As Ken Lobb put it, it's a way for DH to update it and give balance tweaks as long as necessary without doing a Capcom and releasing a bunch of DLC, then another hardcopy reissue WITH said DLC and a couple of extras, then making DLC for THAT etc. etc.

So basically there's no chance of getting Super Killer Instinct Turbo Hyper Deluxe Combo Edition 2015 three months after getting Super Killer Instinct Turbo, as Capcom seem to be ever so fond of doing. The game won't have to be constantly re-released to give the masses something that may or may not be a significant change like Street Fighter and Guilty Gear are so fond of. That, plus Killer Instinct is a game that I grew up with so there's a bit of nostalgia in there, and the fact that I found it to have a very satisfying and interesting take on the whole fighting game thing... at least back then. I still play KI1 on my SNES regularly, the whole auto-combo thing, the overall aesthetic design and especially the music just had such a great appeal to me.

The series is obviously getting a makeover to be more 'modern' but the ultra combo pack with classic costume, music and an emulation of the KI1 arcade game - which has never had a 'rpoper' port - is just... I dunno. I'm probably being nostalgic again, but Killer Instinct is a series that I've always loved so I'm begging for this reboot to be worth my time. Ken Lobb is at the helm and most of it seems to be pretty close to what a modern KI should be minus a few obvious pages being taken from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat's books, but I haven't been so excited for a game in years. I'll happily accept fanboy accusations (they're probably well deserved), but when you've been waiting for something for so long you can't really help it. I'd be majorly pissed off if it turned out to be a massive waste of time and money, but I should probably brace myself for that possibility.
Aye, Jago is a free character and then 'season one' gets released with 6, with two more to follow shortly afterwards. So-called 'season 2' has a further eight characters, more modes, balances etc.

It's a good idea, but it does feel like Microsoft is pushing for it to be a launch title. ALmost like the ultimate troll - release something that fans have been begging for over the best part of two decades then release it on a console that probably isn't suited to that sort of game.
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We have a winner!
I'm fine with that myself. I've been keeping tabs on it and it's shaping up nicely, despite the omission of some rather standard features and the whole micropayment thing being a little unclear overall. I've been begging for a new KI installment ever since KI Gold came out.
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Given the sheer number of years the PS3 has been around and the fact that you seem to know what you want, I'm pretty sure you can find enough games to justify it, especially since it's probably going to get extremely cheap in the coming months.

I've had one since launch, got a 360 about 5 years ago, and PS3 was easily my favourite. Only downside was generally slow and cumbersome online functionality compared to the 360, but going by what you listed it sounds like that's a non-issue in your case.

Aye, online stuff probably isn't going to be much of an issue for me. I guess justifying a purchase IS my biggest problem since there's MAYBE ten game that I'd actually buy for the system. Backwards compatibility with PS2 games, or lack thereof, is a bit offputting too. Someone recommended waiting for PS4, but if I'm honest I'd be leaning more towards an Xbone in that case since all the games I'd want to play on PS4 are multiplatform - plus, Xbone has Killer Instinct, which is a game I've been waiting for since I was... .what, 6? 7?

....**** it, I might just buy a PC Engine and be done with it haha. Cheer for the response though chief, much appreciated.
So, fellow gamers... I'm still yet to upgrade to a modern console - I'm still a fan of my PS2/PSX, SNES and Mega CD - and I'm strongly considering getting a PS3. Mostly because of the symmetrical controller for familiarity and the fact that the d-pad isn't a bag of wet dicks (I play 2D fighters a lot). DuckTales Remastered, Strider, King of Fighters XIII, Doom BFG Edition and some of the HD collections are probably the biggest draws, as well as blu-ray, so I'm just pondering on your opinions/experiences?

inb4 Xbox 360, it's not for me.
I ****ing love the first two Anacrusis records. A friend of mine recently forked out $360 for Suffering Hour on CD, the ****.
Bumping. Sorry to those who've messaged me and are awaiting a reply, it's been hectic this week
Willpower is the best way. I suffer from bouts of severe depression and whenever I've taken medication to try and combat the situation, it's only made matters worse
Also, Vindicator UK give a rare televised interview
Nice to see some Num Skull love.

Also, the new Sodom sucks. Download the bonus tracks and ignore the rest of it.
Sorry for the delayed response here ladies and gentlemen - I was working/playing Beermageddon festival over the weekend so I've needed a few days to sort some things out. But yes, this is still available for sale

And avenge_the_rage, I'm located in Sheffield.
Ahhh I was 18. It took a long time but I soon realised that I was doing the wrong thing in the wrong place with the wrong people. Nobody in Sheffield knew that deathrash was even a thing, Sheffield's metal scene is literally nonexistent and thusly, nobody really knew how to play it. Because I'd knocked around the UK thrash scene in other cities I somehow came to the false conclusion that it was the same everywhere for this sort of music, and I was wrong. Hey, at least I can admit it now.

It's a shame it never came out, but I can't take the full blame whatsoever. Vindicator UK is better anyway.
*slaps knee* Because I don't hear that joke from Verm 24/7
Bumping somewhat here. Price lowered to £120
No exchanges or trades unfortunately! Again, the main reason I'm selling this so cheap is simply down to my financial situation. Sorry about that

I only have the one photo for now, I'll take some more shortly.
Jackson DK2 - Alder body, JT580 LP Double Locking 2-Point Tremolo Bridge, 24 jumbo frets, Seymour Duncan JB TB4 Humbucker in the bridge and two Seymour Duncan STK-1 single coils in the middle and neck positions. Gigbag included. I was initially selling this for £250, but I'm lowering the price to £150 due to my increasingly dire circumstances right now. Pickup preferred, but I can send it by courier for an extra fee.

It's a bit dirty (and it'll get cleaned before it changes hands) but it's generlly in great condition. Selling due to a severe need for cash right now as I have a daughter to pay for. Photos can be supplied on demand.
So much mad over Vektor and Voivod up in here. Sod the lot of you, I've been listening to Deathwish and not giving a crap
For a band that wants to be Voivod, Vektor are as good as it gets. Doubt they're ever going to topple Black Future though.
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Drink and smoke.

Skate aimlessly.

Grow a mustache.

This exactly
That's pretty neat
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Within a minute.

This. My band didn't have to search for a sound, we just did our thing and there it was. Personally, I think that if you have to actively search for your sound then... well, you're kind of doing it wrong. Do what comes naturally.
There'll never be anything on the same level as the likes of Priest, Motorhead, Metallica etc. ever again because when those bands came around, they were doing something new (or relatively new). Nowadays there's no such thing as originality and most bands struggle to find a stable identity, instead finding themselves lost in a sea of countless other bands who sound near enough identical. The fact that (in the UK at least) people seem to ignore unsigned talent certainly isn't helping.
Impressive troll there, had me going Bravo, you prick
I'm kind of used to it at this point (hell, I'm still awake at 4:42am) but I tend to start really losing it after being awake for around 20 hours. I was once awake for about four days and hallucinations started to kick in so I went to ****ing bed haha. Once you're at that point you need to just call it a day (night?)
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Holy shit. Check your ****ing ego, man.

Unfortunately, this. You remind me of myself when I was 16 - young, stupid and ****ing arrogant. Take a deep breath, a step back, then survey the situation. You might find that you're actually more of a problem than the others by the looks of it.

Also, some of your ideas are really, really flawed. I mean... you want to hear a headset mic so you can headbang onstage? SERIOUSLY?
Guess she'll never semen the same way ever again eh?

...I'll get my coat
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Nope! I'm afraid they got taken away from me when I joined UG!

Ba-dum TISH!
Gama Bomb are good, naught wrong with the 'Slaught, get that sand out of your vaginas
Grin is ****ing great.
No love for Mental Vortex? What are you, gay?

But seriously, maybe NMC is a bit overbearing at first considering how dickshrivellingly technical it is. R.I.P and Mental Vortex are like gateway albums for Coroner
Coroner... you can't go wrong with any of them whatsoever, but most of us would probably say No More Colour and Mental Vortex are the ones to start with. I'd certainly say MV myself, worship that album.
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Sup guys, I've just got into thrash lately and these are my current fav bands
Sepultura (Early)
Death Angel

Any suggestion for more bands please? And what are some of the good Destruction albums? Wanna try some German stuff

I pity you, you got into the genre about six years too late to enjoy the scene to any good degree. But try these;

Demolition Hammer
Sabbat (UK)
Dark Angel
Thrashist Regime
Risen Prophecy
Vindicator (UK, not the shitty American band)
Gama Bomb
Assorted Heap
Blood Feast
Blood Tsunami
Cyclone Temple
Morbid Saint
Iron Angel
Ripping Corpse
Shrapnel (UK)
Skeletal Earth
Solstice (US)
Ulysses Siren
Violent Force
Visceral Attack
Warlord UK

That should keep you busy for a while. As for Destruction albums, all of them up to Cracked Brain are definitely worth check out. After CB, avoid everything up to All Hell Breaks Loose (which was their excellent 'comeback' album) and then try everything from there onwards. I'd say Eternal Devastation, Release from Agony, The Antichrist and the re-recordings collection Thrash Anthems are their best works myself.
Sindrome were ****ing amazing. Desperately need a CD reissue of their demos.
Stone, bloody hell. That's a name I ain't heard for a while!
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also get into these guys. Baltimore dudes making us look bad. Oldest guy in the band is 20.

Yeah someone sent me this a short while back. Really digging it
Yeah, Verm and I thought that their demos were better haha. How krieg.