I was debating the same issue a while ago. I was torn between a PRS Custom 24 or a EBMM Petrucci. The Trem on the Petrucci is amazing as it actually acts like a Floyd without the locking tuners and it stays in tune REALLY well as long as you are not whailing on it. The Piezo bridge on the petrucci also adds tons of versatility if thats what you are going for. If you were playing heavier styles of music go for the petrucci! I know im glad I did.
Couple shots from my recent trip to Costa Rica.

Hope you enjoy them, I know I sure enjoyed taking them.

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As for Crossroads, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray, Keb Mo and Jeff Beck (Maybe ZZ Top are probably the only ones I'd really want to see. :idk:
I don't want to be disappointed by Buddy again.

I saw what is possibly the best blues-gig I'll ever witness last night.
3 harp players, Richard Gjems (My cousin, does great blues harp, with jazzy stuff mixed in. Can make the harp sound like everything but a harp. ), Arne Fjeld Rasmussen (Brilliant Chicago-style player) and Tad Robinson. I'd never heard of him, but he's fantastic. Only guy I've heard who's able to sing exactly like Robert Cray... Then he plays mean ass harp on top of it.

Backed by what is probably the best blues trio in Norway, Billy-T Band.
I'm still stunned.

What happened when you saw Buddy? I saw him last year and he was great.
So I haven't posted on UG in ages, but I have to share this with you guys. I'm way too excited.
I was wondering who all got tickets to Crossroads 2010? I managed to snag 4 tickets this morning and I am so pumped. Flying into Chicago at the end of June for this thing.

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* Albert Lee * Allman Brothers Band * BB King * Bert Jansch * Buddy Guy * David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos * Doyle Bramhall II * Earl Klugh * Eric Clapton * Gary Clark Jr. * Hubert Sumlin * James Burton * Jeff Beck * Jimmie Vaughan * Joao Gilberto * Joe Bonamassa * John Mayer * John Renbourn * Jonny Lang * Keb Mo * Pino Daniele * Robert Cray * Robert Randolph * Sheryl Crow * Sonny Landreth * Steve Winwood * Vince Gill * ZZ Top

That's a look at the performers this year.

Thanks bro! Yea that solo is hard as **** to learn...the most thing ive ever attempted anyways. The Music Man Petrucci is amazing. It is fast as hell and also the most versatile guitar i have ever played. If you have the money go for it cuz they are amazing.
That was amazing man! You cant get any cleaner than that.
check out my cover of Goddess Bound if you have the chance
Just a video I made a while back. This solo is hard as hell and has some minor and major mistakes, but I would love to hear what you think. If you want to rate and comment in the video that would be awesome as well.
thanks broskis!

My teapot, along with my incense holder.
Hey everyone,
I am moving to Australia from Canada in 2 days and I will only be bringing my acoustic guitar down there. I will be staying there for at least 6 months and most likely longer, and I feel like I will need an electric guitar down there. I own a Ernie Ball Petrucci Model and a Peavey JSX in canada, and I will need a cheap amp/guitar setup down there for under $1000.00 preferably used. Any suggestions?
One from the forest near my house.

Any comments are appreciated.
Hey, we are a rock band from Calgary just trying to get our music out there. We don't have a myspace but we have some recordings up on our facebook page if you want to give us a listen!
We have a few live videos as well as a few recordings.
Thanks for checking us out!
That barbed wire one reminded me of one that I took a while ago.

A couple new ones with my SLR. Both taken on my long walk yesterday.

This was my first attempt at something this close up with the new SLR. Unfortunately, I don't have a macro lens but here you go:
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Oh wow

I go to school with these kids. There's even a Cracked article about them somewhere.

FloyDZeDit: Here it is

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If this is tongue in cheek it's pure brilliance.

If not then I really feel sorry for his parents.

"While I'm getting ****ed up, and putting on a show, I'll dislocate my shoulders so I can lick my elbow"

no dude he totally takes himself seriously!

Also check out his other video 'modern day antichrist'
watch his other video "modern day Antichrist" its just as good....
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did he **** on the street while skateboarding ?

yes.....yes he did
Man these guys are amazing...cant wait for a new album. They deserve a hell of a lot more recondition than they are getting now.
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Unless it's like, loving your family or whatever... But love is a fairly strong feeling eh?

There's a difference between love and romance.
Most people get that confused.
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Ugh, I hate being the deciding vote in a battle this close .

*Shakes fist in anger*

Oh noes!

We still have like 5 more days though...
Hey Gus, so here's my video.

Just listen to it though, it doesn't even look like I'm playing it, it's so out of sync! Ahhh pisses me off.

Oh well.

Hey guys!

Long time no talk!
Gus just let me know that my time for the blues duels has arrived so I thought I'd pop in and see what's going on.

Hopefully you all remember me

How you guys been holdin out?
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I hate Alberta, dirty cowboys

Don't worry, we hate you too
put ham on the car...
takes the paint right off if you leave it on overnight
Well this thing is dead. Too bad, I would have liked to hear how this turned out.
I think this is the first time I've posted here, but I got a camera about a month ago and thought I would post some pictures I've taken.

Any comments are appreciated
What's up boys??

Sorry I haven't been on UG in a while...

But yeah, I might have to pull out of this thing. I've got not much time and I need to go buy a new mic cable then I need to install Cubase on this computer because my other one is fried. And this is just a loner cable with Vista and I'm not too sure if Cubase will work with it...

Just keep me till last round for a while and I'll get back to you with some updates.

Dear arsonite,

You're an asshole.

But I still love you.

I wish someone caught my gig on camera...

Someone might have, I might just have not seen it yet.
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^A blues mosh?

My band isn't blues.

I only wish!
Dudes, my gig was pretty sick.

I shreded it up, and I got tons of compliments on my playing We had a crowd of about 60-75ish people I think. I'm not too sure, but there were around 100 tickets sold...
We had a mosh going for one of our songs, so it was pretty sick

All in all, it was a good gig.
So my band is playing a show tonight.

Gonna be sick!
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What can I say... It was a pretty fun night.