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Still playing on my Gibson SG that Cory picked up for me a while back. Desperately needs a service/repair though, just waiting on my tax money to come back to me before I book her in. Other than that I have a Fender acoustic which does me well, she aint no masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship, but she does the job.

Once I get the SG sorted I'll probably save up for another guitar, so I can alternate between tunings without having to screw around tuning back and forth on the one guitar. Maybe a Gibson Firebird, they are sexy!

I just picked up the Warren Ellis signature tenor guitar by Eastwood, so i've technically been screwing around with different tunings as well. Just relearning chords and scales. Fun times.
I think they're a great pop band if that means anything. I don't really listen to them past "Songs About Jane" and a couple songs on their second album, but they're good at what they do.
Well this was fun.

So.. back to rap music then?
Hey.. conversations and shit..

What kind of guitars are you guys playing on?

I just got my fender blues deluxe reissue fixed, it had just been laying around for a couple years. Turns out the issue was just some soldering issues. This is the first time I'm playing it with a Warmoth Jazzmaster I put together. I love it.
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I haven't seen Mystery Team. Prolly one say. And really? I loved Weirdo. The part about Michael Cera always gets me lol.

The punchlines brought me in. Only a couple of his songs rely heavily on them, beyond them it's mostly just being clever, I think anyways. Have you seen how much his fanbase want Bino to release So Profound? It's pretty crazy. And I love Chance! Been bumping Acid Rap and the SoX stuff lately. And on the Kanye album.

I've never heard of "So Profound", just checked out the live vid of youtube, sounds pretty cool. Reminds me of that ****ed up beat from that recent-ish Pusha T track.

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MBDTF has some shitty filler tho

Yeezus has a shitty last couple songs.
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^Lol nice, I love that show. He also had a really good stand-up special called Weirdo and a comedy sketch group on YouTube called DerrickComedy. There's a lot of funny shit in there.

That's fair. I love all his shit. Because the Internet is probably one of my favourite albums in a long, long time. Love Slim. Encore and Recovery were bad, but before and after there's a lot of stuff I like.

I like Fantasea a lot and I just bought her studio album. Lots of different sounds, I enjoy them. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is ****ing amazing.

Love DerrickComedy, and the movie they made. Not a big fan of his stand up though.

I also didn't care much for his rap albums before Because the Internet, felt they relied too much on punchlines. BTI is pretty good though, and i'm looking forward to see him do more stuff with Chance the Rapper. Agree on MBDTF as well.
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Hey guys!

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^Yes. Happy New Year tho.

Well shit.. I guess I'm not gonna break the rules then.
Is it too late to say Happy New Year?
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Is there somewhere I can watch NPJW online, and is the wwe network worth it just for NXT?

There's a bunch on dailymotion, or you could get NJPW World, which is their version of the network that they just recently released for 999 Yen.
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Just so you know Zack wasn't in the Global League as he's a Junior but all of the Japan stuff available is uploaded on this guys account.

It's all in separate matches but if you filter by playlist you will be able to find whatever NOAH shows aired with all the matches inside.

So I just watched this year's BOLA, and Zack Sabre Jr really impressed me. I know he's in NOAH, and i've been hearing about Chris Hero's run in NOAH, but I have no idea how to watch any of it except for the scattered videos on youtube. How can I just watch the Global League tournament from this year?
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What on earth happened here?

We're listening to Weezer, get with it.
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I like Make Believe

I've only heard a few songs from the new one and there's some decent stuff like the cleopatra one but some others just seemed like they're not even trying. Some really do sound like slight variations on really familiar sounds they've produced for ages, but I'll give it a try.

I don't know, maybe my expectations were just so low (understandably so). But I thought I actually like it all the way through, which I don't for Green Album. Back to Shack is a bad track by itself to me, but listening through the album it's pretty okay.
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Weezer are a parody version of themselves at this point

Well yeah. But the new album is still pretty good, especially when you compare it to the crap that is Make Believe through to Hurley.
So.. that Weezer album, right?
Flaming Lips have a 24 hour long song, as well as a 6 hour one, so..
And I was just getting comfortable...
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Aww Julien, shame you don't have a ps3 or I'd have totally played you.

I kind of wish I would've gotten a PS3 instead of a 360. I'm thinking PS4 over Xbox One, when the time comes, a year or two from now.

Edit: Xbox username is TheFreakScene for those wondering.
Is this place ever dead.. geezus..

Edit: Also, if Sebastian is still here and wants to play GTAV on Xbox, I'm down.
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And if I give a glowing review to your music? (Listening as of this post). I did pay attention to your cover a day project thing. I only listened if I knew and liked the song though. Just Another Phase though, you rule for that!

Edit: Done listening. I generally agree with Cory. The audio quality itself is kind of.... 'eeeeeh. Nothing as bad as my old songs but lol. I love that there's a lot of new folk/folk-rock stuff these days. You're pretty swell with the muzak.

Thanks brah. The drummer in my band is the guy in charge of all of the recording/mixing stuff. He's still relatively new to the process and doesn't really have many people knocking on his door to record there. I know what you guys mean about the reverb and stuff, that's definitely something that can be fixed next time I write/record shit. Thanks for the comments.

Also, about Redditors, I don't think they're that bad if you post your stuff in the right place and/or are polite.
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It generally boils down to Redditors being cunts.

I feel like there's a mix of ridiculous people on both sides.
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...Am I that high?

Short answer... yes.
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^Pretty much

I said I've been thinking about it .

I'll check out your music later. I always enjoyed Pot of Gold, or whatever it was, so I hope for good stuff here.

Right.. I can read, don't worry about it.

Ah, this stuff is way better. I like to think I've gotten better since I was like 16.
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Jules! Reddit is a tough nut to crack eh? I've been thinking of posting my shit there for a while but... r/gaming would be a bad time for me I bet .

You post your videos there?

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I like them, but I think if you're going to have that much reverb on your vocals, the instruments need to match. This mostly applies to Monsters. Also, you're flat sometimes.

That said, I really like them a lot.

Yeah, I keep telling my friend to back off on the reverb, but he sneaks it in when i'm not looking. Thanks for the criticism.
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I don't really know Reddit, but maybe you're getting downvotes because it's not the most innovative music out there and they might trendfags? Iunno.

Maybe. I should probably write some more songs so I could post those as well.

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and julien, if you're posting them to r/music, it's probably being downvoted because that subreddit is just filled with fags who like to repost the same played-out modest mouse and brand new songs. most useless pre-subscribed subreddit, apart from r/atheism.

Yeah, i've tried multiple subreddits, but even my covers, in subreddits dedicated to covers would get equal amounts of upvote/downvotes.
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^Yeah, I have a feeling it's gonna be a while until next time...

Wow, Julien. You have a pretty voice, man! :3

Thanks brah!

I was just saying how I post this shit to reddit and I always end up getting the same downvotes but no one ever tells me what's wrong with it.

I recorded these songs at my friends' place last summer, I enjoy them, maybe you guys will too?
They're acoustic-y and shit.

You can listen to them and download it if ya wanna.
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Jesus Christ, Marie!

How come our generation doesn't even have a name? There's the babyboomers and generation X, but where's our tag?

Someone needs to figure this out, because we're certainly too lazy to do it by ourselves.

These guys knew how you feel.
As a Canadian I can confirm we don't have any wild crocodiles here.
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His voice and bass playing are both pretty meh in my opinion. Not that he doesn't bring anything to the band, he just doesn't bring anything I can't do without. A Lanegan return, on the other hand, would instantly rupture my testes with pleasure.

Yeah, that's what I've been waiting for.
Am I the only one who isn't that excited that Nick's gonna be on the new record? As great as his voice is, he was arrested just last year for domestic violence and had a confrontation with a SWAT team. Not cool.
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2nd. John was always the greatest.

John was also always the bitch. Yes he had a significant number of great songs, but to be called "the greatest beatle"... meh.
You can **** off on the George hate yo, he was clearly the best Beatle.
In response to all of these hilarious comments, that's my friend. He is not a murderer, but a wonderful musician. It is definitely an interesting project. I'm willing to try any cover, since I do need 366.
Hey dudez. I'm attempting this project where I post one youtube cover per day all year. If you guys want to check it out, that'd be cool.

This is the latest one, featuring a friend. So far they're mostly just me but there are a few more collaborations coming up.
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Looks like a pretty useless tuning to be honest, are those two A's an octave apart or was that a typo?

It's not useless! You put a capo on the 10th fret, you've got a ****ing mandolin, with fuzz and reverse delay in my case.

Actually they're the same octave.
I really like Gloss Drop, they're incredible musicians. From what I see on youtube, they still play songs from Mirrored, they just use vocal samples, just like they do for the songs off Gloss Drop that do have vocals.