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It doesn't actually say "Lord Vermintide" on your name-tag, does it?

No, it doesn't but holy shit, that totally need to happen.
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It's like, enough to pay for our beer and smokes, and I think that's about as good as it gets unless you sell your soul to a label.

This exactly. Even bands like Onslaught and Exodus have day jobs.
Bearing in mind that it's a demo - a rehearsal demo at that, so the sound quality doesn't reflect what the album is going to sound like even in the slightest.

Cheers though, seems to have gotten a really good reception so far - except for one or two people on that said we should quit hahaha
We should do a 4 disc super blowjob edition of an album
I don't, I'm kind of offended by that comment
And you're a massive homosexual, so I think we're trading off vices there.
I'd expect nothing less.

New demo from us lovely lot at Vindicator (or Vindickator if you're from Crewe). Up on youtube courtesy of some fine gentleman who confused me with the other Dave Ingram - who actually posted a comment correcting him on this video. I followed suit and laughed my ass off for a good ten minutes just now.

But yeah, here's the demo.
Just sounded to dry and lifeless for me man
Breathing the Fire sounded like shit if you ask me.
Make thrash more interesting? Granted, whatever could've been done to make thrash less boring has already been done. Just get Coroner's "No More Color" and you'll know exactl;y what I mean.
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Vindicator (UK)

Oh you!
Dammit ratfag!

Anyway, Victims of Deception ist krieg. Possibly my favourite guitar tone ever on that album.
Sean Killian is amazing, screw you
So I've got an email from Vulcano's management asking me to book them in Sheffield... if this this goes ahead (MASSIVE 'if' there) then expect Vindicator to be opening. Money is the only problem here, as usual.

Stoked, though rather concerned as to why I was asked of all people.
They're in Sheffield supporting The Black Dahlia Murder w/ Fleshgod Apocalypse in january. I HATE TBDM, but Fleshgod and the 'witch may be worth the price alone.
Not in the slightest
Aye, I downloaded it the other day. ****ing incredible, well worth the money - I'll be buying it on Tuesday.
Enemy of God is awesome. Hordes of Chaos isn't.
It's a sad state of affairs indeed. Especially when you consider how awesome Vektor are in comparison to Sylosis (who are rather mediocre, despite being good lads) and Trivium ( who sincerely need to **** off)
I've heard Anvil Bitch, but Metal Bitch? What? I don't even know if I want to listen to that based on the name alone.
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Lazarus AD suck. Just another boring, unoriginal thrash outfit. Nothing special there.

This. I echo Lord Lioncash's post too, new Vektor is rather delicious!
I don't care. One would hope his taste would be good enough for him to discard them as the failures they are.
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As for UG's alcoholic; I was asking for recommendations from a person, not a search engine. They are quite different.

My point being that it's easy to searach for thrash bands on Google and Youtube.
Use this website for all our thrash needs;

Christ almighty, such laziness...
Anyone who expects great thrash to come with great production is out of luck. Coroner always had a stellar sound though.
So I just got sent the new Skeletonwitch... yeah, buy it. It rules.
Mayhemic by far. Excellent album.
And there was much rejoicing
We're not allowed back in Wacken after last time where we ended up killing half the audience within the first ten seconds of Undead In Leather.

... that never happened.
Ehhh, it depends. Usually he's got a sore throat (as have I) since pretty much everything that comes out of our mouths is either blood or metal vocals. Not like it matters - people love his sound.

Also, we'd probably play Bloodstock but we wouldn't enter one of those gay competitions. They're always bias as hell and rigged up to the eyeballs.
That's because you touch yourself inappropriately.

HOATTC shits on it
Sylosis are a bunch of fellas. But they're not thrash.
Just got sent the new Vindicator song. It's amazing, the album will be amazing and blow everything else the **** up.
Abadden are quite well reknowned in Derby. That may explain why they're ****ing rubbish.
For those frugal assholes who are intesterested, some **** has leaked the new Evile album.
Most of their older stuff is quite difficult to obtain on CD sadly. Same goes for 99% of good thrash albums.
Angel***** was pretty sweet.