i just sent him a link to this thread.
... he is a writer.
If there's a sequel then Nolan should write it, but just about other characters.
Watching the cavs with lebron james is always pretty exciting. Mayb even the Wizards or lakes, or Nuggets.
Quote by Scourge441
Only a couple of weeks left? That's like, 2 more parts.

Is he going to start another story with the characters from Comeback Road?

Starting a new story with some of the same characters would be pretty freaking awesome
We all kind of wanted to know how it would and stuff, but we dind't expect the day to actually come.
this is from Nolan Whyte's website.

It's really bittersweet because all of his stories were pure money.

March 18, 2007:

Well, Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

I gather you've all figured out what my big news is. Yes, my wife Mina is carrying a person in her tummy. My oh my, have we grown up already? Are we breeding and reproducing? It appears we are. Gosh, maybe it's time to get a job or something. Get a career! Stop all this foolishness! Really? Naah!

No, I'll be carrying on this silly time-wasting crap for a while more. Page-A-Day might get a little hit-and-miss, but I'll do my best to keep it up. And as for Comeback Road...

We have almost reached the end of Comeback Road. Yes. Here is a major difference between reading a story online and holding a book in your hand: when you are holding a book in your hand, you can see how close you are getting to the end. Not so with an online story, so I am giving you your warning. There are just a couple weeks of life left in this animal before we move onto the next big thing.

Ah, a fresh start. How bold, how exciting! But first we rev this ****er, then we wrap it up. Peace everyone! Lots of laughs for all!

Nolan Whyte.

Slash plays some sick guitar at the end, but it doesn't seem like a move slash would EVER make.

yes, i searched it and only one result came up and it was full of spam.
My friend told me her bf asked her out like this and all the girls thought it was just amazing. tell her u wnna watch a movie with her. so make some dvd nd then in the middle of it, just ask her out on video while your there.

now some help with my problem would be cool.....

there's this girl I might really like, but I don't know if she likes me back. I know for a fact that she doesn't want a bf and that she is a flirt, but I also know for a fact that she wants a relationship but not "official" kinda thing.

the thing is: we like hold hands sometimes, give each other erotic massages, flirt, hug all the time, tlk all the time, but I don't know how to find out for sure if she likes me or if she's the biggest tease in the world, or how i should tell her i dig her.
really! no way.
Can someone please tab this great yet simple song out??

hey yah (1st song)
flea has some cool one pieces.
"i'm super cereal!"
what's the difference between that guitar and the normal gibson double neck?
won't u waste like 100 bucks in shipping and handling?
I get where you are going Stellar Legs but still. People might hear alot of songs everywhere but it doesn't mean they can reconize them or know who their by.
stellar legs, your an idiot. There is so many people who wear the Led Zep shirts and have only heard stairway to heaven. If that.
so you bought both of them?

which one do you like better?
I have an acoustic guitar, a electric one, and an amplifier.

What is the cheapest way to have good quality recording with about 200-300$.

Also which mikes are good for vocals and guitar.
im sorry. I want to know which one fits me better.
I'm only 15 (in 24 munutes) nd im pretty poor so I don't want to spend 200 dollars more for just a little bit of improvement in tone.

I'm trying to get into blues, but I want good overdrive as well for some red hot chili peppers and some indie rock type stuff. My budget would be 800 dollars tops. (thats if somehow i can do that and pay in parts and that would take my next 4 xmas nd brithdays away)

i tried these today nd i really loved these



deville 410
i would say my chemical romance.

.... even though they are 10 times better than what they were. (from their radio singles)
Quote by rx_eb
wow oh

Morello? ...talent?

good thing that was sarcasm.

thnx for the help
I downloaded it. everything was fine until I tried opening it and It told me I had to close it nd restart it. i did everything and it didn't work. I ended up deleting all of firefox and downloading it again, but when i run the installiton, it is stopped by a message that says:

Error opening for file blah blah blah. retry or cancel.

how can i make this work?
I have the Motorala SLVR. it still looks like new even tough I've had it since last summer. No problems with it at all. It's where its at.

And to the person who whined about buttons being pressed in the pocket, there is a keypad lock. Simplesest thing ever. says it can come in a tablet form.
thanks for all your help.

I already knew to have a sober sitter for sure.
i think i will probably do it.

but my friend who is giving it to me keeps telling me to take 2cb instead. how can i make sure its not 2cb?

its coming in a pill btw.
i would, but I need this answered quickly.
i've only been high once off of weed. Will I be able to handle LSD? It will come in a pill form.

nd how can i make sure it is not 2CB?
well how do i get the password the legit way.
Whatever is possible.
Anyone know the password for the killers pre-sale for the show in Virginia?

Or how to get the password?
prison break and heroes for series.

they're where its at.
30ish minute???

someone explain.

I thought it was a bonus track. I have that song but its really not that long.
****. i hate not living near there or having the money to go to such an awesome festival
chill out. just make sure you strech out your guitar string alot b4 u start tunning it. i've had strings snap on me while playing b4. it snapped on my hand 2 times. it really wasnt that bad. I don't think it would ever snap on your face unless ur smelling ur soundhole.