I'll be happy if I never see that guy again
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The activity of this thread has a direct correlation of the popularity of Muse. It used to be so lively, we all used to love Muse to overly obsessive levels.

But now it's dead. We may try to kid ourselves by saying "I really liked x, y and z on the latest album, and there were a few good ones on the previous one too," but they all pale in comparison to the glory days.

If we're going to be honest, UG forums as a whole are pretty dead these days, not just the Muse thread. I see a mod locked other popular band threads - the Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters threads etc have all been locked. I'm assuming that's because no one was using them

Fuck I loved UG forums back in the day. Had a real, tangible, sense of community about them. <3
steve_muse give it a listen - I was pleasantly surprised by it! To me, it fits in well with BH&R/Resistance era Muse - if that means anything  
Alright! I'm loving 'Pressure'. Groovy as heck.

Looking forward to their album, which surprises me - although if you look at the five songs they've released from it so far they're starting to make sense. When I first heard Dig Down I wasn't a fan of it but I feel in the context of an album it's going to fit in juuuuust nicely - if the five song release playlist thing on Spotify is anything to go by.
edgeyyz  I liked Thought Contagion. Couldn't stand Dig Down, but I do find myself listening to Resistance era Muse or prior whenever I do go back and listen to them. 
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So the más lads played this setlist 2007 me would be pleased

Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses Outro; First time opening since 2007)
Dead Star (First time since 2015)
Muscle Museum (First time since 2015)
Easily (Live Debut)
Glorious (Extended Intro; First time since 2005)
Butterflies & Hurricanes (Glastonbury 2004 Intro)
Citizen Erased
Munich Jam (Fast Ending)
Showbiz ('Ashamed' Riff Outro; First time since 2006)
Hysteria (AC/DC's 'Back In Black' Riff Outro)
New Born ('Micro Cuts' + 'Agitated' + 'Yes Please' Riffs Outro; First time since 2015)
Yes Please (Jam Version; 'Reapers' + Rage Against The Machine's 'Freedom' Outro; First time since 2014)
Sing For Absolution (First time since 2007)
Plug In Baby (Extended Outro w/ Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Riff)
----------------Encore 2----------------
Futurism (Primus' 'Too Many Puppies' Intro)
Knights Of Cydonia (Ennio Morricone's Man With A Harmonica Intro)

Oh my sweet lord, THAT is a set list. That was at the 'by request' show, right? It's kind of telling how there's nothing from T2L onwards, I wonder how Matt et. al. felt about that
thread, /ded

^Fair point, but Boma Ye looks more brutal than a Brogue kick by far. All in the way you sell the move I guess?
That'd be something to see

EDIT: With WWE's attitude on head injuries I can't imagine they'd let him use that move though..?

I guess I'm really only interested in seeing how they're going to establish him as a top babyface - assuming it gets that far. I think Stone Cold speaks for the majority in thinking he needs a decent singles heel run before we'll become invested in his character.

That being said I know a few people that are his biggest fans - I just don't get it. But that's how it starts I suppose
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Anyone else watch the Rumble?
*tumbleweed gif*

I thought it was alright tbh. Crowd going nuts for AJ was pretty cool, as was Roman getting dumped. I'm trying to like him but.. I just can't get in to it. I'm sure he's capable of carrying the company, but just not now I feel.
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Radiohead changed their name?

lol, one in every crowd
Here bcoz three months since the last post in this thread makes me sad.

Still haven't listened to the new album much; though I did catch an episode of Later with Joooooools and Muse opened the show with 'Psycho'. I realised I'll need to give the album another few spins - the new songs sound pretty damn good live.
That was in the 10%
Chuck whatever you like on the setlist. I was at one point able to play 90% of Muse's catalogue on bass It wouldn't take too much to brush up on the ones i've not played recently


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Read this; thought this:

i need your loooooooahoooahooooove
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yeah I can do minor contributions for now but for the most part everything will have to wait for me for a bit too.

today I could probably do a bunch though.

remember when you drunk posted your own lyrics to Undisclosed Desires? We should cover that song with those lyrics and you just kind of drunkenly rambling into the mic.

Wait so are we actually doing something with this?
Nor do i. But it would be a brilliant idea! I will naturally fill the shoes of Christ Woolstenhome
Ooh we're doing this again..!

Shoop Whiz
The Resistance
Decent set list from the last couple of gigs! Rather envious.
lol maggie's farm riff
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Awesome, doing what? Got any big investment plans?

Thanks! Ah it was a mildly glorified battle of the bands contest put on by a shopping centre
Yep, that money is going straight towards the recording/release of our EP. There should be a nice amount leftover for whatever else as well.
My band won $5000 yesterday.
Can they just hurry up and release it
Reply #32000. That is all.

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Still this thread's biggest fanboy, yianni. Keep it up


This thread in the metal forum piqued my interest:

I think the same could/should be done for the MR forum - there's a shit-ton of spam and BS threads on here
That depends on the kind of coffee.. If it's instant coffee then I'll take it black with a couple of sugars, but if I'm at a cafe or wherever I'll generally have a long macchiato. With two. Ain't no time to **** around when you've got a caffeine craving.
I don't think Sonic Highways has topped Wasting Light though.
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happy new year.

just went through a pretty bad depressive thing.

didn't leave my bed for three days accept to go go the bathroom and to go to work once. felt like shit the whole time.

i don't even know why lol

didn't even go on UG much or anything.

needless to say I only have half of bedroom acoustics down


I was feeling that way over christmas - I didn't want to go out or see my family or anything really. Wanted to stay inside and do FA, but couldn't Once I was with people I got over it though and had a relatively good time.. Just that initial action of getting out and doing it took a lot of effort.
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I learned the start of Unintended jus cos it's fun. Saving Bedroom Acoustics for later

With an aging user base? It'll never be like the old days

I'm 26; I was 17 when I joined :/
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I actually meant yianni,or will 2, oooor, I'm sure there was another. Rip

Oh yeah, numbers! Remember him? Ahhhh.... Liam? 11223344554433?

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It'd be too sad to look at old posts especially my drunken ones.. Next time I get drunk I'll only need to name you and Kai and our new friend mr mind_meld

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^ur welcome, it's just me and will and sometimes our old Aussie reg. We sometimes talk about 'em, though it is used mostly as chat thread amongst muse peeps.

When they release the new album tho

Er mah gerd, that's me
This forum is kind of dead.. Why did we all have to go out and join the real world?
Stockman's a bit of a bass beast.
Is it your shout?

In other news, I may be a year or two behind the times but I'm really getting in to Random Access Memories.
Usually not. I'm growing to love it though!
Does the music you listen to make you feel good? That's the only thing that matters. **** people's opinions.
The OoS pole things? I'd be curious to hear how that would sound, the sound waves trying to force themselves through those tiny gaps