You probably still have all your music in a folder somewhere in your computer.
You can probably just find it and drag it back into your iTunes.
I jog around my neighborhood.
Or rather, sprint with all my might.
That way I can feel good AND obtain the ability to chase down people who piss me off next time.
We already have a chat.
It's listed under "chat".
Anything can happen in 5 years.
I hate those things, I prefer regular shirts.
But they aren't gay, who said they were?!
Place them in your fonts folder.
It should be somewhere in the Control Panel?

EDIT: quick google search

Pick one.
there are a bunch of sources and external links on the bottom, so just go there instead.
I'd say that he's a liar.
Or really lazy.
301 ft
I got stuck D:
80 F
26 C

Gotta love Hawaii, except for the fact I have never played in snow before.
Everyone thinks it's too damn cold when it hits 72 F or lower (22 C)
Quote by cwl
our local taco bell got burned down and is curently under construction.

I totally did not see this coming in a Taco Bell thread.
I expected another discussion of what everyone's favorite foods are.
Yep it's threadstarter.
Stickying this thread is just like adding insult to injury.

Pac Man!
Wait a minute, I take that back.
I just remembered I learned this in Geometry class.
Now I remembered how horrible my Geometry teacher was.
I hated that class.
Bricks have been shat.
I wonder what the people there eat.
I remember in one episode they were eating eggs, what animal/Pokemon did they use for that?
Gonna practice on whoever is on it.
Quote by DyingToLive623
I'm Asian but I suck at math?

Math is my only worry at school
Quote by Wikipedia
He has a congenital growth-hormone condition that gives him the outward appearance and voice of a pre-adolescent boy.

Milonakis has started a non-profit organization for those suffering from this condition. The purpose of this organization is to increase awareness of this disease and to find newer and better treatments for the condition. The organization is called Andy's Hormonally Deficient Kiddos.[1] He also donates to the Ronald McDonald fund for sick children.

Nice guy.
Lol @ bikini Olympics.
Misleading thread title.
Good job on making a not-so-crappy comic.
"Show me your creamy center!"
It came back in my school last year, but this year they even made a club for it :O
I hate those things, other people make it look so easy
Damn I hate people like that.
It seems more and more people in my school are getting sucked into that kind of stuff ( Junior in HS)
I swear to God, I noticed half the class texting at the same goddamned time.
i know class is boring but come on!
Plus it's near death impossible to hold a conversation whenever they stop just for a second to text back.
Am I not important enough that you need to have 2 conversations at the same time?!

Filipino here.
Where the Asians at?!
"If violence isn't working, you are obviously not using enough of it."

Just throwing that out there.
Friend: You're fly's open, you should leave it that way.
Me: ...
You people must be leading very interesting lives.
06er here, not too old, not too young.
I am Cancer.
Cool new people.
Cat's can have strokes?!
*The moar you know*
YOU: "Hey guys, mind if i sit over here?"
YOU: ??????
THEM: "Profit!!!"
Wow a car crash was kind of unexpected, i thought it would be from old age.
Either way, major condolences will be sent out yo'.
Yeah i remember that thread.
It was like, sooooo tits on a whale.
I PM'ed ya.

EDIT: NOD32 costs about $58.99 for a 2 year subscription.