Schecter makes very affordable eight strings, although of course you said the neck was an issue. I would honestly keep the seven string, buy thicker strings and detune it. Seven's and eights aren't much different.

You would be better off buying a good amp. 5150 is THE metal amp.

Guitar cab speakers are completely different from regular speakers.
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Dude any Splawn amp is ****ing great. The nitro blows the powerball out of the water in my opinion, but its also voiced differently, kinda more like a really hot rodded marshall than the more modern powerball. You still can't go wrong with a Nitro though.

This guy has bunch of good nitro videos:
The powerball is not at all great. The fireball will probably get you much closer to what you're looking for, as the powerball is terrible at cutting through a mix and live.

EDIT: Okay, the powerball is not bad by any means but for that price or cheaper you can find much better.
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Just tell us for those that wish to know.

Everyone that doesn't will have heeded the warning in the first post
Too much verb, lows need much less verb than say a black metal scream.

Also it sounds like that would be hard to fit into a mix.
Hey dudes.

Just my friends band I recorded yesterday. The song is Mutilated Transformation on my profile.

It was just done in a few hours. If you dudes want some more info I'll let you know whats up.
Yeah I have seen it done live. You would have to use a midi control switch or something.
80% of the guitar tone is the bass. You can't complain about needing more lows in your recording if you don't have bass in it.

For micing try using either dual mics or moving the mic slightly away from the center, this will yield a less brittle/trebly tone.

Double/quad tracking is pretty much a must depending on what kind of music you are recording.
I would recommend investing in a better DAW to begin with, Reaper is great for newer people. Depending on what type of sound you are going for, you can find a number of great guitar and bass emulators as free VST downloads that can yield professional results.

Try searching Nick Crow, Acme Bar Gig, and Lepou. They all offer great guitar amp emulators for free. You will also need speaker impulses if you take this approach, which can be easily found as well.

If you want to take the micing approach, which I would recommend more, invest in a few basic mics such as an SM57, and possibly some condesor mics in the future.

It's definitely a learning process, but well worth it.

Good luck man.
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So I'm recording an album for the band I recently joined.

I'd like to hear some thoughts on the production from some fresh ears and opinions.

I'm not looking for critiques in the song itself, just production.

Don't hold back
Yeah thanks alot man.

I usually try and keep the highs slightly lower on the emulators or I find they get out of control.
I just recorded this with some new freeware I got and I wanted to see what you dudes thought. Its not the whole thing, just a demo to get the general idea of the sound.

In my profile of course.
I came 69 times on my first listen through
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^^^no F minor NOT F aeolian. It's actually wrong to bring modes into a non-modal progression...

Well I'd say bring your gear to the guys house and try it. It looks like a sweet deal man. If not use your guitar with his setup and you should be able to get a pretty good idea of how it alters the sound.
I'd say it looks pretty legit. I'm guessing the sale isn't local? Supposedly off of reviews on Harmony Central for other gear by the same company the Customer Support is non exist.
Man. I think the new album is completely disappointing. The vocals are terrible. Where all the awesome, catchy riffs and the humor infusion that made the first album so memorable?

Maybe its just not my style...
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looks like a stereo amp to me

I didn't like most of the riffs, they seemed either too happy or almost out of key. It's difficult to explain, but the major thirds are quite overbearing in some parts.

But that verse riff was ****ing sweet
my ears.

some of the soloing was actually kinda painful to listen to.

I can't tell if he knows an assload of theory or none at all...
the whole damn song sounds like an infected mushroom track.

that is in no way a bad thing
That was good. I would change the intro a little to make it less repetitive, but with vocals that would probably be fine. It seems pretty similar until 65, that sweet "southern" riff which I like alot. It fits with the song but goes in a new direction and transitions well.

I actually thought the next part was kinda cheesy though until 92 when the BTBAM influence really starts to shine through, that was well done. The breakdownish part at 127 was cool, up to another southern sounding part which held the song together. The main riff reintroduction was kinda shaky, but it ended well.

Overall, a solid 8/10.

Crit please?
Well I already posted this in original recordings, but no one actually analyzes the songs there. So listen to it on my profile if you want.

Not much to say, its just my bands new song. The lyrics are mostly comedious in nature.

C4C of course.
That wasn't all that bad actually. With a volume boost and a bit of eqing and backing it could actually turn out really well. What mic did you use?
The song progresses quite nicely, and the riffs fit together quite well. I'd like to see the final version of this.

The thing that stood out the most to me was the drums, they really added alot to the song.

Lets see, on production everything seems good, could be a bit louder. Guitar tones aren't bad, not spectacular, but seeing as you're redoing them it should be fine.
I can't remember exactly what it was, but I read it browsing the forums where multiple people seemed to dislike the powerball. Let me see if I can find the thread.

I'm not positive its true though.


I suppose it also depends on the level of versatility you're looking for.
I've heard that the powerball isn't that great and that the fireball is actually much better. Supposedly the powerball can't cut through the mix very well live.

Not speaking from personal experience of course though
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OK so here's the story..

I bought a Bugera 6260 about a month ago and everything was working fine up until about a week ago. I powered the amp on and all of a sudden i saw sparks by the tubes then it shut off and wouldn't power back on.


I bought a new fuse and it powers on now and works..
but there is a horrible popping/crackling noise you can hear when you play..

What could be wrong nowwwww?

There's your problem.
This is just a short thing I threw together in a half hour. I wanted to see if you guys thought it had any potential.

C4C of course
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It sounds really repetitive and simplistic, but maybe thats just me dude. I'm used to more prog/technical type stuff.

Also the solo definately goes out of key.

For shadows by the way.
Thunderhorse possibly?
Ok, I've got some ideas, thanks man. Also I critted your song Elonia.
Ok, critting the second version. I don't really listen to this stuff, so forgive me if my review seems somewhat biased towards more standard structured songs.

On first listen the intro seemed to go nowhere but when I listened again I realized it was put together quite well and most likely thought out. It transitions very nicely into the next riff.

The next part, while still retaining the same...oddness, seemed like filler to me up until bar 45, which I absolutely love.

After this it seems to go in a million directions. Its a very strange piece, but it seems like something that would grow alot on you. To the average listener I think it would probably be overwhelming. Alot of the guitar fills seem atonal, maybe try using some more melodic parts as reference points (going back to the riff at bar 45) and that might make the song fit together better, and be more "listenable".

I'm glad you came back to that one riff, it provides a fitting theme for the song. After that it's nothing new but the ending was very good. It would work well as an intro for a cd like you wanted it to.