isn't blackmail a crime in itself?
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absolute value is a v looking graph
- before makes it an upside down v
+2 raises it 2 units on the y axis
+3 moves it left 3 units on the x axis
slope is 1

moved from the starting point where the bottom of the v is at 0,0

Thank you so much!
I was trying to do it algebraically but I guess the visual way is easier, huh?
I need some help with the modulus function. I'm blanking right now cause we did this at the start of the year, but could anyone tell me how to graph f(x) = -|x+3| + 2?
Any help is much appreciated!
womb-buster69. i will never forget that guy
First I'd say don't take so long to set up and get into the song, I know it seems like you did it pretty quickly but seriously if you can launch almost straight into the song after the guy announces it, that's so much more appealing. Maybe be ready on stage while the guy is talking, or get ready while he announces you.

For the count in, have all eyes on the drummer in the band, and just let him guide you in with a physical motion, like he raises his sticks an eighth note or a quarter note before you guys start, there's no point having the drummer stick in and he isn't going to even play.

The electric guitarist; always face the audience, don't be at a 45 degree angle to them, always face the audience if you aren't interacting with another band member. That's another thing, eye contact within the band, look at each other, and look like you're enjoying yourselves up there. Make some eye contact with the audience too, or pick a spot up the back of the room to look at, so it looks like you're looking into the audience at least. Also, you don't need to go ape shit on stage, but a little groove/dance sorta thing would be pretty sweet.

I think in the solo you sorta went off to the side and was staring at your guitar to play a solo (assuming you're the electric guitarist). Don't get me wrong, you nailed the solo and everything, but a solo is an individual band member's time to shine, you should step forward from the band and be in the spotlight for a couple of measures.

Anyway, that was a really tight cover, you guys have chops, it's just a matter of working on stage presence and adjusting the balance a bit wouldn't hurt.
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The subdominant.

Hey guys, just thought I'd share that I swapped the tubes in my Trilogy. And I have to say, it's like I took all of the best qualities of the amp and enhanced them while simultaneously removing all of the things that bothered me about it. I swapped out the stock EL34 power tubes for some JJ E34Ls. The preamp tubes I swapped like so: V1 - Tung-sol 12ax7 V2 & 3 - JJ ECC83S and V4 - Sovtek 12ax7LPS.

The amp was a bit brighter after the swap, so I dialed down the treble and presence (which was already low anyway), and I obtained a rich and smooth lead tone. The sustain is crazy and pinch harmonics practically fall out of the guitar.

In regards to heavy rhythms and such, the amp is ridiculously defined, you can play complex chords and easily recognise the voicings and individual notes within chords. The clean channel is much richer and warmer as well, and with the sparkle switch engaged, it becomes really glassy and pristine.

I haven't really messed with the crunch channel too much as I don't really have a need for it, but I'll update when I can. Might be posting some clips soon also.
when we ride on our enemies - tupac

edit: *flameshield up*
Anybody in SE Melbourne looking to start a band? Any genre really, cept hardcore. PM me if you're interested. I'm a guitarist and yeah, hit me up.
I mean the key you press to get a G, but without the keys you press to get A and B
The 'open' position on any sax produces a note that is slightly out in regards to intonation with the other notes. If you're playing the note in passing in a pretty fast phrase where you won't notice it, use the open fingering. But if you're holding a long note, there's an alternative fingering for the middle of the stave C#. If you hold the G key as well as the register key then you will get a more in tune sounding C#.

Like this:

( )
( )

( )
( )
( )
with the register key.
I thought maybe the mirrors were like a door type thing, I'll draw a diagram. If someone could tell me why that's wrong so I can keep living my life, I'd be very grateful.

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anyone else have friends who use the fan check thing with thier photos

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Hey it's my birthday too!
The Sunshine Kissed My Cheek

They're pounding on the walls
The hall begins to shake
The shrill, relentless screams
That I just cannot take

For hours it has gone on
Their tyranny persists
I'm trying to stay calm
But my state of mind will shift

From soaring oh so high
The sunshine kissed my cheek
Majestic and so free
Over highest mountain's peak

But they have burnt my wings
And swiftly now I fall
I do not brace for impact
I'm used to it, after all

Now I'm locked inside
Wishing them away
But I have no other choice
Inside the hall I stay

They've broken through
They broke me down
They've breached the gate

Now I kiss the ground
Lower than the ocean floor
Battered, broken, scarred
Happiness; no more

A comforting cold creeps over me
I've felt this cold before
But there's a light, that's shining bright
A light that I adore

I follow with blind obedience
I do not question why
I've reached the light, with all my might
Again I'm in the sky

From lying oh so low
The darkness hid my tears
Scared and all alone
Surrounded by my fears

Now I'm free to fly
Gliding carelessly
Until they come again
But I'll never be ready
Hmm fair enough, thanks for the responses guys
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what technique the guitarist for Parkway Drive is using at approx. 3.25 - 3.26 in this video. I've heard it in a couple of songs and I'm not sure if it's just a natural harmonic dive or something else. I've tried the dive and I can't get it to sound right. Any help is appreciated
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In my opinion, if you don't have too much time to adjust all the EQ settings, just set it flat, boost mids as you need to cut through the mix but not sound too boxy/honky. I played a Screamer once, but that was through an ENGL 2x12, still it sounded great as soon as I plugged into it, real sweet sound.
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look at his music, see what he does. see what other rockabilly artists do, what chords they use, what scales, what intervals etc. etc.
Heaps of HK amps work for metal; TriAmp mk I/II, Trilogy, Warp X (like Kyle said), Switchblade, those are all that come to mind right now. But yeah lot's of HKs can play metal dude
anyone else think mp3 playing tampons?
Man that killed me. Can't believe some of the stuff I saw. I nearly slit my wrists when the ump gave that 50 to Dempsy. Possibly the worst call I've ever seen.
Carlton v Essendon what a bs match. WAY too many early misses from Carlton, especially Fev. Can't believe what he kicked, like 3.7 or something? Umpiring didn't particularly help, but you can't pin a loss like that on the umps. Extremely disappointing match!
Yeah all the time, but I listen to, and like, A Change of Seasons a lot more.
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I thought of bed sores once I saw the wiki link.
Not an appetising thought.

you and me both friend, you and me both
clips and pics when you get it
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EDIT: No, that makes too much sense..
bros before hoes unless you're copping blows.
this is the rule.
Wipe it with a wet sponge when it's hot/cooling down?
The kid likes Slipknot, deal with it. Jesus Christ, metal elitists these days
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did she refuse to give you your change, so you threatened to blow the mother****er up?

I ****ing love you, and that video.
Melbourne Guitar Festival is coming up, but I think it's mostly classical guitar masterclasses, but I can't be sure. Severe lack of information on their website, pisses me of
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Tire your username a cry for help? I'd love to tire you so you could get some sleep. Hmm...that sounds strange...


to contribute to the thread, one time i woke up and i looked at my alarm clock, and no **** the numbers were like some sort of asian language, like the funky looking characters. freaked me out.

EDIT: Also reported for that link poster above... wtf man
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Dude, I stayed up 24+ hours once a week for a year. I know what insomnia and sleep deprivation can do to your body.

Aw, I was on your side and was being sarcastic. Damn internet..
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Lol it's called staying up for a day and sleeping.

This is too ridiculous to be true.