that's the stupidest thing i've ever seen. You're going to look so dumb looking at your watch for text messages and stuff.

Worst and geekiest invention since calculator watches
your so gay
what?? Peppers are coming out with a new album? No way
srsly, there's like 2 grls on UG
dang that was amazing.
where did you sleep last night. when nirvana did it
Since in this day, the average people do not do drugs, how is a band supposed to get it's fan base?

amazing question threadstarter, i just don't know.......
What are some really good bands nowadays that mix blues and rock, and some psychedelic?

this local band is pretty psychedelic but has a lot of blues guitar. so stuff like that i guess, but it doesn't have to be as weird.

I already know the black keys btw.
their cover of "iron man" is soooo damn good.
jetman for sure.
imagine isn't bout religion
I liked them before i saw them with Muse on thursday, but after that I'm just amazed by them. I got home and listened to alot of their stuff, but I really like their live music way better. They really put out a show and the back-up vocals live are really neat. not to mention their drummer is insane nd looks like he's on crack.
Anyone interested for one ticket to see muse in Philadelphia tonite? I will sell it for 50 dollars but i'm willing to go down. Pm if ur interested.
who wants tickets for the philadelphia show? I will only charge what ticketmaster charged me.
I have two tickets for muse's show in philadelphia. Should i sell them or no? Do you think there will be any ug-ers that will pm me and ask me for them? They're general admission tickets and I really want to go but I can't afford the hotel and car fare and whatnot.

I bought them on ticketmaster for 98.50 so I will sell them for 100 dollars. Is that fair?

what do guys think?
yes, they make you pee into a cup. So they check for it?
Do the doctor's test for weed in a simple physical for a high school sport?? Like the ones you have to get before joining a high school sport.
it's obviously a joke. Avril Lavigne as 10th? yah, joke.
i liked it about 2 years ago.

muse is probably one of the best modern bands right now.

*shameless advertising**

i have two tickets for the philadelphia show if anyone would like them just PM me. I'm not even trying 2 make profit anymore, I wish i could go but I need the money.
he never got a chance to tell the truth
only about his very unholy roots
eh. 3 songs?

they better be amazing and not have terrible recording. Nothing i hate moer than a bad quality recording.
alrite. got audacity. what now?
I'm using Windows Vista.
Does anyone know how I can take one of my songs in my computer in MP3 and make it into a 20 second sound clip??
i wouldn't know. i don't watch bad shows. period.
I don't know how i got it, but it is deffinetly not given the right name. It says its Wet Sand by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it obviously isn't.

It's a random myspace I found, has some great tunes, but I want to know who really signs it because it is amazing.

"unknown" => sick awesome song
has eny1 mention most myspacers are teens who cant drive?
she doesn't look too hot.

Do you ever go to the mall to see shoes you can't buy?
my hairy ass uses about 25 squares.
^^ oh ya he probably forgot that people like you are close minded and think rap is crap.
Ram Bahadur Banjan


he is one cool dude.
ya I tried wiki and google.
I was studying Buddhism early this year, and my teacher talked about a current day dude that tried to be like siddartha. He like just sat under a tree for months without eating and stuff. Then the news cameras studied him for a while until he just stood up and told them he was trying to meditate, and then he moved deeper into the forest.

Does anyone know his name??

I would like to research this.
hahaha. we all are.
that game sucked.
scanning a picture. i'm a super badass bootlegger, i kno. so can eny1 actually help?
the one behind the actual disk
Can anyone with a scanner and the stadium arcadium cd please scan the picture behind the second disk??

You will be my hero forever