality of the recording is not at issue, as this is a rough out...

Nice touch at 1:20...

Would love to hear the lyrics, can't catch them all, again, I realize this is a rough out.

Like the treatment of guitar at 2:00 to the finish.

Nice song. Please post the final version!

Listened to a couple of others on your page and like them. You have got some talent my friend...

Mine is at -

Muchos Nachos!

Into is catchy - like the drumming.

REALLY like the singing - real smooth and semi-dark. And the harmonies are icing on the cake.

Well written and performed - like the way the guitar sneaks back in at about 2:45. Did I say I like the drumming?

3:10 - Nice vocal effect and build up to the finish.

This is a good song. Great job!

You want weird and cool? Well, at least weird - my recent ejaculate is at

Keep up the vibe!

Very melodic! I like the solo as it is unconcerned with speed and goes for melody.

I love my Strats too, warts and all.

Nice work...

If you are inclined to use up three minutes you'll never get back -

Keep on Fendering!

I suggest a more unified wardrobe - maybe white fur parkas and cross country skis. Was it cold that night?

The mix aint bad for a live show. Is that just the camera mic? Who's girlfriend is taking the pics? I give her high marks!

Nice sound for a three piece...

Kind of a long time between songs, and the tuning break was tedious - frozen stiff I guess!

Really need a singer/front person.

Overall good sound. Keep up the good work!!

If you thaw out, please kick my work in the nuts at

Thanks, and keep on rockin'!

Catchy, poppish sound!

Nice lyrical treatment and the singing is good.

The video is nice, even though there are not enough hot chick's asses!

Formalistic approach - as you said, sounds 60's - the bridge fits in great - mix is good though a little trebly - likely my work speakers (they blow!)

I love lyrics and a melody, AND you can dance to it! I'll give it a 10!

C4C would please me...

Keep up the good work!

Ello, all!

OK, now this one is a little different in that it is a live performance with studio treatments. Not much I can do on the basic tracks at this point other than EQ and overdub other parts or overdub parts to bolster weaknesses in the live recording.

This song, like most of mine - is not suitable for work or around kids or clerics.

As always I will give your tunes a review in exchange for the review on mine.

I still feel a little funny down there...

Massive love,

Love the boomy intro!

Great tenor voice. You lucky bastard! Bring it out in the mix. No reason to hide that gift...

I like the synco - stop before the chorus.

This tune is a drivin' sumbitch! I like the lead in the mix a little low like you have it. The construction of the song is great and I like the wah lead at the end.

Feeling is the hard part, and you got that in droves.

Good job, and please remember me when you get famous! I'll be following you on the Cloud...

If you lose all good sense - please check out my latest 0's and 1's. I would appreciate a review from someone of your calibre...

Keep on slappin'!

Thanks for sharing!

Like the stompy intro. I wish I had a voice this good! With a name like Nelson Montana you know it's gotta be good!

Bass is interesting. Catchy little melody woven together nicely. Quirky enough to keep me interested throughout.

Bridge is perfect for the song. Reminds me of "Lady Willpower."

Well constructed - great job Nelson Montana...

If you get through with therapy and have a minute, I would appreciate your expert opinion on my 0's and 1's...

Keep on keepin' on -

Nice energy, you sell it well.

The audio is for shit, but that's what ya get with a camera mic!

Not bad for a lefty! Had a hard time understanding the lyrics. Bones are there though...

If you have a moment - right when your drugs kick in - give a listen and critter me.

Keep on jammin'!

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Haha, DancesWithSheep, it's more like the ladies smartened up and took a break from me! I was hanging out with the girl I've been hanging out with the last few weeks, ran into an old friend -he was really intoxicated, making things extremely awkward. This made me nervous, since the guy tends to ruin things for everyone when he's not sober (I saw him fall out of a 2nd story window once). He said something making things REALLY uncomfortable, and in a nervous moment when he asked her name and to be introduced, I forgot her name! Been going out with her a month, and I just went blank from the uncomfortable situation, haha. I looked up at her, and her expression was "Well, you blew it!" Needless to say, that didn't go over well, and suddenly I have a lot more free time, lol. Oh well, haha

Ha! Great story! Forgot her name...priceless!

With friends like that guy who needs enemas...

Hope you feel better.

Trippin' man!

Love the vocals though I don't know what you are singing lyrically as I don't speak the language.

Very psychotic lead break - fits the rest of the song.

Good in any language!

Would appreciate a listen and any comments on one of my monsters -

Quote by Wattsbo
I don't see the old version on there anymore, what did you change besides the breaks? It's a night and day difference.

Excellent work my good man!

Thanks for the review!

I re-EQ'ed the drums and added a second rhythm guitar and panned them left right. Turned down the overall mix and that helped create some separation.

I like your stuff on the cloud - a review from someone with your talents is really appreciated.


Quote by Smoke & Mirrors
haha, very unique
you say go easy so my review will be brief
i wouldn't change a thing, the parts are interesting, the recording is good and your mix is spot on. for whatever you're going for i think you're doing it really well...
seems like it was a lot of fun to make
wasn't what i was expecting at all but thought it was kinda funny
really liked the vocals in the back doing the rhyming, the only improvement i could reach for would be to make them clearer, they seem to change every time and i'd like to be able to differenciate them better
well done
thanks for your crit on my music vid

Thanks for your input and for sharing your very nice video...
The last time it "reigned" salamanders from the sky it beat the hell out of my truck!

Very frenetic - almost TOO frenetic. As an album intro it might work.

Drums are a bit buried - guitars are overpowering them.

Needs some tweak in the mix and some simplification, maybe.

Like the ending riff.

Keep working!

I would appreciate a drive by of my schtuff!

Muchos gracias, me amigo!

What's up killer? Took a break from the ladies long enough for some studio time?

Like the intro.

Did the drummer not show up? Just kiddin' - but the drums are a bit buried for my perfect taste!

I think it's worth a re-write, the guys ahead of me have hit the points that I was pondering.

I like a song with feel, that's the hard part - and this one has feel. The rest is turning knobs!

Would appreciate a crit of my crap. This is a remix of one you've heard - or just hit the cloud and listen to "Doctor, Doctor."

Thanks, cat!

Like the B&W vid...

The video quality is professional looking.

1:05 - like the launch - Nice three piece sound. I like the bass. I mean the actual bass. Cool looking rig.

Nice wind down at the end

Vocals could be fatter, and unsure of the lyrics, but I'm being picky for your critique.

Overall nice effort. Good quality. Ya'll should be the band for "Game of Thrones..."

I would appreciate a listen and critique of my latest -

Cover your stump before you jump -

I'm a listenin' and I'm a likin'!

Intro rules...

0:26 - 0:50 - I hear a melody and lyrics here, big times!

0:50 - good timing for change of pace

I'm hearing a blazing tremolo lead from the 1:30 or so until the break at 2:12

2:23 - Like the relaunch - nice guitar sounds - I loves P90's!

Nice work, like your sound. You got the bones, the song needs the trim pieces now...I'll be following you.

Would appreciate your knowledgeable opinion on one of my afterbirths...

Keep recording!

And redid "Dance the Land of the Funky."

I put 2 more of the break parts in, and worked on the guitar mix as per your suggestions. Eq'ed the drums a little better hopefully - again - as per your suggestions.

If you would give it a listen and tell me what you think, I will do one back fer ya!

Be gentle on me. I can't bear to work on this song anymore!!!

Thanks and regurgitations,

I have the TC and love it. It is a true pass through and is rugged and very accurate. Also very adjustable.

I recommend it...
My Underarmour underwear is @20 bucks a pop!

Wanna see?
I have totally quit tuning my guitar in honor of Jimi...
No trouble with phone - hate text messaging though...
I thought I smelled something...
Nothing like a new toy and a little privacy!!

Nice guitar tones - vocals are OK, maybe double track 'em. Kept waiting for the testosterone laden drummer to kick in and the standup fretless bass!

Lyrics are definitely those of a married man!

Overall like.

Keep writin'!

My oozings -

At first I was kinda thinking "Oh jeez - seven minutes of this?" But then the damn thing started to grow on me.

I like the cellowy sounds about a quarter of the way and the harmonies.

Then Dylan showed up with his harmonica which I liked -

Good voice.

One thing from a crit standpoint, the track has the sound of the room a little more than I like. If it was a little cleaner from that standpoint, it would agree more with my tastes.

Great effort none the less-

Keep up the good work!

If you are old enough to listen to naughty words, my stuff is at -

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Dear DWS
....and some vague notions of musical scales from my latitudes swirling around with those from places a bit closer to the equator. I afraid that's about it; nothing deeper.

Phil you are already my hero!

You have a style that is beyond reproach. Nice dynamics and the guitar top percussion!

Significance of "Shamal?" As in the wind?

Wow! Thanks for the listens and the accolades!
You sing pretty good!

The song is nice enough, needs a little sumpin' sumpin' to put it over the edge, but overall a good effort.

Keep writin'!

Nice intro...a tad long depending on what I'm smoking...

1:23 - I was anticipating this and it hit the spot. Production is nice and open, good mix for a working version.

2:06 - like the guitar work here. Just wicked enough without the shred-o-rama

4:00 - What the hell just happened? Kidding it works, and I like the Who guitar coming out. Did you hurt your hand?

Overall, well done! Need some lyrics and vox and the rest is history!

Keep playin'!

If you get a chance and Mom's not around -