wow tough to get crits anymore??
Sounds good. Im listening threw some crappy speakers right now but Im not so sure about the effects on the vocals (if its not just these crappy speaker). Were you using a backtrack?

Crit 4 Crit Please
Blind Melon - All that I Need
Ok so its been a while since I posted anything on here. So the other day I was setting up some new equipment and had to sound check the recording rig so I threw this one out there. It was only meant to be a sound check, but I came out half decent so I thought Id throw it out to the dogs for review! Im thinking about adding it to our acoustic set. Let me know what you think.

Top Of The List:
Well I won states twice in the 400m so I guess that makes me qualified. Get out front and just hang out dont burn your self out (if this means letting the gym heroes go ahead fine, just dont let them to far ahead). Then with 200m left take your nuts out and throw them against the wall. I should mention that in the 400m its just a sprint the whole way.
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hi ,
in my opinion a solo only works when the band listen to each other , you can have the "best" solo in the world but if the band is listening to each other it will sound awful .
in regards to the "crazy scales" overwhelming the vocals , i suggest you ask the bass player to work through the crazy scales with the vocalist , let them meet halfway way ,
"crazy scales " with a bass and vocals in unison coulds sound amazing .
at the end of the day , what ever you are feeling will come out in your bands sound, it is important you are open with you feeling to each other but you deal with them in a positive way .
thats just my advice ...

This might not be a half bad idea, but is sounds to me like the bassist wouldn't even know how to play the same notes twice! Totally random once totally different twice..
My two cents:
Practice the bass on your own time, come up with new stuff on your own time. Band practice is to gel as a band not try and create some mad bass riff and only hit two notes in the right key, throwing the rest of the band off. Not saying you shouldn't be creative but create then bring it to practice - don't create at practice (as far as your individual instrument goes).
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that is perfectly stupid. firstly - he might not be old enough to drive. secondly - he would still have to pay for lessons, pay for a driving test to get a lisence and buy a car... while it would help it's not really "advice" as such...

Pay for driving lessons???
My two cents. I think "A Guitar Player" is someone who has proven that there interest is more than just an interest. Not to assign a certain time line to it, but someone who has played for 2-3 years regardless of there skill level has proven (in my opinion) that it is more than just a passing fad. rather it be one year to some, 2 years to other, 10 years to others.. For example (and im just throwing numbers out here): 90% of everybody has tried guitar either for a few months or some even give it a go for a year.. The question is, does the initial fascination of the instrument go away? Does your guitar end up in your attic or a garage sale a few years down the line?

So to answer your question There is a certain timetable when its like "Yea I'm trying to play" and for some people is longer than others.. But let me tell you there is no bigger egg on the face than someone who says yea I can play and all that comes out is some chopped up chords and scales with no flow or direction.

Ive been playing for 11 years now and I can remember after like a year I could play a lot of songs and use to tell people "Yea I know how to play that" but looking back what came out was a lot different than it is today. Sure it was the right chords and words and all but Even the simplest of chord songs just didn't have the DYNAMICS that they do today!

All just my 2 cents..

sorry kind got a little off topic
did you completely uninstall the old vision before installing the new.. Try control+alt+del and endtask on programs you are not using. Sounds like you've run out of ram. Do you run spyware scans of any type?
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In america there has to be a plaintiff for there to be a defendant. He is probably not being charged with assault a) the fire marshall came to talk to him, not the cops. b) his friend has to press charges and an arrest has to be made. It is probably for the flaming baseball bat. Being charge for braking an open flame law or some crap. Dude keep your cool. Think responsible in your answers. And finally for the love of god don't talk to the judge the way you post in the forum, he'll lock you up on principle. Good luck.

Yup thats what I was thinking.. You didn't assault the fire marshal so its probably something to do with lighting a fire.. But get your friend to go to court and testify on your behalf that you did not assault him just screwing around.
I keep my guitars out most of the time. I have a dedicated music room in the house with a humidifier for the entire room set at 40-45 humidity. I also use a case humidifier that I always leave in the case. Also if you dont want to worry about knocking your guitar over get yourself a Herculie's stand.

As someone else said guitars are not made out of sugarcane but I have heard many acoustics start to develop a slight buzz n certain frets. Put a little humidity to then and they're good as new
Aside from some of the other suggestions you could just have the lead play the rhythm also BUT at a very muted level so it doesn't get to overcrowded the dynamics. Then when its time for the lead just have him boost his signal melt your face off with some sweet lead then fall back in the pocket with the rhythm muted and harmonizing some chords is always a plus. For me anyway standing there doing nothing waiting for a solo isnt very entertaining for the audience and probably a bit uncomfortable for the guitar player.
I agree with Dutch Apples, one practice doesn't qualify you as a band yet and thats probably what this guy is thinking too. If hes got things working with another band then hes probably going to work hard and keeping that going.
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Wtf are you talking about? Are you saying the ****ers who blew up the towers and killed all those people deserve cool points?

No Dude, use your head!!!! Im saying this poll is a joke because you cant tell a good Muslims from a radical.
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Band = group of musicians who record, write, and/or perform with each other publically.

Group of friends= group of musicians who practice in their mom's basement, maybe never leave there, and aren't complete yet.

And yes, the racist thing was a joke. But don't discriminate against other musicians! and don't hate Apples.

rock band

a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll music [syn: rock group]

Says nothing about playing in public. If they get together regularly to play music then I call them a band.. Garage band .. but band none the less..
Ha 911 hijackers were called normal cool dudes buy there neighbors too!!
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sales tax is 6% here in pennsylvania, but i live right on the deleware border, where there is no sales tax! ****ing sweet

Thats only the state sales tax.. Dont forget the 20-23% or whatever it is the federal government takes outta your check befroe you get it.
Ive used an EQ pedal with the mids and highs turned up and the level turned up to how loud I want to boost it .. Also I have used the toggle switch on my LP. Setting the Treble pickup sightly louder than the rhythm pickup then when you want a boost just switch the toggle down to the treble position rip out a killer solo then switch back to the quieter rhythm and back into the jam . I prefer the toggle switch now days mostly cuz my EQ pedal was giving to much hiss
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Ok ill give it a try.
The EQ stuff never worked for me for some weird reason.
Not it aint like the problem is in my ears cus i hear the bass when only the drums and bass play but when the guitars kick in... damn.

EDIT : For som reason on Audacity i cant use the Effects.
Its impossible to klick on the option cus they aint highlighted in black.

Still might be your ear isnt developed enough yet to distinguish instuments. I can hear the bass lines to most songs and our bass player who has only been playing for 3 years cant hear the lows during guitar parts so then I have to stop and show him the bass line. kinda a pain sometimes but hes slowly starting to hear more.. Drummer has the same problem with the kick drum.. Ear just needs to be trained to distinguish the lows.. Thats not to say that putting a song in audacity or audition wont help, cuz it will definitely make it easier and may even help train your ear to hear them without the applications
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Hey guys, never posted on a forum before, but im stuck!! I have been playing for about 6 or 7 years on and off, but the last 2 years ive been 4 - 6 hrs a day (or more). I want to learn how to sweep pick. Ive seen all these videos on You Tube, trying to show you how to play, but all they really do is play. What excercises can I do to start off with? I know the bottom 3 strings to start....any other advice would be awesome!!

Thanks again!!

P.S. Whats a good number to start with when it comes to a metroneome? 80?

Did you see this one on UG.. Great video at the bottom of the artical!!
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This'll never happen. Reasons?

1) The site is ultimate-GUITAR
2) There is already a forum for that sort of thing - "Other Instruments"
3) = Singing thread - Not hard to find
4) There is no point in having drum tabs take up bandwitdth and space on the server for about 15% of UG users to use them, when they could find a drum forum or something

Where is this "other instrument" thread?? I agree no drum tabs.. Im not a drummer Im a guitar player. Just like to try a figure out what goes threw a drummer head besides a stick!lol
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^There's a singing thread in Musician's Talk and drums fit in the other instruments thread.

Yes Ive seen the singing singer thread just thought id be easier if it were not hidden in another thread... Where is the other instrument thread??? see my point
Hey Pick Love the vids! How about a video lesson on AMP settings/pedals and how to get some good tone.. Like sometimes less gain is better for the tone that kinda thing? Seems to me alot of people think turning the gain up to 10 is the only way to play!
Ok so I know UG is a GUITAR site. But in the forums section there is an instrument section. How about having a thread for lead singers and drummers too. I think UG forums is full of band people not just guitar players.. I agree with the no drum tabs on a guitar tab site though gets to cluttered.
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Exactly, thank you edg. There are a couple articles on this site about correct practice (I think one is by Tom Hess) that i would highly recommend. You can spend 8 hours a day practicing but get nowhere if you are practicing wrong. It is also a very good idea to set goals when you are practicing, otherwise, how do you know when you get better. Setting goals (and achieving them) also helps keep the thrill and enjoyment of practicing. just my 2 cents.

I agree too. Have to have some sort of direction to be an effective practice. You can get more done in a 1 hour quality practice than 8 hours of fiddling.
here is what i try to stick to in a 2 hours practice.
half hour to 45 min on scales modes and or theory.
hour and a half on band songs (adding to them, figuring out covers better)
30 min on something new (to keep thngs fresh and to test it out and see if it will work at band practice.. note this also keeps new stuff coming into band practice..
I usually end up over my planned time because I like to play and usually dont want to stop.. But If I do get cut short Ive gotten everthing in and didnt spend 2 hours fiddling and not have anything to show for it except a few fancy licks
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^ i don't wholly agree, my hands usually start to get tired after a while (thus ending my initial warmup at 30 minutes, but thats just loosening muscles up) but after another 20 minutes of rest of so i can go back and go for hours, but usually after 2-3 hours my fretting hand gets tired again, but i would simply imagine thats due to strength and stamina (i play fast, as many of us do). when i think play guitar endlessly i think for 12+ hours non stop

Sounds like to many bar chords to me!
Quote by EZLN libertad
during a school day, ill do around 4 hours, when i get home at around 3, do homework til 4:30-5, play guitar rest of day

on weekends, i try to do around 6

and yeah i have like 2 or 3 good friends i hang out with outside of school, but whenever i hang out with anyone else, i just feel like, why, i could be at home sweeping some dominant phrygian arpeggio, but yes, i do still have a social life somehow

You play 4 hours at school??? Hows that work.. 8 hours in school and 4 of them playing guitar? I wish i went to your schoo!!!! but then again if you don't make it as a rock star.... then what...burger anyone!lol
Haven't heard the song your talking about so this might not help, but you find a heavy distortion sound you like then using the treble switch on your les paul to switch from treble to rhythm, (rhythm) being your base sound. If its like the Gibson LP's then it should have two volume nobs on it for the two pickups. What I like to do is set the lower volume nob slightly higher than the volume nob closest to me this makes the treble setting stand out slightly great for leads then clunk it back to rythym for the basier sounding distortion..
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Ever heard of Bob Dylan, Neil Young neither of them could sing to save there life. Look where they are now in the crack box, but a gold plated crack box.

Yea Ill half agree with that.. Not alot of range but Then can sing in tune.. but not many can write as good as they do and thats why they are great.
Good luck.. Priorities can change the first time living on your own. Everyone explores there newfound freedom in there own way.
Drummer might be too drunk 9 a.m. till 1 a.m. to jam;
Singer is too busy making it with anything with a heartbeat to play;
Lead guitarist is puking on the drummer;
Bass player is too busy wacking off to the internet!
..and classes on top of that!
lol.. all meant in good fun.. I hope it works..
Do you have good Mics? If it is a cheaper or even some middle range PA it probably came with crappy mics or mics that where meant for presentations and not necessarily performance.. Get yourself a Shure SM-58 or PG-58 or any good dynamic mic that is made for lead vocals. My band plays in a room 15x8 and we have a $300 PA. Came with a terrible mic that feedback terrible . Put My Shure SM-58 on it and we can crank it up almost all the way without feedback.
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The ones you had titled Major, Dorian and Lydian. I think just about all of them really
didn't have all the notes for the fingering positions.

I think the main problem is that you just chopped that entire fretboard into pieces.
So, if you glued them all back together again, you'd have all the notes. But,
each piece you represented isn't complete as it's missing some of the notes
that would be in the actual fingering patterns.

What you are trying to do is essentially show the 5 CAGED method fingerings of
the major scale. If you look up CAGED you should be able to find the fingering
diagrams and the notes you missed in each pattern.

There's other fingering patterns besides CAGED. The more modern, "three note per
string" patterns is another method. There's 7 of those.

I know what your saying. thanks
Quote by edg
Those look like the corect fingering positions for the pentatonic scale. But, they
aren't modes, just different fingering positions.

I think the problem with your other diagram (in addition to "modes" being incorrect),
was that the diatonic scale finger patterns were missing some notes.

You mean Dorian??

that site calls them Modes or fingering for the modes. Instead of just saying W,W,H,W,W,W,H
side by side with the site.. So is this site wrong then???
Just used this site and broke it down.
sorry if its wrong all i did was break it down into finger patterns..
penatonic pics from that site.. Im obviously taking MODEs the wrong way but what are they then..

side by side with the site.. So is this site wrong then???

A pdf i made for UG.. each mode fits together with the next mode like a puzzle piece to the one before and after it. If you look at the .pdf notice that mode 2 is very important. That mode is very east to start from on the fretboard (ex. want to play in the key of G then start mode 2 on the third fret). Rememebr when playing the modes to resolve on the root notes whenever possible.. Hope this helps
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Aboutcover songs, do you think there are certain cover songs that have been overdone and probably should be avoided being done at a first gig because you may not be taken seriously i.e. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Also, What do you guys think is a good place to have your first gig?

Sweet home Alabama
Time of your life
Rock and roll all night

to name a few more
Ok so I need to start playing out to make some $$. So im in a cover band but the band isn't really ready to start playing out and making money. Sure we could get some gigs but probably wouldn't get invited back. So as far as making money goes thats not good. Ive had a few offers to play for another band thats already on the cover band seen with gigs in 4 states but turned them down cuz these are my buds and Im a patient individual. But now I have a situation that I NEED to make some money and I cant wait for them to get better. Im not saying Im the greatest and could go play for anyone, but I play rhythm and sing so I know there are bands looking for singers. Ive been around the band scene since before I started playing and have a good ear for what sounds good and what would make a crowd get up and leave, and unfortunately my buds fall to the latter. So should I tell them Im leaving the band and hope they dont all get pissed. or should I just get a job bar tending and put the band on hold indefinatley. NOTE: I already have a full time job so getting a part time job would probably take up the rest of my free time, kinda why Id like to find a band to play out so I can continue to play music and not have to give it up.