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OR Cantonese for that matter.

Screw Cantonese
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Une étude a été faite et publiée il n'y pas très longtemps. Elle assure que le Québec indépendant est parfaitement capable de garder une économie stable et elle ne serait pas en danger. Donc, c'est limpide maintenant, vos arguments sur l'économie ne sont plus aucunement valable.

Mais encore, l'indépendance n'est pas une question d'argent, c'est une question de culture.

True say. I mean hydroelectricity, lumber...the list goes on. Underage tourism. The HA. lol I agree that preserving a French culture is the big issue, but the trouble is the gov't forces it upon people with no French culture. I mean really. How many Chinese are here, but we aren't taught Mandarin in schools.
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Canada is America's hat and mexico is it's lobster bib so they don't get food on their fat selves.
I am american, but I just thought this sounded funny.

True say. Wide load.
People in quebec drive like effing maniacs. They really aren't bad on the whole though. I live in Ottawa, so I see a lot, and most are just normal people. You definately get the odd douchebag who thinks they are better than you or something and ignore you for speaking English. The other day I asked some guy for the time, and he had a watch. He kinda shrugged, and I realized he was a Francophone, so I said "Quelle heure sil vous plait?" or Whats the time please?
Then the ****er says 'Oh its just about twenty to seven' in perfect goddamn English.
I called him, 'Morceau de merde.' and walked away...oh, thats like uh..piece of ****.

It's douches like that who give all the French a bad name.
Me too. I was expecting to be impressed. Thumbs down.
I dont know why the **** you would want to work fast food.
**** wasted. LSD, LSD LSD!!!!
dude, i watched the other day as my friend explained it to this 21 year old chick. couldnt believe it.
Smoking dope. Fixes everything. Even if you suck, you will think you rocked out.
So check it out. If you are getting pissed off by power chords and actual chords and all this bull****, Im gonna let you in on a little secret. You can turn a power chord into an actual chord, I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out, all you have to do is barre the primary note, and perhaps a a finger.

Ex. 3-5-5-x-x-x is a G5 power chord
3-5-5-4-3-3 is a barre chord

Therefore it really shouldn't make a damn difference if buddy put power chords instead of actual ones. It is the same effing thing and it doesn't take a Clapton to figure out. So next time instead of bitching, hows about we try to work that useless lump inside your skull. Jesus Christ.
I can't get this song out of my head, and I want to play it at open mic to exorcize my demons.

Heres a linkGot to get you off my mind

Thanks a lot.