This is my second song I have ever written. I don't think I am very good at all, but I would like to know what I can do to improve and to make it sound better. Also, don't just tell me how much I suck but help me improve.


verse 1
Wake up and open your eyes
Its triggered, time to use your lies
open your window, let the smoke escape
stop time, and get it on tape

Chorus (x2)

let your mind free
let it fly away
take me to that place
there's only one way

verse 2

Your sleepless with sleep
you don't know who to be
you're your own thing
just lacking some sting
your the rebel without a cause
faker than studio applause

Chorus (x2)

Just try to help me out anyway. Like for expample now that I have read it for a second time, the rhyming pattern kind of sounds lame, so can anyone help me out?

Thanks in Advance
i've been playin for liek...... one year and 8ish months and I still can't even dream about tabbing out my own song.
Well if u have the money, i think you should buy a really nice Gibson. that way if you stop playing guitar you can sell it later for more than what you bought it for.
i have a ? about this. I saw a picture of SVR? i think and some other dude playing a double neck.. one was playing the bottom one and one was playing the 12-string. Is this possible?? I mean only one of them would work right?
isn't pure volume free??

eny mars volta song.

ha, suck on that.
I have noticed that the guitar itself is really good, but you won't notice it unless you play with a really nice set-up (amps and such)

I wish i was you right now.
I don't know exactly what SG I have been playing alot lately (not mine) but I think it's a SG ultimate or supreme... something like that I think.
well, Wow. 2nd best guitar I've played. Go for itt. Even if u have to save up alot of money.
I tap my acustic.
Jesus for sure. I mean Jesus can fly if he wanted too. What can Superman do that Jesus can't?
wet sand- red hot chili peppers
definetly not franz ferdinand.

rhcp hands down.
black strap.

melody music brand (local store)

it sucks so badly, but it only cost like 12 dollars.

I'm not a rich kid so I'm not gonna buy like the $70 dollar straps you guys have.
if you don't plan on getting serious with the guitar and you have the money.. thne y not?? But if I were you I would buy an $200 dollar ibanez instead. They're so much better than any guitar at that price.
your the next big thing and then some.
I don't have the money to buy his amp.
I just decided that I will get a Agile AL-3500 and i will then change the pick-ups to suit my style.

I want a Slash sound. A bluesy when clean, but when used with gain I want a Overdriven sound. It would be cool if I had a distored but not muddy sound.

I want the best cleans I can find. Something really bluesy and when distorted something that sounds like John Frusciante. Just basically, a John Frusciante sound pick-up. (i kno he uses single coils but I want a sound close to that)
Mayb a fitted P-90?

Also does anyone know how much a shop charges to change pickups??

Thanks IN advance

well I'm still not positive on how much money I will have to spend.

How much does a shop charge to replace two pickups??
Thanks for all the help. Keep the feedback coming.

Ps. the only thing i don't like about the other thread is that An Agile-3500 is way different.
The wood, I believe, is the same. Or close, but does the wood affect the sounds alot?

What I meant by Gibson Pick-ups is just put the same pick-ups the Gibson Les Paul Custom uses, but now that I think about it mayb I will even better pick-ups that suit my style better.
I have found a summer job that could maybe lead me to earn about 1000 dollars by the end of summer.

I want a Gibson Les Paul but that is kind of out of my reach still.

If i get an Agile AL-3500 and change the pick-ups to Gibson pick-ups.... will there be a huge sound difference??

I know there will still be physical differences, and also the electronics, but wouldn't the sound be almost completely the same?

they have really nice Les Pauls (copies) with 12 strings.
just get another amp instead of the spider.

you're one lucky man to have that as your first set-up/electric guitar.
What exactly is indie?? How did it get started??

The whole indie explosion is here and alot of people like it, but very few know what it is.
I want reasons why one is better thant the other.
John Frusciante vs. Omar Rodriguez/Lopez

1.Who do you think is the better guitar player??

2. Who is the better composer/overall musician??

I love Frusciante and Omar as well but I Haven't heard enough of his stuff yet.

(I just got into Omar so anything I should know about him that involves John Frusciante?)

ps. I already know they worked togethere for the solo in "Specially in Michigan" and Mars Volta stuff.
you can probably do better. whats ur budget?
ya hendrix has LONG fingers but they are skinny.
can u use a head on another modeling amp (using the modeling amp as a speaker)??

noobish ? i kno
Well if he has stopped or lowered the input he had on your band then yea, but it will backfire as he will talk to you about your solo project.
has he modded the guitar with any special pick-ups?
what bout his guitar?
Does anyone know what effect pedals (brand and name) and amps John F. uses?

Is his strat moded at all?
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honestly. this is crap.

they do sound a bit alike but why would one of the most established bands in the world right now purposly copy a song. They're so original and creative.

We've all made songs or played riffs that sound like others but we came up wit them on our own.