I just found out I have hepatitis. Send prayers and good vibes, please.
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Is it dishwasher safe?

Because if I have to hand-clean that thing, hell no.

Not sure how I feel about my own spunk being blasted around where I clean my dishes.
This guy is basically Anakin Skywalker after he turns to the dark side.
It's not going to sound like a bass or fill the same space, unless maybe you strung really thick strings and played through a bass amp... but at that point, you should probably just get a bass.
GHS Fast Fret. I started using it recently. I used to change my strings literally every two weeks. It made a huge difference. Just use it after you finish playing. I just keep it in my pedalboard road case and wipe down the strings after every gig.
I actually had the earlier breakup problem once on a road gig I played where my amp was mic'd in a back room. I thought it was just in my ears but it wound up being an issue in the house too and our sound guy couldn't figure it out. Is the early breakup a problem in the house too or just your monitors? It could be a number of things. Added cable length would probably have the opposite effect so it's probably not that.

Ps: change your tubes.
I've always found the Rockerverb to be a bit more punchy than the TH series of amps. I think it's because it's more high mid focused than low mids, at least to my ears. You can still get that slightly scooped sound, but I think that if you're more focused in the higher mids, you'll cut better in contrast with your other guitarist who's using a Mesa. The TH amps are definitely closer in voicing to Mesa amps than the Rockerverb. The Rockerverb is more up the Marshall vein, but not the JCM 900 vein. That particular amp is a little different than the traditional Marshall vibe.
Clips 2, 6, 9, 10, 14, 15, and 17 sounded good. The rest either seemed too muddy or had a weird high overtone. I've gotta say though, this thread is a pretty great idea.
Dude... That's so rock and roll. But yeah. I'm gonna say new amp time. You could get it fixed but with the cost of labor counting diagnosis to what caused that in the first place, it might be better to go with a new amp...
Gonna disagree with the cobalt strings. They felt pretty rough and dry when I tried them. Either get some fast fret, or try flatwound strings. Flatwound strings tend to sound a lot darker though.
...Wait... Your toaster exploded?
If you ever plan on learning to refret a guitar, don't ever try it on a guitar you care about, because there's probably a 90% chance that you'll ruin it the first time around.
For the record, I highly doubt any of those bands use nearly as much bass as you think they do, especially if you're using recordings for reference. It's a common recording preference to high pass the guitar signal so very little bass comes through because it sits better in the mix. Basically, it's the bass player's job.
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Do Sennheiser E609s have good rep? I don't have much space and getting rid of a mic stand would be awesome.
They're great. I prefer them over the SM57, personally, but you'll get plenty of mixed opinions in that area. I've always thought that they sounded a little more natural and full bodied than the 57 though.
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So an AC15C1 or a Deluxe Reverb Reissue? And a Marshall and a Twin for later?
That'd honestly be your best investment, imo. A new amp will drastically improve your sound.
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No studio is complete without some type of Plexi and a Fender Twin.
And an AC30.
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TS, visit the setup thread concerning ANY playability issues.


TS, my best advice would be to go online and order a set of Allen wrenches. I'm not sure where your guitar was made, or if all Jacksons are made in the same place, but your best bet is, if it's made in the US, get a set of allen keys measured in US units. It's reasonably safe to say that if it's made anywhere else, get a set of metric allen keys.
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well, he might not know how to put it, perhaps he means,
it needs a minor adjustment?

TS if you are unsure how to measure neck angle
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But he said it's not even playable! I don't know. It just strikes me as being a bit strange.
Get the amp. The amp is awesome. The guitar is awesome too, but the amp will give you a little more tonal variety.
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I dont see how the truss rod could be bent after only 2 months of non-use.
I'm with this guy... That seems a little ridiculous.
That sounds like you've got a power tube going out on you.
Just whip out your manhood. They'll be distracted. That's when you make your move...
Fun fact: If a tube amp blows up or does something ridiculous, a tech can probably still fix it. If it's solid state, it's generally a lot more difficult. At the most, you'll be changing your tubes once a year or so, with fairly extensive use. Whoopdy-doo.
You're not "too good". You're "too technical". Sometimes, less is more. If you're trying to play an intricate lead line in a pop-punk song, that doesn't fit, and it's just distracting. Honestly, I'd argue that the good musicians are the ones that know what to play and make it sound good, rather than just being able to play something outrageously fast.
Because not knowing them makes you almost entirely useless in a band setting.
I'm with the other guys. Just get a good combo. A good tube amp is going to fill more space than a Spider half stack ever will, and it'll sound better and respond better to your technique.
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Well, I find QOTSA, has really midrange sound, therefore I did it that way, and I don't find the "mids all up" sound that bad.
Marshall tonestacks tend to push the high midrange pretty hard if you push the mids, so that might be where some of the added treble is coming from.
A 50 watt JCM 800 is practically enough to peel paint off the walls...
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you're talking about one IEM instead of using is why this is bad

(this is pruned from a forum post someplace else...these are not my words)

Wearing one earpiece is bad for your hearing because you are forcing your brain to listen to 2 different sources. Its called dichoctic listening and it strains your brain. Your ears are not 50/50, meaning they dont contribute 50% each side to hearing. They are more like 40/40 and then your brain puts the signal together, this is called BINAURAL SUMMATION. You will listen at lower volume levels using both earphones. My classic example ...what do you do with your open ear when you are trying to use your cell phone in a loud environment...most answer right away "I plug my open ear".
It forces you to adjust your volume (in ear) to over power the volume of the ambient. It doesnt make sense to step away from the wedge if your are not willing to wear both earphones.

in other words...if the point of IEMs is to reduce stage volume and save your hearing, then it is pointless to do it if you're only willing to use one ear since you will crank that one to compensate
This, and to be honest, if you're going to use IEM's, don't settle for crappy ones. A good pair will give you clarity in your mix so that you can actually tell what you're playing. Like some of the other guys said, bad earbuds will just turn your mix to mush. Your guitar can be loud, but it won't cut well so you won't be able to tell what you're playing. You'll just know that you're playing something. Westone makes some decent dual driver ears for about $200. Below that, I can't really give you any recommendations since I don't have any experience in that regard, but you can probably find something workable.
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And after you mod them they're a box of 'killer bees'. I've never listened to an 808, just a TS-7, TS-9, and TS-9DX. The DX seems a little more 'bassy' to my ears, but most people tell me I'm deaf. So is the difference between a 9 and a 9DX essentially like having a 9 modded?
As far as the extra modes on the DX, it's WAY more bassy. That's pretty much the idea. I use it specifically as a boost for when I also want a really fat and compressed lead tone. I can't speak for the main tubescreamer setting on it in comparison to a ts9 though as I haven't played them side by side in years.
Try them and find out. I mean, they aren't going to make you a better player. Just use what's most comfortable for you.
Typically, if you're playing a venue big enough where a 4x12 cab would be beneficial for sound projection, they're going to mic your amp anyway. A 2x12 will be fine.
Quote by dragonkidkoga do you delete a thread. I just asked for someone to recommend me a solid state halfstack... Geez. I don't want a freakin tube amp.
Okay, nobody is going to recommend you one because, in that price range, you're not getting one worth recommending. In fact, there aren't many SS heads out there worth buying that don't cost an obscene amount of money. Even then, I'd still take a tube amp purely for the dynamics that a SS amp simply can't recreate.

We're trying to show you that the reasoning for why you need a SS half stack is pretty much ridiculous, and that you should either save your money or invest it more wisely. Ultimately, it's your call, but when you come here asking for help, don't just expect people to validate your bad ideas.
Look into getting a used Vox AC15. It'll overdrive well on its own, it takes pedals really well, and it should fall under your budget if it's a used model.
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my girlfriend used it once, she just got unbelievably horny
...What could possibly go wrong?
I'm just going to go ahead and say this. I don't care what you're thinking. You don't NEED a half stack. At all. And for that budget, you'll regret it in a couple years anyway. It'd be worth your money to just invest in something that sounds good rather than something that looks cool.
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Okay, yes, but it's Marshall! This should be celebrated by a three channel amp (each channel representing a classic Marshall tone, JTM45, 1959SLP and JCM800) with twenty EL34s in the power section!
Imagine how much a 2x12 combo version would weigh.
A one watt Bluesbreaker? Yes please.
They're .13's. They're not even remotely light. You're all morons.