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If I had a dollar for every time Ronaldo fell to the ground, waited for a few seconds, and cringed in pain...

So true.
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oo oo ooh!!! I remember when I was in New York when I was 10 or something we went to this GIGANTIC toystore! It was AWESOME! It had like 3 or 4 floors full of toys and the video games section alone was as big as a complete toy store over here. It was truly of epic proportions. I can't remember what it was called

Toys R Us.
I was just there yesterday.
I've been crying almost nonstop since Tuesday.
You can attack enemies with a giant key.
Regina Spektor.
Hayley Williams.
Meredith Godreau.
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The one where Patricks parents thought he was stupid, and after the whole episode, Patrick hears them call each other Janet and Marty and goes "JANET!! MARTY!! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!"
then the dad and mom like "oh wait that's right... we don't have a son." "oh yeah!"

that show was the best. And the whole Krusty Krab pizza one where hes doing this singing thing was the funniest thing I had ever seen as a kid.

Oh god I love SpongeBob.
Merry Christmas from Long Island!
I've had like six boyfriends.
Only three have meant something, and the boy I'm with now is amazing, and today is eight months. =]
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One of the most well written things I've read here.
Reminded me of a Street Sweeper's Tales
If you havn't read that...

That was really ill.

And TS, your story was brilliant.
"Oh my god I was so drunk that night, I didn't know i gave him a blow job"
"It wasn't just once."

In the darkroom in Photo.
The teacher walked in as she was saying it.
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Here's some True Scottish Pirate Metal for you


Whoa. They're so good. What other bands are similar to them?
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As in on the warped tour?

When I saw them last month, they just said that they were gonna tour next summer.
I hope its not on warped tour.
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I know they release which bands are going to be on the tour in December, but when is it usually? Do you guys think Underoath will make it being they're in the studio now? w0rd.

They're planning on touring in the summer.
Yo, someone should invite me, CarryOutTheS0und.
Alternative Stuff.
And ill! You're from Centereach!
I have a pretty low self-esteem, but there are some days I think I look pretty.
Have a good meal, I guess would alright.
This seems mildly entertaining,
someone invite me please.
English and Portuguese fluently, and learning French in school.
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Conor oberst!

And by the way, Jesse Lacey= <3.
Bright Eyes shirt- $15
Underwear- $15
Bra- $30

$60 total.
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If the oil runs out in my lifetime, I'm moving to Brazil.

Any particular reason why Brazil?
Dark Brown/Black.
Any other suggestions?
I really need a song.
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I fail to conceive a song as a visual aid...

The lyrics printed out.
And than analyzed.
My teacher has done it before with songs by Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
Hm, any songs maybe about absolutism or even totalitarianism?
Anything else?
Maybe something not as heavy?
Playing Megadeth or something in an AP Euro class could be kinda weird, haha.
Okay, for AP Euro we have to do a presentation about Louis XIV, and for visual aid a possibility is a song, so I need a song about someone with a lot of power.
Any recommendations?
=[ RIP Vitek.
Amazing drummer, shame he died so young.
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Or Translating the Name... Whatever happened to old Saosin?

banned for having baby punting contests.