I worshipped the second Warbringer release. Saw them a ridiculous number of times on the Waking Into Nightmares tour/s, stayed in touch with Laux, kevill and Ritter for a long time after that. Was extremely sad to hear Nic died recently
Welp, we have a title an logo I made haha. Stampin' Ground have offered use of their cover of Calling in the Coroner, so that's a good start!

Also, mandatory post about Vio-lence's Sean Killian: No idea how many of you know already, but he's been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cirrhosis. His wife has set up a Gofundme page ( ) and I'm getting together with a few folks to do a fundraiser EP for him. Probably just going to be 3 Vio-lence covers, but still - any of you mad bastards want to contribute, even if it means having to sift through 10,000 tracks of backing vocals, let me know.
Ahhh, MHDrunk, mah boi. Still here, I see

Aye, Violator only rally got recognition because everyone's dicks were hard over the whole retro revival sensationalism at that point. They were actually rather awful - even listening back to Chemical Assault now, it really doesn't have much going for it. Shame, they're obviously good musicians.
I remember when the first Violator album came out back in 2007 (or 2008). Even then a lot of folks thought it was stale garbage.
Fine if that's your opinion, lad, but your opinion is wrong. A fair few thrash bands have played lower than D - granted, not many much lower than C, but it isn't unheard of.
Quote by CENSORED.
Can everyone here agree that its not thrash if its tuned more than a full step down?

So Retaliation and Violent Restitution aren't thrash? Okay... yeah, no.
Are you kidding? EVERYBODY noticed. I think half the reason they haven't reformed is simply to piss off all the whiners.
Mutant just.... stopped. They were amidst doing three new songs with Russ Russell, never finished them, then just disappeared about four or five years ago. A crying shame.
I've literally been so overwhelmingly busy over the past seven years that I've barely visited this place. Might as well keep my 19 year old self's cesspit brewing haha
Necrobumps for everyone! YOU get a necrobump! and YOU get a necrobump!
Man, all the newbies... so much salt.
>Wants non-satanic metal
>Rock and metal is the devil's music

Nope. Highly average band, one of the worst from the UK scene in the eighties.
Ranger are a sweet band. Can't wait for their full length.
Buttbait in the thrash thread? Is it 2008 again?
I have to say, I kind of agree. These days it seems to be just as common to have a band name of "*random word*-(at)or" - Conflagrator, Desolator, Dislocator, Vindicator (ha, self deprecation), Flagellator etc. - as it is to shamelessly rip off superior bands from the eighties without any of the talent or good songwriting that made those albums decent in the first place.

No idea why people harp on about Atominated so much. I actually think that they're kind of poor - not outright terrible, but you can get the exact same thing done a thousand times better from hundreds of other bands.

Not to mention the absolutely staggering level of copy-paste whoring they do on social networks. It's a real pain.
Cryptic Slaughter I always thought of as a hardcore punk band myself. Amazing band.

Not 'thrash' per se, but Poison Idea's Feel the Darkness is an album that everybody on the planet should own.
So, quick rebump about Full Thrash Assault 2014... it was bloody brilliant. All you British poofs who weren't there should be ashamed.

Next year we're taking it easy with a relatively low-key show, simply due to the fact that it's sandwiched between this year's amazing lineup and the 2016 tenth anniversary show. Be there or be rubbish.
For the record, Atomic is right - Toxic Holocaust are ****ing rubbish. There's a reason they've been dubbed Epic Failcaust and Toxic Lolocaust in these parts.

EDIT: Singing the praises for TH then saying that For Faen isn't very good is simply startling, especially without an explanation as to why you found it so painful to listen to when it's virtually the same thing they gave everyone with their last two albums. But better.
Quote by BladeSlinger
Heroin only goes in MY veins, thank you.

Rightly so, chief. That shit's expensive.
The only major problem I had with their latest one is that it felt like it hould have been an album instead of another EP
I have hundreds of recommendations from the UK crowd. Most of them made my 2013 Review;

Also, my buddies in Shrapnel just got signed to Candlelight Records, well stoked for 'em
Quote by Kepulix
Metal doesn't need saving.

After hearing some of the new bands these days - especially in the UK scene - I'd disagree, fine sir.
That's because most writers DON'T go to underground gigs anymore. They romanticise over over the past and how about it used to be better in their day, though some of the points they make (such as this one here) so have weight to them.
Don't get me started on the new Onslaught album, I'll never shut up about how much I love it
Necrobumping due to non-payment from a would-be customer
I just feel like achievements are pointless. You used to be able to 100% a game without having a bunch of meaningless achievements tacked on to pad out the playtime on the end - well, you can still do that, but it does just come across as somewhat self-congratulatory.
HD remakes (or in PS3/360's case. re-releases) are pretty good if you missed out on those games during their original stint. Or if you really, REALLY want high definition visuals. But alas, sometimes it's not quite worth it - the original Devil May Cry is a guilty one here. Incredible game, probably the best of it's kind, but the graphics look incredibly shitty now. A full remake would benefit it more. DMC3 has held up a bit better though, naturally.

I'm enjoying a lot of the old school remakes we've had over the past few years. This year we've had DuckTales Remastered and Castle of Illusion remade, Square Enix have been their usual moneygrabbing selves and given Final Fantasy I, II and IV rather splendid makeovers on the PSP (and other consoles) and hell, even the new version of Flashback isn't TOO bad minus the fact that they gave Conrad a voice actor. On the flipside, modernising old games doesn't always benefit them (I'm looking at you, Shadowrun) and the HD collections are mostly just throwaway compilations with very little new to offer from what I've seen so far. Ico-SotC HD had next to sod all in the way of extras but hunting them down on PS2, at least here in PAL territories, can occasionally be a very frustrating and expensive quest so that's kind of justified I suppose. Although I keep forgetting that most PS3s are incompatible with PS2 games so there's that too. It's easy t forget that not everyone does what I do and keeps their old consoles when they 'upgrade'. As for the fuss over achievements, I never really 'got it' myself. I can see why people enjoy them (set goals, bragging rights etc.) but ultimately, I myself wouldn't say it qualifies as any sort of additional extra of bonus feature that you'd really expect from what's essentially a compilation re-release.
Quote by john_latchem
Having to hold a button to make the camera do what it should be doing anyway? Sounds great.

A good point, but if it's fixed ALL the time then it lacks freedom, no? AGain, the underwater camera still eats dongs but you can't have it all. I just kept thinking to myself "Y'know what, this is real f*ckin' nice" while I was playing and I just don't understand why it hasn't been widely utilised.
Quote by Ichikurosaki
wait unless he means pushing the right stick in to look behind you

which ive only ever seen in GTA

No no no, in Banjo Kazooie tapping the R button centres the camera behind you. Holding it keeps the camera there while moving.

I can't think of any other game I've played that does that, it's bloody terrific.
Someone answer me this; Why have so few games adopted that whole 'hold R to keep the camera focused behind you' thing that Banjo Kazooie did? I just borrowed it from my brother-in-law and I seriously don't remember the game being so goddamn well made. The underwater sections are f*cking horrible (all water levels are) but it's just... just, wow. One of the few N64 games I've revisited that I feel as actually aged really well.

But yeah, the camera thing is genius. Why didn't more games do that?
All this MGS talk is making want to replay MGS1
I pretty much lost interest in Metal Gear Solid after Snake Eater. Mostly because I felt that Snake Eater was as good as it was going to get, which was confirmed when I played Guns of the Patriots at a friend's place. It just didn't feel right to me.

Kojima's batsh*t crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy paranoia is just getting a bit much for me now I think, he tends to go OTT with it nowadays. I'll stick to playing Snatcher.
Anyone played DuckTales Remastered yet?
What, like anime-stylised ones? I can recommend scrolling shooters but nothing that'd fall under that catagory
Again, this is why I think Microsoft are pushing DH a bit. It's only been in development for a year, so I'm not sure if it's entirely by choice, but hey whatever. Maybe once they get bored of making tweaks etc. there'll be a full disc version or something, one can only hope
That said, Jago's new haircut is f*cking stupid