Can we get some more Coroner worship for a bit? I was jamming to Mental Vortex earlier and it just blew my goddamn mind. Tommy Vetterli really is a genius.
None Shall Defy is a classic, but I'll have to disagree with you. Too many riffs could be regarded as the best.
The world never needs another thrash song. try something more original, perhaps?

The way you've phrased it makes it sound forced, regardless of the fact that you want it to sound otherwise. Think about it.
Posty Smug Bastard will be my son's name, thank you :p

But yeah, since we've exhausted most of the decent thrash, let's worship Tank for a bit. Tank are awesome.
Grin and Coroner are ****ing fantastic albums. There's NOTHING wrong with post-MV Coroner songs, whatsoever.
That's because Coroner are amazing. End of story.
MW are good in small doses. How so many people can listen to them constantly is beyond me.
Pantera aren't thrash. Though Projects In the Jungle, I Am the Night and Power Metal were essentially speed metal albums.

...Still, Pantera aren't thrash. Not sure if trolling or just daft.
Sodom do the best covers. Loved 'Turn your Head Around' on Better Off Dead!
That's Schmier's favourite too, despite not featuring on the album
Johnny Thrash
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I know what you mean man. He was the one who made them sell out and get a Facebook page and everything. ****ing terrible wank these days.

Suck my spongy dick.
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Jumped the shark once that bassist bloke joined.

Yeah, he's a twat.

Not a Vindickator fan then, treeface? Do I detect some personal hostilities?
**** yes!
No idea how someone can dislike BtR! Try Schizophrenia too, chief.
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Damn straight. Not to sound like one of those douchebags who go up to bands and are like "ohh I'm your number one fan blah blah blah" but I do really like your music, Undead In Leather was one of the best underground releases of the year. When are you going to release an album??

Aspid. They're that Russian band aren't they? I remeber hearing them once or twice but have since forgotten how the songs go. I'll give them another listen, thanks.

As my parallel Ingram would say - nigh swan! Seriously, it's much appreciated. As for the album, it's being written now and will be out next year... ask verm, he posts on here when he's not playing Skyrim

But aye, Aspid are ****ing excellent. Extravasation may be one of my favourite albums... they've supposedly released new stuff (look for the song 'Voyna' on Youtube) but there's no information on it whatsoever.
Wait, a... Vindicator UK fan?! I never knew such people existed!
Also, turns out I'm putting on Full Thrash Assault festival this year. Virus are playing. Win.
I've listened to Mayhemic destruction a bit recently too. Mortal Win.
New Vektor rules, but I see what Verm means. Doesn't have the immediate impact of BF.
Oh I never said originality and good music are linked, though they kind of are. There're a shitload of good new bands, it's just that for every good band there's 200,000 rubbish ones.

Oddly enough, all the best new bands are in the UK.
Lazarus A.D bore me to tears. All the really good bands are the unsigned ones, and even most of those are quite rubbish.
Sadly, I don't!
No, it can't - that's naive and wishful thinking. Older bands, sure you'll find plenty of cool stuff, but new ones? Forget about it. Never going to happen - thrash is one of the most limiting genres around.
Try these;

Vindicator (UK)
Hospital of Death

Looking for originality in thrash metal is as pointless as administering medicine to a corpse.
Skeletonwitch aren't that generic. You high, son?
Aye, seriously. If you want something that sounds like Exodus or Testament, you're not short on options - alternatively, just listen to Exodus or Testament
Desolator are one of those bands that're about as original as a bag of Haribo, but are ****ing sweet nonetheless. rare nowadays. Ace lads too.
Everything sounds better on vinyl. Seven Churches in particular for some reason, I've always noticed that...
And that's fair enough. At least you're not being a homophaggat about it.
It just depends what you listen to and how willing you are to understand it I guess.
There is nothing wrong with Voivod. Well, maybe up to Nothginface - they went a bit naff after that. But still.
It's good, that's a given!
This is true. Thrash is for queers.
Voivod are cool if you're in the mood...a bit too odd sometimes
Leeway are pretty cool, one of the very few bands Verm has actually introduced me to I think.
We could, but we won't.