My doppelganger, Dave Ingram.
First album is pretty much the only one you ever need.
No thanks
NMC rules
^ Truth. Great record, **** the haters.
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Fixed that for ya

You want to play FTA or not?
I don't have a choice, I play in bands. Everyone's an idiot.
Grin is exemplary.
I've been saying this for years. If you really feel compelled to sound like a band you enjoy, then make that band one that did something different in the first place.

I've been on the verge of turning my back on the British thrash metal scene for a long time exactly because of said Exodus/Slayer/Municipal Waste copycat acts, not to mention the ego that so many (unsigned) bands have.
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What annoys me about Coroner the album is that it's part best of and part album, which is why I never listen to it. Love the intro to The Favourite Game though.

The solo. Worth buying the album for
All of them. Sadly that's the best answer you'll get.

Ignore anyone who says grin and Coroner aren't good, they're just retarded.
I was blasting Voivod and Coroner in the pub last night. Excellent stuff.
Well he did rerecord the title track for Thrash Anthems. That was incredible.

He's been toying with the idea of rerecording the entire album for some time
Cracked Brain is quite amazing, though I can't help but feel that ti would've been much better with Schmier. He makes that band.
At least someone agrees. I'm a big fanboy for Destruction so yeah... but whatever. Protector are certainly well worth your time though, get on it! Exumer's debut is amazing too.
Hordes of Chaos disagrees
Calling Sodom inconsistant and Kreator otherwise is hilarious
I've never heard Better Off Dead and average used together before. You disappoint me sir.
BOD is by far their best if you ask me, next to their newest. I'm in the unpopular position of not giving a shit about Agent Orange, I just never got into it.
Sodom binge for me. Masquerade In Blood is underrated as hell.
Because he was a stuck up little ponce.
Who cares, he's a stuck up little ponce anyway.
I was listening to Realm the other day actually. Epic band, we need another album.
Well played
Laney LC50 MkII combo amplifier for sale! I'm selling this because I now use Blackstar amps so I pretty much have no need for it, plus I'm putting on a show in April that I desperately need money for. £200 ONO, it cost me £500 new but I'm selling for so low because the tubes need replacing. In pretty much mint condition bar some dustiness and the aforementioned need to valve replacement.

UK only unfortunately, postage can be discussed.
You'll need a new name.
Assassin, haven't listened to them for quite a while. I might throw on the Upcoming Terror... but that's mean interrupting Prong, so maybe not.
Shame that both bands are bland rubbish
Pffft, I couldn't care less
...Point made
Yes he is.

Let's face it, LotR is metal as hell. Shame only lame 'battle metal' bands pick up on that.... with the exception of Hospital of Death,
Undead In Leather was mixed and mastered by Sauron.
New Zealand is Australia's bitch
Indeed. Also, might I direct all facebookfags to the following link;
They stole our album cover
I spent most of yesterday afternoon jamming to MV, before I went to bed at 2pm But yeah, ****ing Semtex Revolution man... wow.
Indeed, it's rather sickening. Also, screw you - Grin rules!