Brut IPA is Bud Light with some hops and you know it. Proper scam. 
Dreadnought Yeah, you're definitely getting the ginger and lemongrass coming through and a nice warmth from the ginger and the chilli. Going to leave it a few more days to intensify the flavours a bit more then get it bottled, conditioned ready for some decent weather in which to enjoy it.
Lemon meringue pie beer has already been done by Omnipollo and it just doesn't work. The lactose used to mimic the meringue isn't enough to offset the lemon juice used to condition the beer and there hasn't been enough thought with the malt bill to try and replicate the pie element. Bit of crystal and possibly some oats in the mash would've added more sweetness malt flavours and body to the beer. As it was, it was thin and sharp and very expensive. Not a bad drink, but certainly not close to what was advertised. 

I had a small barrel of a 4.3% pale Citra beer leftover from work that I added a load of red chilli (no seeds or white stuff), lemongrass, ginger, lime juice and lime zest to. Tasted it a few days after the additions and I must say it is an absolute beauty. Going to bottle it and prime each bottle with around 3ml of fresh lime juice for added condition and a touch more flavour.
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Of course, but it's hard to tell where the line between "being easily beaten" (which is looked like in Brazil) and just not giving a fuck and coasting is

It'd probably be in his best interests in the long run (for defence) to try and beat Lewis, but at the same time if deep down he knows he probably can't, he could just not bother and say he didnt even try

Don't forget Rosberg will be nursing that last power unit as well
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Nope, Toto Wolff literally said it had nothing to do with that/it wouldnt have helped

Aye, well he's not going to publicly shit on his own driver for being an arrogant dumbass is he?
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I thought it tasted like asshole. But not as bad as Guinness Nitro IPA.

Ballast Point has a Nitro Amber at their brewery that I want to try. The brewery is a 10 minute drive from my house. Just went for the first time on Saturday. I don't remember who was saying that Ballast Point is all just IPAs, but if you go to their brewery, they have soooo many beers that they don't distribute or only distribute locally. They had like 8 stouts/porters 5 or 6 ambers, a saison or two, obviously a bunch of IPAs and Pale ales. So much stuff. Just checked the website. They have 37 beers in their taproom.

Did you go to the production brewery or the trial brewery? The trial brewery was pretty cool as it was more sort of the size of equipment that I use at work. They wouldn't let me have a proper nosy at all their equipment though which was a bit shitty.
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Yeah, bascially the team put both cars in this "wrong" mode which kicked in at a certain point in the race (3 laps earlier on Lewis' car for some reason). Rosberg turned a switch that was close to the one he needed to turn to get out of the wrong mode just before his car switched into said mode. The team told him it was an issue with a mode, so he assumed it was what he'd just done so flipped it back.

Hamilton on the other hand had no clue what it was, or why. Hence taking so long to get out of it.

I feel the radio bans should be altered. Shit like that isnt racing. Not just saying it cause I'm a Hamilton fan, but we were denied a car coming through the pack yesterday because of the ban. As we saw when he got out of the wrong mode he put in the fastest lap of the race (at that time). Would probably have been another 'boring' Merc 1-2, but it would have given the race an interesting point at least

Alternatively, he could spend some time in the simulator learning how the functions of his car and steering wheel work in more depth rather than being told what to do. Might help his starts as well.
Has no one considered the fact that no matter what the vote is, the UK is still going to remain a member of the EU? Either new concessions (that definitely haven't already been predetermined) will be given thus requiring another vote because our position is "different" or there'll be some huge inquiry into the actual effects of leaving before we take the plunge which will cost a fucking bomb and will inevitably say it's a bad idea. It happened with Ireland, and it'll happen with us. Referendums will be held until the public make the "correct" decision, in this case to remain. Everyone should just chill out, stop worrying and anticipate there being any sort of non-referendum based news in a few weeks.
I'm going to have to stop reading the BBC F1 page, Andrew Benson's sucking of Hamilton's dick is unbearable. FP1 Hamilton leads by one tenth and he's dominating and awesome. Ricciardo leads the previously dominating and awesome pace setter by six tenths but he is merely comfortable. I understand the favouritism due to nationality but this is taking the piss

Sebastian Vettel was 21 years, two months and 11 days when he became the youngest race winner at Monza back in 2008. Vettel has beaten him by almost three years."

Quality reporting from the BBC as always.
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Fair play Verstappen, looks like he's got it!

Just hope Kimi doesn't overcook it on the last lap and bin it into the back of Verstappen. Which is likely to be fair.
RIP Kvyat
Lauda blaming Hamilton. Didn't expect that.
I agree with your points about F1 being inherently dodgy, but what real power do the drivers have? Particularly over the way other teams operate, let alone their own. I have no doubt that Red Bull have been looking for a reason to bump Verstappen up and are using Kvyat as an excuse but to suggest that Vettel's input regarding Kvyat's future, if there was any, at Sochi expedited or even was the genesis for Red Bull's decision to bump him back down to Toro Rosso seems beyond the realms of possibility given how quickly it's all happened.

Personally, I hope that Kvyat stays in F1 and gets a reasonable drive away from Red Bull next season, maybe Haas if Gutierrez continues to be a load of old shite and can make sure that his bumps with Vettel won't be what he's remembered for.
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It's not that ridiculous.

Explain, with reasons that can be cited, why it isn't.
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It's a move to keep Verstappen. I wouldn't mind suggesting Vettel had some say in it too. Promoted the wrong guy IMO

This "Vettel told them to" is ridiculous. Why would he have any say whatsoever when he effectively ditched RBR when the going got tough? Red Bull does what Red Bull wants to make sure Red Bull performs as well as they can, not on the say so of a former driver. It's almost as ******ed as this notion certain people have that Hamilton is being sabotaged by Mercedes because he's had two races with mechanical issues. You don't pay someone as much as Mercedes pay him to ensure that he loses
Got to be worth a tenner on Verstappen for WDC now. But yeah, dick move. Imagine if a younger Grosjean had been at Red Bull
Kimi has looked good so far this weekend but I have no doubt he'll have a shitty start tomorrow and finish about fifth.
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What's everyone's opinion of Ballast Point?

I really dig their light beers, but their weird IPAs (grapefruit? habanero? gross) and dark beers (only tried the Victory At Sea, but it was way too coffee tasting for me) really turn me off to experimenting with more of their stuff.

My opinion is that the beer's good, but I wish someone would buy my brewery for a billion dollars. I'd even settle for a hundred million.
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How's it going mate? I'm very well thanks, still cutting about in Leeds. Are you back over in the North West now?

I am, after a somewhat acrimonious departure from Sheffield about a year ago. All going good though, bought a house, got a pension, got a bonus scheme. I'm so corporate. Have to work in Bolton though so it's not all fun and games.
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Just going to sneak this great article about qualifying (and how the FIA/teams/Bernie barney isn't about qualifying) into the sicks bantz here.

So it's basically that everyone wants absolute power but no one can agree on anything?

Long time anyway, what's crackin' hooooomiiiiiie?
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What will you eat if Rosberg wins the WDC?

Hamilton's dick like almost everyone else in this thread is doing.
Can the UK broadcasters drop the hype around Palmer now?
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Off the top of my head, no. But over-hopped beers are stupid popular in my area, so I probably have without realizing it.

Brewed with it now. Fairly pleasant flavours that you'd expect from high alpha US hops so quite citrus but a bit softer than Citra and Mosaic for example. However, I do not like brewing with it as it seems to have a tendency to shed a hell of a lot of general gunk and clogs up all my filters and wrecks one of my pumps. Bit annoyed about that.
No. I have the very unusual privilege of having my day finish when the work finishes. There is no such thing as overtime in my job because I can't leave before everything is completed, nor is there anything left to do when the work is done. I like the certainty.
I passed my driving test about seven years ago. It's pretty useful now my place of work isn't a five minute stroll away. Also, they don't teach you in your driving lessons how to get motivated enough to clean your car. Mine is so dirty I've taken to writing "yo!" on it every time I get in it
Here's a question for you boys in America. Have any of you tried any beers with Azacca hops in? I managed to get hold of 10kg of whole leaf and 5kg pellet a couple of weeks back and I'd be interested to know what to expect
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BBC to cut their F1 deal short by 3 years and end now. ITV will pick up the free to air rights apparently.

Imagine Adrian Chiles presenting F1, with adverts during the races. Good god

Will it be any worse than when Jim Rosenthal presented it and there were adverts? However, I expect the level of punditry on ITV will be somewhere around the piss poor mark
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Worst terrorist ever.

(hardly) injures 3 people, then gets tasered and arrested

In his defence, it was just #bl8zbantz
Why has there been no conspiracy theory about Mercedes ensuring that Hamilton won the championship and now they're letting them race properly to explain why Rosberg is giving him a fairly stern dicking of late?
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Has Kimi fucked up today? Nope. That's refreshing.

Perez will have him off the line and then Kimi will just go backwards from there.
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Idk. Jonothan was working drive thru, and he isnt very experienced in the service dept, and there are no managers here. He didnt tell anyone that the dude was refusing to pay until he got his food until we were half way done making his order.

You need to sit "Jonothan" down and have a stern word with that useless motherfucker. And tell him to spell his name right.
I'd tell those tarts to stop fannying about or they'll get a dry slap, know what I'm sayin' Pat?
France attacked, again, because it's the easiest target in the "developed West". Possibly a response to Jihadi John getting his shit ruined? Who knows. All we know is it's either going to blow over because other countries can't be arsed/afford getting more involved or it's going to be used as an excuse to go absolutely OTT and bomb the fuck out of everywhere where "those A-rab folk live"
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help me


Is this heavy with the implication that you haven't played Deus Ex Human Revolution? If you haven't, I h8 u boi
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If you're like "meh" on Fallout 4 I say either wait a month (PC retail price physical copy will have dropped by at least a tenner by then) or just wait until all the patches are out there's no reason not to unless you REALLY need something to play but come on we all have backlogs

^ Witcher 3 probably did spoil us because it's absolutely beautiful and naturalistic

My backlog consists of Codemasters games that won't save properly, Commander Keen and X Rebirth. And you can get fucked if you think I'm playing X Rebirth
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as much as I wish I could, i can't man I signed a deferral agreement, basically probation.

then stop shitting all over my threads then dude.

They're for fags. You don't want to be a fag, do ya?
Go and fuck up their bikes, dude.