Kill it with fire and spread the ashes
Ahhh Paradox... a prime example of a band that's known for one album
I'll stick to the punk band, thanks.
Indeed, I was listening to that the other day actually. Extreme Unction kicks my face in.
You do have a good point. Kyle Thomas is ace and all, but he didn't have much in terms of variety except the odd shriek.
Never understood the hatred for The Law. I prefer it over Slaughter in the Vatican.
...That's startlingly accurate
All about Stace-era stuff. Bob was GOOD, but it didn't really sound like Razor anymore.
No love for Razor?

It is now.
Yeah, but why would we let you have your fun?

The land of Celine Dion and kraf dinner it is.
Credit where it's due, I saw Overkill at Bloodstock in 2008 and they were bloody good fun.
I've heard plenty of Americans and Canadians call something pants, so I wouldn't say it was BRITISH slang :/
Nope, it's a universal term.

Overkill ARE pretty pants. Horroscope is pretty cool, though.
Or the infamous... SUCK MY DICK!
Carnivore are/were ****ing excellent. Some mean shit going on there man.

But again, one of those bands who divide opinion over which album is better. Hard for me to choose really, I'll have to give them both another go soon.
Agreed. Though it's a rare case where the sheer worship of that particular album is actually justified entirely.
Fear of Tomorrow gets a few spins here and there from me.
Defensive bitches all up in here.

Can I get some more Artillery worship over here please? Please sir, I want some more...
Quote by akarith
I posted a few weeks ago about Slayer, and a whole lot of you recommended Hell Awaits.

Holy shit, thank you. The first 3 tracks alone sell the entire album. They're* just massive. When At Dawn They Sleep plays my ears just cum buckets. Thanks, guys.

That's pretty much all you ever need from Slayer. I ahven't listened to that record for a long time, actually.
It's bloody good, but then again anything would be better than Hordes of Ghayos. It's a little TOO reminiscent of Violent Revolution though, I think certain solos and riffs are actually from VR tracks.
That's pretty ****ing cool!
I'll put it another way then (chirst, some of you lot are stupid)

Someone calls themself a fan of thrash because they like Exodus, Slayer, Testament and Anthrax. How much of thrash's scope does that cover? None of it, basically. They've heard nothing of technical, progressive, death, black, crossover etc. and subsequently have barely listened to the genre. Simple as that really.

I stuggle to see how this isn't getting into some people's heads.
I forsee no problems here. Buy the damn thing I say.
Not necessarily. It'd make you a fan of those bands/albums, but if it's all you've heard then it'd be extremely bigheaded to call yourself a fan of the entire genre base dupon a few bands (most of which would most likely be 'obvious' choices, i.e. the most commercially successful ones such as Exodus and Slayer which call sound extremely similar to each other)

I like Jack Daniels, yet I don't claim to be a connoisseur when it comes to whiskey in general do I? It's the exact same thing. Calling yourself a fan of thrash metal over a small smattering of albums seems a bit silly to me, though I can applaud the individual for their enthusiasm. I'd never lose my shit over such things, I simply don't care enough to do so, but it does seem rather stupid.

A lot of thrash metal fans can be extraordinarily close-minded and stupid as it is. I tend to just keep my nose clean of it these days.
I find it hard to take people seriously as a fan of something when they've not experienced the majority of what it has to offer. It's not about being holier than thou, it's just that when I see somebody claiming that they're a thrash fan after listening to five bands, it's quite painful to see them act as close minded and say some of the crap that our newbie has spewed recently without backing it up with anything whatsoever. A lot of people are too content with sticking with what they already know, and that's kind of pathetic in my eyes... but hey, each to their own.

I couldn't care less about how many bands or albums someone has heard. Just so long as they don't start acting like they're some sort of mastermind when it comes to the genre or start saying stupid things based on naught but fanboyish opinions instead of solid fact.

/rant. Who likes them some Assassin?
I'll never, ever understand the absurd fuss made over Slayer. Hell Awaits is great, as is Show No Mercy, but the rest? I can live without it quite happily. Popular or otherwise.

I think it's safe to say that the title of 'best thrash metal album ever' would probably get awarded to Mental Vortex, Eternal Nightmare, By Inheritance or Evil Invaders. Or everythign Sodom ever put out that wasn't called 'The Final Sign of Evil'. Everyone harps on about how amazing Bonded by Blood is, but simply put, Baloff can't sing for shit. Great as a performer and a commanding stage presence, no doubt. But a good album should be good on all fronts, not just a few of them.

Quote by Spiner202
I do think the big 4 got popular for a reason.

It's called 'having a good manager/business sense'. It's probably less to do with the music than one would hope.
Judging by his posts so far, only the ten that Kerrang told him to listen to.
Quote by ThrashUnleashed
I never said popularity equaled good music.
I accused you of dismissing their music solely based on their popularity.

I'm not dismissing their music based on popularity. I'm dismissing their music because there're simply better bands and better albums within the genre, an opinon that I'm pretty certain will be shared by many rational, free-thinking and unbiased thrash metal fans.

Next time you make an accusation, back it up with something instead of gettings your fanboy lingerie in a twist.
Quote by ThrashUnleashed
Well, even if one was to choose the best Thrash album of all time, you really shouldn't dismiss The Big Four because of their popularity. They all had pretty solid albums in the 80s, just as good as anything by Overkill or Testament or any of those German bands; at least imo.

EDIT: You also have a Slayer song title as your username. Not sure if coincidence or not.

Popularity doesn't equal good music. Metallica are popular and they released ****ing St. Anger. Piss poor arguement on your part.

As for the username, it was the name of the band I was in at the tender age of 16. We sucked.
It's impossible to accurately define the absolute best thrash album of all time. But whatever it is, it certainly isn't anything by the so-called Big Four.
That unreleased one is pretty sweet.
Beyond the Gates you mean... right? I'm confused. **** this thread.
None Shall Defy is class. On the subject of Reign In Blood though, I think it gets wayyyyyyyyyyyy more credit than it deserves (Darkness Descends came out about two months later) but that said, it has Piece by Piece and Jesus Saves... it's a tough one.
SNM and HA are the only Slayer records you ever need.
Unpopular choice, but Evile's Hundred Wrathful Deities