The Helmasaur King in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is another one I don't like too much. Yeah, shoot me - I'm crap at Zelda games haha
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Aren't you supposed to not heal 1 party member so you can raise the other two when she casts mega death?

yeah you were. My point being that your first instinct upon getting zombified is to use a remedy, so on your first playthrough you ALWAYS got hit with Mega Death pretty badly unless for some reason you didn't cure someone's zombie status by the time Yunalesca went into her final form.

Man... f*ck you, Yunalesca.
Yunalesca was just a massive troll boss. Your first instinct upon getting zombified is to cure the ailment... oh wait, then she casts Mega Death and you die. That did my goddamn head in.
Dave Mustaine is a massive tool. The sooner everyone (read: UG) stop giving him attention, the better.
Goddammit Nappa

I've got hatred for Neo Cortex in Crash Bandicoot 3 (I might;ve already said that). Only ever beaten him like, six times. Ever.
The Revive-Kills-Zombie rule is a painful one sometimes - when you realise you could've just used one Phoenix Down instead of wasting 4 stressful days one a boss... man, there are no words. Neat that they apply it to bosses though, half the time it'd be limited to regular encounters.
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There was a pretty popular mod for FF7 on emulator that I played. It essentially made the game much more difficult (it was actually fun until your party becomes OP on disc 3). However, every single breath skill (the dragon one, aquabreath etc.) had a fairly high chance to inflict death (yay fake difficulty). As a result, the dragon in Temple of the Ancients was a million times harder than the Demon Wall and Jenova Life was nearly impossible (elemental attacks were taken off the Jenova bosses).
Yeah, last time I played through I didn't even bother getting Lionheart. It was quite a bit more fun.

I need to play that mod!
Exactly what it says on the tin. Pro series Jackson RR3 for sale - black finish and hardware, Seymour Duncan JB TB4 and SH2N pickups in the bridge and neck respectively, alder body, 22 jumbo frets and licensed Floyd Rose. This cost me £420 new in 2009, so given some cosmetic damage (a chip on the elongated fin and a few minor scuffs on the headstock) I'm looking to sell this for £220 or nearest offer and I'm happy to throw in a gigbag for it too.

This guitar has served me well over the past few years, but I'm selling for a fair few reasons really - I own two other guitars and I spend a majority of my time playing bass now so I've no further use for this. UK buyers only simply due to bad experiences with overseas deals in the past, pickup is preferred although I'll happily ship (or drop it off personally) for an extra fee. Pictures can be provided upon request.
^Indeed. Defeating XATM092 in itself is so satsifying that I thought I was going to pass out the first time I did it (insert your own innuendo here)
Oh no don't misunderstand, I'm well aware of how FFVIII's mechanics work. But I didn't when I was ten, that's my point. These days I tend to think that the game is built around hoarding magic and spamming Lionheart until everything's dead though, the game can be so easily broken on the first disc (once you've gripped the mechanics) that it destroys all challenge and becomes unplayable for me. Great game, but maybe refining it a bit more wouldn't have hurt.

Getting handed the junction system at ten years old really, REALLY made my first playthrough/s difficult though. Then I learned how to, y'know... pay attention to the in-game tutorials.
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Really? They're not that hard.

My memory might be playing tricks on me, but I recall getting flanked by lots of them repeatedly and the horrible bastards got about six turns in a row. Maybe that was on one of my first playthrough, I can't remember for the life of me what any of my susbequent ones yielded. I tend to replay V, VI and VII more often haha.

Another retro shit-tastic boss was Grandmaster Meio in Strider (the arcade/Megadrive one). Cheap son of a bitch.
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Fatman isn't even really hard. Just listen for the direction his skates are coming from. The Harrier and the Ray fight are some of the best the series has. The only real weak "boss" is Fortune.

Again, higher difficuties - ten seconds to diffuse five bombs AND crack off some shots really isn't easy.
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I can't remember the name of the game in the slightest. It was either for PS1 or SNES. And it wasn't one boss. It was some random fighting game and I remember the "last boss" was actually you have to beat all the bosses at once. Or one after the other or something. So much rage.

There were a lot of fighting games that did that, might have to be more specific.

Also, Bahamut in FFVIII was a pushover - it was those goddamn Ruby Dragons leading up to him that gave me the trouble.
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wat that game has all the best Metal Gear bosses.

I wouldn't say so - there were great ideas sometimes poorly or unfairly implemented. Fatman is the prime example here, at least on higher difficulties.
Contra anyone?
I've actually been meaning to start a playthrough of Chrono Trigger, cheers for that reminder. But aye, MGS bosses tend to be rather easy until you get to the stupid difficulties - Fatman in Sons of Liberty can be nigh-on impossible on Extreme
Sodom in Final Fight! STOP RUSHING ME YOU DICK!!
Agreed, this is the first time I've loitered on UG's forums (that wasn't the thrash thread anyway) for a long time so it's nice to see some good old video game discussion going on
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it's nice to know i wasn't the only person who was absolutely frightened by him..

regardless, i ****ing loved that game. if i could find it, i'd play it now.

Pretty sure you could pick up a second hand copy on Amazon for about $5? It was a well received game, I wouldn't see any reason for it to be much of a rarity

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Eric Sparrow from Tony Hawk's Underground. Such a douche
F*ck that guy. Glad they made him into the buttmonkey in the sequel.
The Fury in Snake Eater is actually very, very easy once you figure out his pattern. That could be said for just about every boss ever though. I did find The End rather infuriating sometimes though, since that bastard moved so quickly it made it almost impossible to hunt him down without getting slaughtered on higher difficulties. Made worse for completionists (is that even a word?) where you have to sneak up on him and hold him up in order to get his camouflage and tranquiliser rifle, a task that will take countless retries.
I err.... never played Metroid Prime....
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That's because the Cyberdemon rules... In Doom 2 at least. He was pathetically easy in Doom 3.

I never bothered getting that far in Doom 3, mostly because I kept bumping into things *ba-dum tsh*

I seem to recall one or two of the bosses in the first Soul Reaver giving me some grief, but it's been a while since I've played it. Class game though. Anybody else here have similar experiences?
Well another fighting game example (yeah, I'm a fighter nerd) is Ivan Ooze from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition on the SNES. Surprisingly decent game, but they made Ivan Ooze so damn broken that it renders the game almost unplayable.
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Here's the first few screens alone, brought to you by Michael of RoosterTeeth

Have fun with that

Watching that has just made my nose bleed and my genitals shrink
F*ck that, I get enraged enough playing Metal Slug!
Isn't that one of those games that's intentionally made to be harder than Vinnie Jones in a battlemech?
Also - and sorry to spam-post here - I couldn't help but notice that nobody has mentioned Doom's Cyberdemon yet. So I'm remedying that.
Most Castlevania games in general could qualify, maybe except Symphony of the Night since the RPG elements in that game could be considered game breaking.

Another one, though not a boss per se, would be the encounter with the insectors in the abandoned air duct in Konami's Snatcher. Usually the first point in the game where everyone gets legitimately stuck, despite being really close to the finale.
I just remembered a classic; Frankenstein from the first Castlevania. Absolute pain in the ass, that boss.
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In FFX, Penance was unbelievably hard. I beat him after a 2 hour fight of constant auto-phoenix and health potions and even that was by the skin of my teeth.

Did I mention he can regenerate?

Penance was the game's superboss though, so does he really count? Superbosses are intentionally overpowered douchebags since they're essentially put in as bragging rights rewards or for an extra challenge once the player has pretty much finished the game. That said, Penance can be made your bitch in about four seconds with Yojimbo's Zanmato ability if you simply can't be bothered spending hours fighting him.

Ozma from IX and Yiazmat from XII were dicks too, though I for one have never had any problems with Omega Weapon from VIII or the Emerald/Ruby Weapons in VII. That said, I'm a sad 100%-er and I'm usually drastically overlevelled by that point so...
Most of the bosses from Rapid Reload, that assmunch Rugal Bernstein from The King of Fighters (or any SNK boss for that matter), Demon Wall from Final Fantasy IV, Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot Warped, that goddamn wasp boss in Donkey Kong Country, everyone in any Soul Calibur from 3 onwards, Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 (the third fight with him at least), most of the bosses from Jak & Daxter, Justice from Guilty Gear, every boss in the first two Super Star Wars games... there are a LOT to choose from, but quite a few are either superbosses are they're a boss in games that are considered pretty cheap anyway (read: everything SNK have ever done)
How many bands are there called Antichrist now? I'm struggling to keep track of which is which!
Thanks for that constructive and well thought out input, I'm sure that the music media is clamouring for your services.
Nicely done. Make sure they don't rip you off.
Venue capacity is about 150 - fear not, there're only 120ish so far so there's plenty of room. Just turn up on the day and pay on the door and you'll be good
A bit of rather late promotion here. Long story short, Full Thrash Assault (or 'FTA' if you're into abbreviations) is the only show of it's kind in the United Kingdom. Held at the Wakefield Snooty Fox every year, it gives fans and unsigned bands an opportunity to get together and have a right old laugh for a day. I took over from the previous organisers for last year's show and it was a massive success, so I've been given the honour of doing the 2013 and 2014 shows as well. The details for this year's show are as follows (and yes, my band Vindicator UK is playing);

Doors @ 1:30, £10 entry fee

(The Bastard Son of) Toranaga -
Warlord UK -
Shrapnel -
Vindicator UK -
Quake -
Killer Hurts -
Kemakil -
Vortex -
Line of Fire -

Top Rock Radio:
Legions of Steel Webzine:
Rad Radio:

Set Times:
Toranaga - 9:45 - 10:45
Warlord UK - 8:40 - 9:30
Shrapnel - 7:35 - 8:25
Vindicator UK - 6:30 - 7:20
Quake - 5:35 - 6:15
Killer Hurts - 3:55 - 4:35
Kemakil - 3:00 - 3:40
Vortex - 2:15 - 2:45
Line of Fire - 1:30 - 2:00

Facebook event:

All and any UK-based thrash metal fans would be mad to miss out on this one. Some of the best bands in the country playing this year - next year we have classic 80's bands Virus, D.A.M and Anihilated on the bill too. Hope to see some of you there.
Indeed, some sick stuff surrounded by some alright stuff, bookended with some naff stuff. Bit of polish and it'll be grand.
^ They're writing as of February 17th. That said, I've asked them to play Full Thrash Assault for three years running and they've said no every time.
Nowhere near as underground and heavy as Weezer. Poser.