New Seregon album came out today. It's amazing. Get it for free here.
I'm going to attempt to ignore the fact that you just used the word 'rad in 2013 and just agree with you in full.

Also, all and any UK-based mother****ers GET IN HERE!
I did indeed. I wanna get them on a UK tour
It does rule pretty hard.

I've spent most of tonight listening to old UK Thrash bands from 2006-2008 and I gotta say, I'm well gutted that half of them aren't around anymore. Blasting a shitload of H.O.D, Damnas, Rager, Visceral Attack, Chewin' Druids... man, we ruled the roost. I need to get VA back over here ASAP.
Can't stand them myself, sorry. Not a fan.
Quote by Cheeselord
Does anyone know what tuning Destruction play on in Release From Agony and Cracked Brain?
I want to tab some songs from those albums but I can never figure out tunings by ear.

E Standard. All Destruction albums p to Cracked Brain are in E - they went to Eb for All Hlle Breaks Loose, The Antichrist and Metal Discharge, then went to D after that.
Oh sweetums!
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Your post implies that the whole genre is nothing but a fad, and that all that talk about how "thrash was never dead" becomes redundant.

Face it, the whole 'revival' thing was a fad. I can prove that by presenting you with the state of the UK scene now compared to four years ago :p

Also, that comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Calm down, biatch - I was more surprised to actually see some thrash discussion on this site after a long period of next to nothing.

Also, Slayer may not have necessarily sold out but they still released some crappy albums. Their last one is so bad that it's on par with St. Anger with its levels of horribleness.
People still like thrash?
Agreed, but I wouldn't say that it's more than we can hope for. I for one intend to go that way with no alternative
I've been really down over Mike today I bloody love his works with Rigor Mortis and Ministry (yeah, shoot me) and for him to die onstage? That's just ****ed up. I can't even begin to imagine how his friends, bandmates and family feel.
Well it certainly isn't you if you penis is as skinny as you are.
Nah, agreed there. But anything above 3 minutes is just too damn long.

Anyway, Vindicator UK playing with Destroyer 666 in York tonight. **** yes.
I disagree. GFfV is great, it really is - but the tracks are just too goddamn long. If they'd have had a smattering of shorter tracks along with it then it'd be near perfect.
Get their debut "Thrash Metal" too. That's amazing.
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Quote by Atomic_Assault

I remember seeing this aages ago, Dave.

Also, what is going on with the Onslaught tribute? I'd totally forgotten about it after I stopped coming here.

Well I've had a busy couple of years so it's been put on the backburner. It'll come out next year sometime, it'd be daft to just cancel it when it's almost finished. I've got two tracks to finish off, and Em Ruinas need to do a solo for Let There Be Death then it's finished.
In fact, Bard even gave me a shoutout during an interview on UG come to think of it - and here it be!

Noi download link (I had to rip it from Youtube), but here's one track from the new 'un;

And BodomBullet, they're a bloody terrific act. They even contributed to the Onslaught tribute album I did (which will hopefully FINALLY see the light of day next year)
Well, this is dead. Time for a discussion bamp... how about that there Blood Tsunami? New demo is killer
Stoked about that, I bloody love that track. Seems a bit 'soft' sounding though.
I did post a link up there man ^
S'weird, right? But it's on Aspid RUS' page...
I'm still pissed that Stigmartyr saw it fit to speed up Extravasation. Yeah, it sounds good... but the original sounds better.
Actually, disregard that - if you go here, there's what seems to be an entire demo:

Seriously, it's in Russian, it's on the Aspid page, and it sounds like Aspid, but none of these tracks are on Youtube (the 'War' track isn't even on this page, but it's all over Youtube). To put it simply, this is ****ing bizarre.

Supposedly, as I just read on some obscure messageboard, it was a promo for an Australian label (possibly the same label that reissued Extravasation a couple of years ago). Yet there's still absolutely NO confirmation of a full-on reunion, but that 'War' track seems to have been featured in full on a compilation this year.

The plot thickens, gentlemen...
Nobody has actually clarified as to whether or not it is indeed Aspid though, and there's no news anywhere else about it...
Security - oh the fun!

Naught confirmed as of yet (we need to negotiate a contract) but here;s hoping. That'd be bloody good fun for me, that would. Despite the 18 - 23 hour shifts.
Might be working BOA this year. King Diamond, here I come FOR TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Kreator are so-so live. They sound good, but they're static as shit.
Anyone who still uses the whole 'thrash revival' hook lines from 2005 needs to be stabbed repoeatedly in the face until they're an unrecognisable mess.

Thrash is on it's last legs because bands are too pussy to do anything that doesn't sound exactly like Metallica, Exodus, Municipal Waste or Slayer. Fact.
That's a shame, because he's not far from the truth.
It's basically Violent Revolution with some better songsfrom what I've heard so far. At least it's better than *****s of Gayos.
They're German. It's what they do.
It came out a while ago now. Haven't had the pleasure yet.
ITT: Stating the obvious

We really have run out of bands to discuss to any decent degree.
Tech thrash? Psychotic Waltz.
Just avoid Out for Blood. What utter shite.