Anything by Heathen. End of discussion.
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postmortem2006, there isn't any debate in my situation, it was just a light conversation, we haven't got to properly discussing it yet, we'll come up with a decision that everyone's happy with. I'm just looking for a bit of discussion on the issue, and maybe suggestions for non-cliché locations! =)

Granted, but my point still stands.
Just get two photos shoots. That's what I always do if there're seperate ideas for a 'theme' - and everyone's happy that way. Problem solved, chief.
I rarely listen to Kreator in general bar EoG. Sodom are infinitely better.
Enemy of God is still on frequent rotation for me. Love that one.
The artwork rules, so by the In War And Pieces theory, I'm hoping it'll be excellent. But probably not.
Watch out everyone, there's a comedian here
Well, Mortal Win are all that matters
Poor Robb. Victim to trends nowadays.
Oppressing the Masses never sees as much love as Eternal Nightmare... it's a bloody great album.
Sabbat are pretty sweet live, I must say.
Maybe, the two new songs they played at their last ever show were pretty good.
I'll always love the first two albums. Burn My Eyes, regardless of what some may say, is a ****ing excellent album despite the fact that nobody ever needs to hear Davidian ever again. Their later stuff varies, there's the occasional song that's pretty good but my opinion has changed on albums like TTAOE and The (B)Lackening recently, mostly due to their recycling of content. the new album is utterly abysmal though, time for a Vio-lence reformation.
Nah mate, Linkin Park for sure.
Also, who likes Necrophobic? Just checked out The Nocturnal Silence, excellent black-thrash
Many times, although I tend to get hunted down later
Just found out that Desaster have a new album out in April. **** yes.
Lapdances from me cost $400 per minute.
They're doing an album now. Though it'll probably be delayed a thousand times over.
I recall listening to it awhile ago, sadly Youtube is being a twat today. I'll check it out later.
She hasn't, you're quite correct.
You haven't listened to much then?
Oh shit, I misread that as SAVAGE Messiah hahaha. My mistake.

Yeah, Messiah are bloody epic. I picked up an original pressing of Hymn to Abramelin at Bloodstock last year for seven pounds, neat little find. They recently reissued most of their catalogue I think.
No thanks. Seen them twice, bored me to tears.
I'm choosing to sit this one out.
Lou Reed and Metalli- oh wait...
Could be good. Then again, it could be shit.
All of them are.
****'s sake, grin is good. Shut your cake holes.
Shut up, verm
Still sounds gant.
Thrash is shit anyway :p
Aye I understand that, but to me it just reeks of 'let's make this sound like it was recorded in 1985'.
Production wise? I doubt that.
STick to the older stuff, I can't stand the whole 'modern albums forcibly made to sound old school' shit.
Ehhh, not overly fond of it. They're trying too hard to sound old school.