Hey all,

I am selling this for a very good friend of mine who is selling his much beloved Gibson SG Standard to purchase a Les Paul. It has been played a lot but it is in superb condition. It has been set up recently by reputable luthier, Andy Crockett. One small nick on the headstock, but other than that, there is absolutely no cosmetic damage. You can see this in the photos. The tone and volume knobs will be replaced before purchase as they are missing the caps (also as you can see in the photos.)

It is a great guitar, and you know what you're getting with an SG. It's a timeless guitar.

For specs, check here

For images, check here

He's after £750 for it, but is willing to listen to offers. No trades unfortunately. Based in London


P.S. I haven't sold on here in a while but I do have a few up votes in the Good/Bad trader thread from when I was buying and trading a lot.
Hey guys,

Been a super long time since I've traded on here but I found some old pickups that I removed from my first guitar a few years back. They're about 25 years old but they still work fine.

Also I've got the pickup holders with screws and springs etc and also some gold pot knobs.

Pickups: £15 posted
Holders: £3 posted
Pot knobs: £2 posted

I'll do the whole lot for £20 posted.


For sale is my Fender Stratocaster Roadhouse Deluxe. I am not sure what year it was made but I know it was made in Mexico.

Plays like a dream, looks gorgeous and has been freshly setup by my local guitar shop (Chandler Guitars in Kew)

Cons are there's no backplate and the brass hardware is faded. Otherwise it is in perfect working condition

Reason for sale: I need to fund my summer holidays

Price: £500

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks, Will

Hi guys,

I am selling my Fender Lite Ash Telecaster bought about 3 months ago because I need to pay off my debts from the summer. I bought this guitar second hand from Chandler Guitars in Kew for £400.

It is in completely mint condition besides one little ding on the fretboard around the 12th fret but it does not affect playability in anyway.

It plays amazingly, beautiful smooth maple neck with pearl inlays. Cream finish hasn't faded. The electrics work flawlessly.

I'm looking to sell for £350 including hardcase worth £100. I will put a fresh set of strings on when you purchase.

I am located in South-West London. Kingston/Richmond area.

Thanks, Will.

Please don't hesitate to ask here, or email me on
SOLD! to some belgian guy

140 for the loop station
I bought this pedal new for a college project, and now that project is finished I no longer need this pedal. I also need to raise funds for a Fender Telecaster that I have had my eye on for a while.

It's a great pedal, loads of fun. It's in mint condition, used once or twice a week for about 2 months. That's literally the extent of it's use.

I'm asking £170 plus shipping which will probably be £8-£10 depending on where you live. Paypal or direct bank transfer all accepted.

Based in Kingston, Surrey so if you're near by feel free to collect it.

If you want pics then just ask

Secondly, I'm selling a Boss MD-2. Again, great pedal, but I have no use for it now as I have a Barber Dirty Bomb and a Proco Rat.

I'm afraid I haven't got a box for this one but rest assured I will pack it well

Asking £40 plus postage which for pedals is usually around a fiver.

I'll take a trade for a chorus or something on the MD-2 but not on the RC-20XL as I need the money back for that one.

Any other offers, just ask, the worst I can say is no.

Many thanks, Will
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wrong forum, but they're good for the price. but if you got more money, then go for a digidesign mbox
Fancy a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe?
Do you want to trade for my Proco RAT? I'm willing to add on some cash.
It'll be able to supply power to any pedal with a 9V power input, and that's the standard for most pedals.

Great pedal-board, by the way.
I'd go for a Blackstar HT-5, it's a 5 watt tube amp but it's bloody loud. I had one before my current Hot Rod Deluxe. It's a fantastic amp with some cool features and it works well with multi-effects. It's the perfect bedroom amp. If it's too loud, you could always go for the HT-1 but they've only just been released and I don't know what they're like. I'd definitely go for the HT-5.
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Which model is it?
Can I trade my Proco RAT for your EHX Metal Muff?
I don't know what chip is in it. It's the one with the LED in the middle of the A. I might be able to add on cash, depends on how much though.
I had a listen on your profile. Fancy a Proco RAT?
Actually, I'd rather have the Metal Muff
Ooh, definitely up for that! PM me
I'm sorry man. I really do need a distortion.
oh sorry, didn't see that you didn't want a distortion.
Hello mate, just re-checked my balance. A couple of things had gone through from last night which I forgot about. I'm afraid I'm going to have to bail on this one. Really sorry.
If you're willing to add on 15 quid, I'll trade you my Proco Rat?
alright then, I can probably do 35. I'll PM you.