Destruction are ****ing brilliant. End of discussion.
Also, holy SHIT I forgot how much I bloody love Loudblast!
Hi all!

I'll cut to the chase to avoid too much dilly-dalying. I'm the vocalist for Leeds-based death metal band Skullstörm, which until recently, was going to be a recording-only act. However, after some requests and in light of a few recent personal events it's been decided that we want to make it a 'proper' band. Albeit a PART TIME one, as the guitarist and I currently have a full time band.

But don't let that put you off, we're dedicated, hard working and above all serious about this. Ideal candidates must be experienced, have their own equipment and if possible, be able to drive (though this doesn't apply for everyone, naturally). We play a much older style of death metal akin to the likes of Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and early Cannibal Corpse - there'll be no pig squeals or breakdowns, or anything of the sort so if you're hoping for such things, then this band is probably not for you.

We're quite lax with rehearsal schedules, mostly due to the fact that this will be a part-time commitment for the most part, but we're always up for some fun. If you're at all interested, send me a private message on here or pot on our Facebook page at

Thanks in advance!

-Dave Ingram
Quote by 1010011010
Shitty in what way?
I'll be downloading The Heritage now.
Also my Protector backpatch is coming in the mail soon. I hope it fits in my jacket.

Ehhh, Urm's production just feels a bit hollow. The guitar tone doesn't have much crunch to it either, but it's a good album if you can get past that. The Leviathan's Desire EP is well worth your time too.

ASoS Is still my favourite work by them though, as well as my favourite album cover ever. Bar none.
Cheeseburgers and pizza.

I'm like a mad scientist when it comes to food, so awhile back I went off the rails and made a happy meal pizza. It was magnificent.
Golem and Urm were done with Martin Missy, Shedding and Heritage were done with Ollie Wiebel so they're two different sounds. The Heritage is essentially Shedding with slightly more death metal influence, great album - Urm the Mad is an odd one. It's a good album but the production is slightly shitty.

All of their albums and EPs are worth it though. What an excellent band.
New Vindickator page on facebook for those on it. Mostly to solve the hassle of constantly being tagged as a fan page for that crappy american band.
Souls of Black has it's moments. Shite production though. Michael Rosen should be shot.
I overplayed Testament's thrashier stuff to death. That said, The Ritual is one of my favourite albums ever ever ever. might put it on later.
Not as good as Dave Ingram's comments on our Nightbringer video though
Holy shit, Outer Isolation is immense! One massive futuristic spacepunch to the dick, I approve.
Vektor is always worth a look.
Also, holy shit - I forgot how much I love Exhorder
Indeed, it'd help to know what sort of stuff she plays. That said, you can do more with a strat.
Just finsihed Left hand Path myself, now for some Annihilator.
They'd only be putting vocals on top of the original instrumentals.
This just in, judging from some nattering with Shaune Kelly it seems that Ripping Corpse may actually finish off their second album.

Don't call me on that, it's only a hunch based off some things he's said.
...Ehhh. Hit and miss.
Pete's pretty class I reckon.

Speaking of Vindic(k)ator, Dave had another go at us;

Also, the album will blow your **** off.
Give 'em another go.
Surprising similarities to Vindickator in places, so....
So err... how about that there Blood Tsunami?
Everyone stop being fags. Right now.
Ah... well, like, screw you.
Put your handbags away ladies
Aye, The Treasures Within is pretty good. Though nothing touches the Awakening obviously.
Merciless are ****ing excellent. Love their first three albums, I think they started to lose it slightly by the Unbound though.

And Verm , i sent Pete a message - he says that the 'Tsunami are back into rehearsals and have new shit on the way. **** year.
Can't stand them, just thrash-by-numbers to my ears. nothing special about them - everyone seems to love them though, so fair play to 'em.
Yeah, Blood Tsunami are ****ing excellent. No idea what they're doing these days, I'll have to send Pete a message and catch up with him sometime.
**** me, Znöwhite - I forgot about them! Excellent band, simply ****ing excellent.
Also try;

Laceration (US)
Hospital of Death
Shrapnel (UK)
Visceral Attack
Unsigned... stupid ****ing keyboard of mine is on the fritz(l). But yes, scour for unsigned bands as they tend to be the best ones - pay no attention to the media. It's full of crap.
Poor misguided fool.

The so-called 'new wave of thrash' (by the way, never use that term again - I hate it) hold it's real potential in the insigned scene/s. Most of the signed, better known bands are a bag of wet dicks.
I don't think I ever need to hear Bonded by Bl;ood ever again. Seriously, that album is just...
Listen, Vindickator shirts seem to be getting stockpiled for the ratchildren of the future by royal mail. We've shipped, they haven't delivered.
Xentrix are rubbish.
Anybody who prefer's Evile's first album to their later works only does so because EtG was generic as all hell and if it doesn't scream 'thrash, sharks, blood' etc. then it's not thrash enough. Dickheads, expand your mind a bit and stop choking on cocks.